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  1. They are all cartilage. You can ring their tail, and pull their spine out like in the cartoons. It looks like long tube of dried silicone. Excellent on the grill/smoker like a cross with halibut, and catfish.
  2. I tried to buy this set at an auction last year but the guy wanted $500 for it. I offered $250 but he didn't budge. He had them at the same auction this year, with the same minimum, and took them home again.
  3. I guarantee when we find out what causes gayness it will be a micro nutrient, or chemical that is over or under sourced during brain development in the fetus.
  4. I thought you got a sentence reduction for good behavior.
  5. I just heard on the radio that fauxahontas has decided to reverse her opposition to big money, pacs, and the like. She's decided that since the rest of the field wont renounce it, she's going go ahead and accept it now.
  6. Guys they sell the same stuff to crafters at less rapey prices. Check out the local hobby,/craft store. They sell it at even less rapey prices to the salon where your wife gets her nails done, in every hurry and color in the rainbow, and glitter. And sparkles and all kinds of foofaraw. If you go on the big auction site and use different search terms like uv cure, acrylic uv cure, etc it will open a whole new world.
  7. They don't know much more at 12
  8. These Frank's will put The Onion out of business.
  9. Succinct. And funny!
  10. No mas.....porfavor No Mas
  11. Tough Trip Through Paradise -Andrew Garcia The last of the Upper Missouri Fur Trade in 1879.
  12. If he could use the clinton machine to keep things out of the press for the last 25 years, who says the same machinations aren't in full use now?
  13. Nice troll, but the reality is Trump just bought something. What, I dont know, The end game is yet to be seen. But I bet obama shuts up, lays low for awhile.