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  1. You can pretty much fish the entire water column with soft plastics alone (hook alone for weightless and your favorite jig heads in various weights for going as deep as you need) and maybe a few bucktails and tins in various weight for when the blues are around.
  2. Not to advertise any specific product but I was seriously considering this spooler by Piscifun: https://www.piscifun.com/collections/fishing-line-spooler/products/piscifun-fishing-line-spooler-fishing-line-winder "Looks and sounds" like it would take out line twists and tons of people advertising it. Might give it a try. But there's not much worse then prepping for a day as best as you can, getting there, putting on your gear, then 2nd cast... bird's nest. Now the big decision: waste time trying to preserve your expensive braid or cut it, retie, and get back to fishing. It's the one decision I hate to face.
  3. Thanks for the insight! From what a lot of other posts are saying here, even 20lb might be too heavy since I guess Power Pro is not accurately rated and is actually stronger than the box states. Interesting, I think the thinner diameter would work better especially for lighter jigs and soft plastics as it won't kink as much as the heavier stuff I was using to match up with the reel and rod specs. I won't do that anymore, promise! Hopefully those birds nests will go away.
  4. Recommendations for a bag for mainly soft plastics and maybe jigs? Maybe a few small/medium tins? Figure it would not need the long tubes like most of these bags that look primarily configured for plugs.
  5. I actually have a town pass for Norwalk. Any regulars here? Feel free to DM me, would be nice to get to know ya!
  6. Spent about 15 min deciding which forum to post in but this looks like the best available: Any suggestions for best binoculars for $300 or less? Usage will be kind of all around: Nature walks, bird watching. Fishing, narrowing in on some structure (and how to get there) down the shoreline At other times I'd like them to be parked on a tripod in my office so I can get a good look at what my crazy neighbors are up to today Bonus would be if they're in any way useful for star gazing. I think the tripod probably becomes useful for this too.
  7. OK so I might try Westport once. If anything, how are those flats? Does anything live out there or is it like Mars? On the outgoing and low tide, I'd imagine you can still access the flats from Sherwood. Luckily I have a Norwalk sticker so there's something. But just never noticed Norwalk to be that great of a spot unless you like sea robins. Will need to see if parking is allowed at like 4-5 am.
  8. It's been a good minute since I've last fished the local beaches. I'm down in Southwestern CT, Norwalk area, and wondering what the local beach access is like nowadays, particularly before the gate workers start in the mornings and in the late afternoons. Is it possible to still get in anywhere before the gates officially open? A couple of years ago I found myself able to drive into Compo before sun up and stay till around 7:30ish. I wasn't the only one either. Gates were typically open, maybe a cop was hanging out but didn't bother anyone. Never tried Calf Pasture early mornings but would like to this spring as my new work situation will allow some morning fishing.
  9. Will a freshwater rinse from the garden hose upon returning home not be enough? I typically do that for all my reels.
  10. Based on the feedback here, really considering the 4000 Stradic FL now. And based on some line tips, it looks like 10-20lb power pro or perhaps 30lb daiwa samurai (6lb diameter mono equivalent) might be appropriate as I fish lighter lures. Thanks for the suggestions!
  11. I do shore/wade fishing in southwestern CT. Long Island Sound. Mostly I stick to beaches of some sort, maybe a river outflow or harbor. Most of the beach is usually sandy. There's some rocks here and there. Lots of oyster beds in the area so it may not be a fine sandy bottom. There's some flats and sandbars. I prefer going after schoolie stripers, less than 30". Soft plastics are my favorite to use with some jigs, weighted flies, and spoons when the blues come in.
  12. So what mono diameter equivalent is that? 2lb test? And you're putting that on a 4000/5000 series reel? Looking at the recommended sizes, it's in the 6-10, maybe 12lb mono test range. So just trying to make sense of it. You must be putting some kind of backing on there right? How many yards of actual braid?
  13. In need of a good quality saltwater reel for a St Croix tidemaster inshore travel rod (retired model). Been away from the saltwater game for a few years so not sure which reels are the go-to today. Rod specs: 7'6", 8-17 lb line., 3/8 - 3/4oz lure weight. I typically use braided line like Dawai Samurai 30-40lb which has a mono equivalent diameter of 6-8lb respectively. Fish from shore / wade fish. Typically I go for stripers and whatever else bites including blues. Preferred lures are soft plastics, tins, bucktails, weighted flies for jigging. I'm thinking of a Penn model, 2500 series but very open to suggestions.
  14. Hi All, Just want to see if anyone has ever tried fishing a multiple slug-go rig, sort of like a sabiki or dropper style rig. Any luck? Is it effective? Is it practical for surf fishing or wading? I would imagine a rig on florocarbon leader, maybe 24" inches in lenth to keep it castable with an inshore setup. Maybe 3 slug-gos. The one on the end would be 6" or generally the longer or heavier slug-go and two smaller ones higher up. The heavier one on the end should help with casting. I'm not sure how to go about rigging this up, what terminal tackle to use, hooks, knots for keeping the greatest line strength possible and not having it all unwind if a 30lber decides to bite. Do you guys think such a rig would be attractive? I plan to experiment this spring and summer. If anyone has tried, I'd be glad to get your suggestions. Thanks!
  15. Came across the below thread where a couple guys mention to pinch the thread during the retrieve, not necessary on every cast but once every few casts, as it sounds there needs to be a certain amount of tension for the line to be rolled properly onto the spool. Another technique I'll be giving a try. http://www.stripersonline.com/t/792088/sluggos-wind-knots