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  1. It was surprisiingly not too stained.
  2. Totally missed the pre-storm and Sat. bite. I went out yesterday AM for an hr, SoMoCo, beginning of incoming tide. Surprised to see a bunch of guys out there. One guy immediately south of me hooked up on a schoolie on his first cast but that was it for him. It took the teaser. No one else caught. This AM MoCo, beginning of incoming tide. N wind not as bad as yesterday. On the 3rd or 4th cast I snapped off my BT. I was distracted by birds hitting the water to the north of me and I forgot to open the bail...ugh! Re-tied and put on an Ava. NaDa. Well that's it for me until the weekend. I'll be out of town for the rest of the week. Tight lines boys!
  3. Yesterday afternoon MoCo, 30 min. Heard of the bite going on NoMoCo but spoke to another guy and he said another bite was going on closer. I should've just went to NoMoCo. End of outgoing tide, steady S wind. Bait close to beach but happily swimming. Bunch of guys working the area. 1 guy caught a fluke and another picked a bass. Skunk. 40 min MoCo this AM. No wind, flat ocean and surf. Water not as clear. Spread out birds working, some diving way out. White swimmer, storm sand eel, glider...skunk. Hopefully I'll have better luck over the weekend.
  4. Not so lucky today. Beautiful morning though. 30 min out front MoCo. End of incoming tide, ocean and surf flat flat, no wind. Spread out birds with occasional diving. Heavy bird activity started to the south of me. There might be some action that we've seen this past week later on. Keep your ears and eyes pealed. Sand eel lure and teaser, elias shad, poppers...nada.
  5. Thanks. No, it's an eliasvfishing shad. He's a youtuber.
  6. Agreed. Thanks Caboose.
  7. Well, I’m typing with numb fingers. 30 min sunup out front, MoCo. Light NW wind. Water cleared up nicely, ocean and surf flat. The Fishing Gods threw me a bone. 1 fish 26” right at the lip. A couple of cranks and he was in. Beautiful morning minus the cold. Hopefully this weather won’t push the bait/bass out or south prematurely.
  8. Congrats to those that were able to get into the bite yesterday. I got the call but couldn't go. I was only able to get out early and in the evening, SoMoCo. Needless to say, there was nothing to report. Last night the S wind picked up and didn't have luck as I did the night before in the same spot. This AM, 30 min sunup MoCo, end of incoming tide, wind was west while I was there. Chocolate milk, water came way up the beach, and there was a right to left sweep. Spread out birds diving way out where the water was cleaner. Skunk.
  9. 1 hr MoCo at sunup. No wind when I first started, light SW by the time I left. Flat ocean and surf, beginning of outgoing tide. Water seemed a little stained. Occasional little splashes, sight casted but nada. Skunk. Maybe this evening again after my chores.
  10. I was supposed to take off today. But those damn Giants drove me to the surf. 1 hr after sun down, SoMoCo, fished the very end of incoming tide into the flip. Flat ocean and surf. From what I can tell the water was clean and clear. Well I’m glad I went. Broke the week and half long skunk. 2 fish 26” and 27”. Glad to finally bend a rod. Zman Diezel minnow with jighead.
  11. Wow! I hope you boys were able to cash in on the action from NoMoCo through MoCo this afternoon. I had a little bit to play around while waiting for my daughter from school. Out front MoCo, Steady NW wind, incoming tide and water cleared up nicely from this AM. I looked north and saw a huge cloud of birds in the distance heading south. The fishing gods had other plans for me. On my last cast before going to the bus stop I snagged my jig. Popped off and no worries because I had the pre tied leaders. Came back south after getting my daughter and was right there on em’. Spread out splashes and swirls. Birds everywhere. Grabbed my bag to get the pre tied leaders and nada. Forgot em at home. Quickly tied an Ava to the braid and got on the beach. Few guys hooked up and I caught another sea gull...end of story. I think I got the KK curse...the birds and school continued on pretty quickly. But all in all nice to see and hopefully a good sign for the rest of the season. Spoke briefly to a guy and he got 2 on SPs and nothing on metal jigs.
  12. Gave it another shot yesterday afternoon out front NoMoCo where the bite was the other day. Looked like a bunch of guys/girls had the same idea. Skunk. Birds working out of range. The only excitement was a Big One breached about 20-30 yards from the beach heading south. Sight casted but nada. I kept looking south to see if one of the guys was going to hook up but it never happened. No one caught while I was there. 30 min this AM out front MoCo. Light NW wind, flat ocean and surf, water seemed a little stained. Same story here. Lots of life, sea gulls feasting on bunker on the beach, heavy heavy bird activity way out in front.
  13. Yes, it was an awesome view this AM.