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  1. Nice stormy conditions this AM with that SSE wind. Clean clear cool water, end of incoming. Nada. Anyone see the notice about the state parks? Will the beach buggy folks get reimbursed for IBSP. Sandy hook is federal, right?!?
  2. Split sessions today. Sunrise, beautiful AM, MoCo, nice cool south wind, middle of outgoing, good surf action and white water but still pretty cool. No visible bait, ospreys coming up empty. 25” schoolie at sunrise on the teaser, that’s it. PM outing out back. Not as crowded as I thought it would be. Middle of outgoing, south wind kicked up a notch. 2 blues on a lead head and paddle tail. They’re getting bigger.
  3. Beautiful AM today. Light easterly, end of outgoing into the flip, nice surf and clean water. Nada out front, no bait or life except a washed up dolphin. Went out back for the last half of the outing and landed 2 blues on sp minnows to save me from the skunk. Felt bad. One of them choked the SP and the rear hook was in the gills. I offered it to anyone close by but no takers. Crime scene but he swam away without a beat.
  4. Quiet but interesting AM for me. Ventured down south and pulled into the parking lot around sunrise and there were 4 school buses and security SUV there. Someone was walking back from the beach and smirked at me. They said ‘…you got a lot of company fishing…’ I thought it was a DOC beach clean up of something. However, when I walked on, there were all girls Hacidic sunrise prayers going on spread out up and down the stretch of beach. I should’ve taken a pic. Anyway, light WNW, middle of incoming, flat clean ocean, little current and surf action. Little life out there, only a couple of osprey not finding much either. However, towards the end of the outing there were small splashes just out of range. Casted towards it and was saved from the skunk by my first bluefish of the year that took the teaser.
  5. The Skunk is Strong with This One. Quiet couple of outings for me. This south wind pushed off the warmer water from last week. Middle of incoming, light WSW, flat ocean, right to left sweep, light tea stained water in my stretch. Water was very cool through the waders. Only life I saw was a pod of porpoise going north a couple hundred yards from shore. Bugs and plastic…nada
  6. Couldn’t put much time in this week. But I was able to put together a string of Skunks. Out front and back several spots over that past couple of days. Improving water conditions out front and wind lying down. Then again they like spicy conditions. Not a tap for me. Glad you guys are finding em’.
  7. Couldn’t fish this week but did the flash tour up north and down after work yesterday. Rivers and out front looked decent. Out back back looked like chocolate milk.
  8. Ugh! Had a better 2nd period but…yuck! On to game 4.
  9. Yup, after my hearing with the Committee, I gave it a shot out back up north for the afternoon evening yesterday, hoping for a prestorm bite. Healthy ENE, end of outgoing. Hit 2 spots. 2 fluke type hits. Got water damage to my phone as well. That’s it and the end.
  10. Ha! I knew you’d be all over it, Bob…
  11. Beautiful AM and pre sunrise color. Light NNE that was building up through the outing, beginning of incoming, fair amount of rubbish and some weed in the surf but plenty of suds. Light left to right sweep. Not a lot of wildlife activity today either. Managed 1 at 26” on bugs in skinny water.
  12. Thanks Bro. In my head, I’m saying if there’s no bait and they’re chewing on clam, why not bugs.
  13. Gave it a shot out front this AM, SoMoCo. Beautiful morning. Nice light NE, middle of incoming, great surf conditions. Saw an osprey swing and miss on a dive and a couple of dolphin. Couldn’t resist trying bugs and finally broke the skunk streak with 1 24” schoolie. Had another hit that stole bait but that was it.
  14. Been quiet for me this past weekend. OC, SoMoCo out front and back. Couple shad here and there and a rat. Tried out back up north yesterday at several spots for the evening and dusk. Thought the overcast stormy weather would spark up the bite. Saw 1 fish landed. Hooked up before I headed back to the barn and fought for several seconds but came unbuttoned. Small and possibly a fluke with a lot of quick head shakes but nada.
  15. Friend of mine just reported that it’s ‘Dirty rough water…’ and was moving around to another spot.