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  1. And this post of yours EBHarvey you would not describe as an attack? And a very brave attack at that, considering I won't be allowed to respond to it.
  2. That's why I encourage folks to post their awarded points here and share the reasons given. It will help speed up learning the ropes of the new system.
  3. Well...I agree but what have here is the adults in the room for the moment--the Congress--taking things out of the POTUS' hands. This is a Congressional compromise made on behalf of the President but not with his help. Right now we have a tripolar situation which is going to be pretty messy going forward as Trump's hopes for relection in 2020 involve gridlocking the government and making Washington look broken and then blaming it on the Democratic House. It's a gamble he's happy to make what does he have to lose? Win relection and boast about it for the next four years while removing the U.S. from our role as leader of free world. Or fail to be relected and then he can go back to freely sleeping around on his wife and find some new conspiracy theory to delegitimate the new president and make endless appearances on Hannity and other FOX shows calling for a witch hunt into the new president and then grouse about how he was robbed of his relection by whatever. He'll probably try to put forward a Russian collusion argument to "even out" the whole thing he was involved in. So bottom line: look forward to more dysfunction and nasty partisanship going forward thanks to a new tripolar dynamic. It may involve some weird flipping where Congress makes bipartisan actions to save the US from the POTUS, but overall pure dysfunction will reign supreme o'er the land. Gingrich strategy.
  4. Thanks Graveyard. You've been the top contributor in my book over past year due to your long and informative and interesting posts on Canal fishing. Some very interesting stuff and you have a nice balanced take on things that I like. You are truly seeking to inform other, not seeking to boast endlessly and repetitively about your tally of large bass, which you could do if you wanted to! One of my favorite posts was the one where you spotted the school of bass in the tidal creek and then "snowshoed" in with those mud boots and the ladder.
  5. The awesome force of the internet is something that washes all that integrity stuff aside. It's like trying to duck dive a tsunami or something. You think the wave is passing over you but it's actually carrying you with it and will do so until you are washed miles inland and deposited under several feet of debris.
  6. Another idea I have is to allow people to block people so that the blocked people can't even see your content at all. So that it's not just a closed cell that you can open to see a blocked person's post, but the post itself doens't even appear and any quoted posts don't appear. I think this would be more effective. Another idea I have is there should be warning points meted out for people "quoting blocked members" posts to force the blocking member to have to view the blocking objects often objectionable posts. This is a gratuitious trolling behavior and must be stopped.
  7. The Dude for one. He's kind of taking a break I believe as he was very good on critiquing others thoughts and posts in a meta fashion and that is not allowed these days.
  8. Another thought I have you could still edit people's posts but not give them warning points. Like there's a post in this thread about grilled cheese sandwich recipe. Offtopic and derailing and has been taken up as a derail by other posters. But not toxic neccessarily or racist or sexist or involving something really offensive. So maybe no points to be awarded but maybe it shouldn't be taking up space? I present this point not as an offtopic critique of any particular posters' posting techniques, which is against the rules as I currently understand them, but as a suggestion to the general issue of how to apply warning points to tone down derailing posts. Perhaps editing could still be employed selectively in lieu of points. Probably faster anyways.
  9. I appreciate your critique and encourage it. I would observe this(your critique) is precisely the kind of discourse currently outlawed on this website. The personal kind of attack on a particular poster's posts, particularly posts which other posters disagree with politically. I celebrate this kind of discourse as I believe it allows us to live out our moral truth. A lot of stuff I see on here, hard to let pass without attacking, often using the sting of my words. People will get butthurt, but shouldn't they?
  10. Winter came, I guess. And then it was too late when you realized it was never going to go away. This is just like human-caused climate change that the rightists keep saying isn't happening.
  11. So you admit that the points system does need work? I don't have any problem with people insulting public figures, but I want to attack those people for the quality of their thinking and what not. That appears to not be allowed, which gives these people, with their low-level thinking, a pass. Before the Warning Points system was instituted, when these people were merrily walking down the road spouting racist sexist offensive conspiracy theories on the public highway of the Political GRaffiti forum, they wouldn't travel far before meeting me or some other sharp-tongued advocate of tolerance and light. No longer...
  12. You're entitled to your privacy but what I've seen of your posts, and it's been very little, post-Warning Points Era Commencement, is pretty much extremely foul language type stuff. Is that accurate?
  13. OK I'm seeing what I would call a pattern here of left-leaning people, commenting on the probity or appropriateness of right wing wing nut troll comments, being "Warned point"-ed. I just don't think this is going to work. If I felt that I couldn't tell some of the jokers on this website how wrong, racist, sexist or whatever they are, in some way be it in their face or through some kind of mocking post, I don't think I would continue to contribute to the dialogueing in this forum.