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  1. A new fitness revolution to help deal with extra holiday pounds.
  2. Anyone buying deer hides in that country this year?
  3. Just saw that Michael Buffer is worth 400 million.
  4. They're too fast, good thing they have slow motion replays.
  5. I never heard of him - lomachenko till this week. The SOL News team needs to step it up a little.
  6. They have a freaking DJ, Gramps! A DJ! Major awards don't need a DJ. Get off my lawn!
  7. NFR

  8. NFR

    They take their hat off and stand for the National Anthem at least.
  9. NFR

  10. NFR

    National Finals Rodeo in Vegas. It's the super bowl for cowboys. Any one in the tavern pay attention ?
  11. Is saban already the goat, or does he need a few more nat. Championships
  12. Now they're saying the Alabama's OC is going to be Maryland's coach. It would be frustrating finding new staff every year.
  13. But how does it make money?
  14. Best one I heard was The Science Cosby.