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  1. This is not a new trend. Did trump cause this too? How Farm Subsidies Became America's Largest Corporate Welfare Program February 25, 2002 8 min read
  2. How Is this even legal? How do we know the money is coming from US citizens in Mexico? Sounds fishy.
  3. What a scumbag. Thanks for the link. I heard stories about this guy.
  4. If he is a dumb as the judge thinks then just tell him the chair is a ride. What bull@hit. I guess they don't teach murder is bad until the sixth grade in mexico.
  5. Is that the kid from terminator 2 doing his best Captain save a ho routine? She looks like fun for sure but he needs to run away as fast as possible. Loved the "Whats up HO!" while pole dancing on a street sign. That chick is nuts Edit, Man the more i look the better this is. Is that Larry from the three stooges in drag? Holy Sh@t this country is Fu@ked.
  6. Show your support with the Fredo mask.
  7. Fredo has the wrong view on things. Fredo needs to turn this around. Fredo's Smart. Fredo needs to start wearing this on the streets for the street cred...