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  1. I wish Lindsay Lohan had a Only Fans page.
  2. By leaving the basement, and seeing how the real world works.
  3. Looks fake. Ever tried shooting through weeds? It doesn't work.
  4. Who

    Could you pork 20 cuties in one day? Even when you were 18?
  5. Fair point. I'll change my stance to: Dogs multiply the idiot quotient.
  6. Dog are the cause of a great deal of society's problems. My neighbor has 3 that need to go to heaven.
  7. Who

    10 a day? That's even more unbelievable .
  8. We have a nice rain going. So there's going to be twice as many fireworks for tomorrow night.
  9. Who

    Exactly.... 20k equals 1 Babe a day, every day, for 54 years.
  10. You should keep a hole pre-dug just for efficiency sake. If someone comes by whilst your digging the hole, then you'll have to dig 2 holes. You don't want to be up digging all night.
  11. I held my dog and fed her a steady supply of beef jerky at her first 4th of July. Hell after that she'd help you light them if she thought there was some jerky in it for her.
  12. She's one of those USA spitters. This is from 2020. "Brittney Griner says she will protest during the national anthem all season As part of the WNBA’s demonstration against police brutality, the Phoenix Mercury star reveals that she won’t be on court for the anthem at any game this year." - SB Nation
  13. That ****ing Brandon is awesome
  14. You know.......more species went extinct before humans were invented than after. So to summarize..... ****!
  15. The dip **** should put their money where their mouth is, and quit if they work for Amazon in pro life states.
  16. Do the geniuses realize that a large reduction of customers means a large reduction in the number of employees needed?
  17. Coyotes and fox absolutely eat berries, and grapes, and plums, and about anything else that will hold still.
  18. Perhaps there's a police sketch artist on staff here at the Tavern?
  19. Lame as ****. Not VH, that doooosh that starts all these gossip threads.