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  1. I have hairs growing on the edge of my is that?
  2. I think that works in any water on the planet. That's what I throw for white bass which are basically baby stripers.
  3. Your st croix is as good as any.
  4. Good rod, and line are more important. The reel is somewhat irrelevant till you get into harder charging saltwater speedster. By all means get something nice and overpriced if you want it, but you'll see that it is just the outdoor marketing machine taking advantage of impressionable starry eyed beginners.
  5. Your wife is smart.
  6. Who signs off on this ****? "State Farm, the household name insurance company, has launched a program that would enlist hundreds of staff volunteers across the country to distribute LGBTQ-themed books to teachers, community centers, and libraries, explicitly targeting children as young as kindergartners." I think I have state farm insurance. That **** getting changed tomorrow.
  7. One night I left a bar at closing time. I was saturated. Going through the parking lot I saw a guy beating up his girlfriend. I tried to beat him up. But his friends beat me up. That's not fair.
  8. A weed sprayer mechanic?
  9. Every time I see pic of somebody here I'm surprised.
  10. Everyone goes through it. It's called a learning curve. You won't do any fancy long range work till your form is grooved. And then a lot of times it will be seemingly effortless.
  11. You can drive the beach looking for fish/bait/ good spots. Search - reading the water - here on sol. It works.
  12. Then you get your hungover butt out of bed snd take your old man fishing, cause it's best weather day of the last 25 days. And it's rare that your schedules line up. And I saw a wildfire kicking up on the way home.
  13. First you gets you some good live baits. Then you put them on a leash with a 5/0 circle hook - where the big gals are coming hunting when the sun goes down.