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  1. Wicked slap shot. RIP Bobby Hull.
  2. Selling an Orvis Clearwater II 7'6" 3wt 4 piece rod with tube (not original but an Orvis tube). Model 763-4 Mid 7.5. Rod is in great condition. Really nice for small wild trout streams. $110 picked up Verona or possibly Wall Twp (weekend 2/4). Add $15 to ship. Cash, PO check, or PayPal. Thanks, Charlie
  3. The Regal stem fits in the pedestal. I also found a 6" Regal stem with swivel (mine is not a swivel) on FishUSA site. So if new jaws don't work I can get that for the pedestal and switch the Regal vise head as needed.
  4. Picture is blurry, but you can see the difference in the stem heights. Hopefully the new jaws solve my issue, they arrive today. I use the Regal c-clamp vise 95% of the time. I take fly tying classes with my TU chapter, the folding tables don't hold the c-clamp well so I want to use the travel vise for the classes. Thanks to all for the feedback. SOL is a great place to get good advice. Mace1
  5. Anything with head cheese.
  6. My grandmother made a fried peppers, onions, and eggs sandwich on a long Italian roll. The best!
  7. Not if you've had one at Kelly's Tavern in Neptune.
  8. The stem on my pedestal is 9", which is a good height. My C-clamp stem is 12" , too high to tie comfortably. Though I could probably cut 3" or so off and it would still work with C-clamp. Good idea, thanks.,
  9. This looks very similar. They look similar too, but cost more than the vise. Lol. If it wasn't just a backup vise I might have gone with these. Thanks for all the feedback, much appreciated. Replacement jaws were 9.95 on the J Stockard site so I ordered them. If that doesn't work I may need to just buy a backup vise.
  10. It sure does. And J Stockard has replacement jaws on their site. That's a good idea, should have started there. But I think Niveker provided what I'm looking for Thank you both for the responses!
  11. I have a knock-off pedestal base rotary vise that I don't use because the jaws do not hold hooks well. I use a Regal C-clamp vise for my tying, but would like to have the pedestal vise if I'm tying away from my desk. I think if I replace the jaws it will function better. Anyone know where I could check to see if replacement jaws are available? I attached pictures of the jaws. Tnaks, MaCe1
  12. I have a Craftsman 5.5hp for 15 years. Had a tire that went flat every year till I sealed it. Other than that works fine. Wish I had more hp, sometimes it has trouble with heavier wet snow.
  13. And there you have it. Burisma pays Hunter for phony job, Hunter pays The Big Guy phony rent.
  14. Thanks. I have a 5.5hp, if it was 7-8hp I'd be interested. Good luck.
  15. OK. Bigger than I need, but thank you.