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  1. What about Birkenstocks? Those are super comfortable.
  2. A friend wants to know which Bourbon tour to take. I told him I would ask you guys.
  3. My mom has been through back, hip ,and ankle surgery. Was over there a couple years ago. My back was killing me. Asked her if she had any left over pain pills. Took was great....add a beer and Cigar would have been heaven. I can see where people get in trouble.
  4. I got 8 Nub Habanos for free with a box of Oliva Series O. They taste great, and have a nice "twist your head" shot of nicotine. I wish they made them in a regular sized cigar.
  5. Mink was the right answer on post #2. They can be vicious, I wouldn't take one on with anything less than a 410.
  6. In the suburban....
  7. Vintage zebco 33's were as good as it gets for push buttons.
  8. It looks like the the lead caveman in Quest For Fire.
  9. With beige caulk so it looks like crap in a year?
  10. I think your bigger issue is : Where in the garage is the monster that barfed this thing up, hiding?