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  1. Afternoon dusk bite. Beginning of incoming, moderate gusty S blowing. Nothing going on locally after work, so I headed a little north and found a party. Walked on to a spot that was open and didnt have to move. At first they were way out but reachable with poppers. It was fish on right away and every cast for a bit. Slowed and went to the BT as the wind was gusting. We were about to leave and noticed birds at end of range and heaved out again and it was game on until about dusk when it died. Lost 2 big fish. Had the trailer hook ripped off my bottle neck. But ended up with 20+ fish from 26”-35”. I heard the bigger fish were there earlier. Anyway, another great season continues. Back at it tomorrow.
  2. Just like @Inshore said. Today was bananas. Pre sunrise, variable W wind, flat ocean, end of incoming. Lots of life out there. Mix of quarter size peanuts to adult bunker in the wash. We even saw a black fish cruising the lip. Started with the Ava and teaser. Immediately doubled up twice in a row. I doubled up again but the leader broke this time. Lost the Ava but still had the teaser and fish on it. Wasn’t getting any hits after switching to another Ava. Made a move and got several more on shads. That slowed and saw guys catching on sand eel paddle tails. Changed to the tsunami and caught more for awhile then changed to a BT. The stretch died after awhile and made another move. They were at the end of casting range and slapped on the popper and basically went with top water for the remainder of the day. Ended with about 40+ fish.
  3. Slept in to get a little rest this AM and was late to this afternoon’s bite. Took the skunk today.
  4. Traveled south to find a big swell and stained water. Beginning of outgoing, WNW. Walked a bit. Found 1 small in the low 20s” on the Ava. Slow pick all around. Fish here and there landed. Will take a peek later after my flu shot.
  5. I wasn’t supposed to go out for the afternoon bite as The Empress had dinner plans for us. But I got ‘The Call’ and promised I’d be back in time. Beginning of outgoing, light NW. Got to my spot north of the picket fence where it wasn’t so crowded. A little late but still had fun. Peanuts were the fare. Top water when I first got there but then they went under as dusk approached. Only landed 7 but dropped a bunch. 26”-29”. Felt bad for one of the smaller fish. I gill hooked it but didn’t bleed too much. It just took a lil’ bit to get the hook out. However, it swam away strong so hopefully it has a chance. Made it home in time to grab one last dinner together with the fam before my baby has to go back to school tomorrow. I’ll be limited to the AM as we have to drop her off at the airport later in the day.
  6. Pre sunrise crisp AM. Beginning of outgoing, light NNW. Covered a bit of ground. Ended up with 3 small bass and 3 shad. Threw the A17, sand eels paddle tail and teaser.
  7. Covered some ground today with split seasons. Light NW, middle of incoming , nice crisp AM. Birds and boats out of range. Hit 3 spots in the AM nada. Met a fellow last week during a bite and saw him again today. He turned out to be a fellow SOL’er @fishhunt. Chatted a bit and The Empress summoned me to meet her and the kids for some coffee and nosh. Since nothing was going on I took a break. Returned for the incoming tide for the PM session and Fishhunt told me there was a bite after I left…figures. I walked a bit and landed 2 small fish then got summoned again to go grab dinner. More N and NE wind. Hopefully that’ll spark things up.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving Gang! Thankful to enjoy and share our beautiful shore. Mainly skunking this week so far. Landed 2 Mon. AM, but nada for the week including this AM. Yes, you have to be careful on the rocks. @adobo feel better Brutha. Hope everyone has their fill today! Be safe!
  9. First light this AM, light westerly, beginning of incoming. Slow slow outing. Loons swimming at the end of casting range. Nothing on the swarter, SP, or plastic. Had to get metal all the way out. That’s when I started getting hits. Ended up with 2 at 25” and 28”. The bigger 1 took the teaser. Confirmed that they’re on sand eels. They were coughing them up. Also got 2 shad that had some cool blue hue to them. Anyway only saw 3 other fish landed. Big water continues and decided to head back to the barn. While walking off there was a big school of happy bunker way out. It got a little closer but nada. May take a look this afternoon.
  10. AM pre sunrise, building NW wind, middle of incoming. Stayed away from the crowd and slowly picked 5 from 26”-28” and dropped 1 on the swarter and sand eel paddle tail. Ran into Jim Hutchinson from The Fisherman mag. He and his brother picked up several themselves.
  11. Late week report: Tuesday: Late to the bite at sunset but some left overs into the dark. Dropped a bunch and landed 3 from 27”-30”. Skunk Mon/Wed Yesterday seemed to be another great day with some entertaining tales. Was able to get out a little earlier with some daylight left. No crowd and nobody within a 100 yds on both sides. Didn’t have to move much either. The fish were spread out. No visible bait, no blitzing surface action. Just a constant bite. Went with top water first and landed several. Then paddle tails and got several more. It slowed down at dusk and decided to go with the swarter. I heard sand eels and rain bait were around earlier by one of my boat buddies and I never had luck with the swarter. Man, it went bonkers after that in the dark. Ended with 30 even and dropped a mess of em’ with the swell and on shore break. Drag seemed to be a bit sticky. Doing some reel maintenance today. P.S. I gut hooked a 30” with one of the plugs and bled like a pig. Harvested it for the table. Interesting to note that its stomach was empty. Maybe that’s why they were so aggressive last night…
  12. Late report last night. Sunset to dark. Flat ocean moderate wind at my back. 5 casts in right as the sun went down I hook up on the small popper. 24” landed. Should’ve packed it up and called it a day. Nope, covered ground into the dark without anything else. Skunk avoided. Crisp AM. Similar conditions. Flat ocean, light westerly. Birds and boats way out. Nada. Happy Veterans Day to all our vets! Thank you for your sacrifice.
  13. Late report last night. Dusk to dark, light and variable wind, nice evening and surf. Few folks out. After dark, dropped one on the hydro minnow and landed a 27” on an SP to avoid the skunk.
  14. Another great day. Lots of fish landed. Congrats to all. Again, late to the party but this time there were still left overs for me to play with. Seems they were hitting metal lips and poppers earlier but they went down when I got there at dusk. Threw the metal lip first but nada. Went to the plugs and got a couple. When it was dark I switched to the shad and got most on them. Final couple came on the blurple SP. Ended with 8 from 27”-30” and lost a few more. They were hitting light and had a bunch of swings and misses. But finally got off the skunk train after a week.
  15. Just can’t shake the skunk the last several days. Beautiful weekend, nada. Had off yesterday. Thought the NE wind would spark things. Terrible, everything was out of range and broke down going to hit the dusk bite. Work schedule not flexible the last couple of weeks. Late to today’s party. Could only get there at last light but the bite died. Hit 3 spots including out back. Nada. Lots of fish caught today. Congrats all!
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