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  1. Yeah this AM was not good to me either. SoMoCo out front, end of incoming, clean water, flat ocean. Walked on the sand predawn and the same fly guy I saw yesterday just hooked up with a decent bass. Complimented his catch as I walked further south of him. When I settled for my first spot I looked over and he hooked up again with another bass. Anyway, no bass, 1 huge shad. Beautiful AM though with a nice view of the lightning off shore.
  2. My daughter who is now 20 y.o. never lets me forget the time I took her out for a night session when she was that age. It was a Nov night, wind howling, skunk fest...ah memories!
  3. SoMoCo predawn to sunup, top of the tide into outgoing. Westerly wind, water clean, flat and some white water. 1 fluke tap at the lip and that was it. Saw the whales go. Got exciting the last 10-15 min while using a rebel minnow and a nice sized bass was doing aerials at my lure. Breached 6 times. I kept at it but just couldn’t connect. Saw a fly guy connect twice to something small and silvery. I assume they were cocktail blues or shad.
  4. Tried the early AM bite again. SoMoCo, tide flip into outgoing. Flat ocean, clean and clear water but few spots of white water. Walked the same stretch but nada. Had 1 fluke type hit at the lip at the end of the outing. Skunk. May try this evening.
  5. Pulled an early morning shift SoMoCo to catch the beginning of the outgoing. Steady NW wind, decent amount of white water and clean. Found 2 plump 25”s on a blurple teaser. No love for the sluggo, eel or plastics. Rounded the outing out with a cocktail blue at sunrise that tore up my plastic.
  6. Late report: This AM out front SoMoCo, 1 hr., middle of incoming. Beautiful clean and green with plenty of white water. Nada. Took a drive further north as it was still overcast. MoCo, 90 min, end of incoming, nothing on plugs and big plastics. Downsized to fluking. Walked the sand north and started casting between 2 rock piles and a mini bite was on. 4 bass: 2 micro, 2 schoolie 23” and 21” and a sun dial on a 4” gulp swimming mullet. The sun showed up and the bite shut down. Then out back SoMoCo, noon, all the blues you want. 1 guy pulled in a keeper fluke. I might hit the dusk bite on the incoming later this evening.
  7. Out front this AM, SoMoCo, end of incoming, steady NE wind, 1 hr. 2 fluke hung on until the surf and let go, otherwise skunk. Went over out back and had fun with cocktail blues on light tackle. Seems like I’ll be on the market for new waders. Both of mine are crotch leaking...ugh
  8. Ventured out front this AM, MoCo, 1hr end of incoming tide, steady NE wind, surf churned up and plenty of white water. BT, metal, bottle plug and plastic. Was going to settle for the skunk and headed back to car and just threw out for the heck of it. Got 1 right at the lip and came unbuttoned as I got him on the sand. But the surf pushed him further up. 25” to the tape. Skunk avoided. Gonna try for the bite out back SoMoCo later again.
  9. Overslept this AM but got a call about the bite out back early this afternoon. SoMoCo out back incoming tide. Missed the bite but Got one chopper and 1 17” fluke. Not crowded at all today. Guess the weather scared folks away. Hopefully I’ll make it out for the AM bite tomorrow.
  10. Congrats! Remember, you’re not babysitting, you’re parenting. Life changes forever...
  11. SoMoCo out front this AM, 45 min., middle of incoming. Great white water, no weed, but a little stained. Plastic and plugs. Skunk. SoMoCo out back, boofish bite on the outgoing during midday. Tons of boat and yakkers. Surprised the fish were still there. Surprised no flatties. Water warmer than earlier in the week. Just happy I was able to bend a rod and have fun fights on the light tackle. White paddle tails and jigheads. Guys were also catching on metal and bone plugs.
  12. Late report from this AM: SoMoCo out front 1 hr, beginning of outgoing. Great surf with lots of white water. Wind not that bad either. Threw plastic, BT and bottle plug. Birds feasting on a bunch of bunker/herring/shad on the sand. The big problem was the weed. Weed on every cast. Moved to a better spot but not a bump. Word of boofish out back this afternoon. So, I ventured out back, SoMoCo, end of incoming. Instead, I got my first 2 fluke of the season. 16 and 18”. Both on white paddle tail and 3/4 oz jighead. At least no skunk for the day.
  13. Agreed. Surf churns up bugs, bait and clams...maybe challenging at times but it keeps you on your toes.
  14. It’s been rough the last several outings out back SoMoCo with a few cocktail blues and shad. Ventured out this AM with a good feeling. SoMoCo out front 0630-0800. Nice light E wind and decent white water. Nada. 1 little bump. Saw 2 other fellows and they didn’t hook anything either...might try this evening’s outgoing tide.
  15. Was it COVID related? RIP.