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  1. I spent a summer in the oil patch up in ND. There were water depots scattered about. Quite a few private, some municipal. The frackers use them to load up with water. I counted the loads on the book at one of them once. The farmer sold 55k dollars worth of water that day.
  2. Are, a thing out west. If you want your kids to be well off, push them into being water rights lawyers.
  3. These soccer flops are getting out of hand.
  4. That's the history of the west. Whiskey is for drinking. Water is for fighting.
  5. In South East CO it's illegal to harvest the rain water that comes off your own roof.
  6. Raccoon/horse/evil clown....
  7. Ladyfish are good tarpon bait. Or nurse shark....
  8. I was going more Martin Short.
  9. This trip will mold bro's life for ever. Good on ya.
  10. WhT is the difference between 4's, and 5's, and R's? Just sizes, or different blends?
  11. Usually 15 to 20 minutes give or take. It's rare to get one to the boat. We were using 40lb flouro for bite leaders, and they make short work of that most times.
  12. Is Jane OK?
  13. Fight Back.
  14. Just about any of yhe channels, or creeks that shoot out into the ocean from the backside can be good. If you can catch the outgoing tide starting a little after dark, just park and listen. Up close the feeding poons sound like cannon balls being shot into the water. Farther away it sounds like fireworks going off. Get up current, and drift through them. Be stealthy.