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  1. Batch skunk report. Ended up staying out front yesterday evening. OC, 30 min, beginning of incoming, clean water and nice rolling surf. Found a quick hole to try. 1 hit and a miss. This AM after sunrise, 45 min, dead low into incoming. Water remains clear with nice surf but thin. Beautiful morning as well. Waded past the jetties about 20 yards shy of the surfing line. Tried sight casting past the 2nd bar after seeing some splashes. But yet another skunk.
  2. Took the weekend off to stay away from the crowds...Ok, I lie. Still working on The Empress chore list. Anyway MoCo, beautiful but quiet this morning. Dawn 1 1/2hr. End of the outgoing into the flip, very light W wind, clean water but not as clear as we’ve seen in the past weeks. Water still cold. Not a tap. The action out back is still pretty hot from what I hear from a couple of yak guys and others. May try in back tomorrow or tonight.
  3. Quiet for me. Last night SoMoCo after dark, 1 hr. Flat ocean, no surf, clean. Several guys spread out. Skunk, 1 lil tap. Talk to a few and nobody caught.
  4. Another late skunk report from last night. 1 hr until dusk SoMoCo. End of incoming, clean water, flat ocean, no surf, light SE wind. Not a tap. Cool sightings though to ease the skunkness. Saw an old F4 Corsair fly overhead and an osprey catch some dinner. Heard of another slot fish caught close by.
  5. Just hold on to your knickers there sir. The day is not over yet!
  6. Late skunk report from last night. SoMoCo, light NW wind, dusk into dark 1hr, top of the outgoing, not as much surf as the last couple of days but clean. 1 lil’ tap. I did hear of a slot fish caught on a different stretch a little north of me on a metal lip. I guess it’s good I slept in. Doesn’t sound like much is going on today. Will try and sneak out again later for the dusk bite.
  7. Quiet for me as well. Late report from last evening. Got another Gator call but was already down in OC. Dusk bite 1 hr. Great conditions, some weed, end of incoming, light NW wind, lots of white water and rolling waves. 1 rat on the RU special to save the skunk. Saw a cocktail and schoolie caught. Spoke to one of the guys and he said a 44” fish was caught in the AM where we were...on a bug. MoCo this AM, 1 hr sunrise. Same great conditions, middle of incoming. Didn’t see many bugs today. When I dug down they were small, no sheds. Blow up and splashes out of range. Nada...threw the bag. Back at it tonight.
  8. SoMoCo 1hr at sunrise, light WNW wind, end of incoming. Great looking surf with plenty of clean rolling white water and suds. Had a swing and a miss on a small strike and avoided the skunk with a 20” bass towards the end of the outing. Hoping the dusk bite will be better.
  9. I wonder if he was responsible for all the sea robin heads washing up several weeks ago...
  10. Same spot? Wasn’t there for a couple days...
  11. Dusk bite 45 min SoMoCo, beginning of outgoing, nice surf and suds but moderate weed, very light NW wind. 3 bass to 24”. The first was the biggest. All on a small white paddle tail.
  12. Late report from yesterday. Got another Gator call for up north. I was finishing up yard work and told The Empress. She gave me the stank eye and proceeded to add things to The List for the weekend. Game over. However, I was still able to sneak away and grab a quick outing. OC dusk, 30 min, same great looking water, middle of outgoing. Skunk. Several fellows out and didn’t see any rods bent.
  13. Ugh, don’t start. Had a ‘discussion’ with someone at work that’s from up north...
  14. Disappointing morning. Nice light N wind, beginning of outgoing, nice clean and clear water. Flat ocean and little surf. Explored a bit further north MoCo and walked a stretch. Nice to see the bugs are abundant and getting big. We just need the fish to show up. Had a couple of taps and swings and misses but couldn’t keep the skunk away. As I was walking off I saw some decent splashes within casting distance. Turned around and started throwing metal and jigs. I just reached them but no takers. I’ve been bringing the light stick so it was a challenge to whip it out there. I’m assuming they were blues but I’ll never know. Wind turns E later so hopefully it’ll bring in more fish and better surf.
  15. MoCo 1 1/2hr at sunrise. Moderate W wind, beginning of outgoing, flat ocean, clean water. Picked 7 lil’ guys. I was wrapping up when I noticed this creepy lookin’ fella’ staring at me in sunglasses and hood. I checked my valuables and kept my shiv close and ready. It turned out to be the infamous and notorious @nam1969. We briefly caught up and he told me he was notified by The Committee that he’ll be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s banquet. Congrats Bob!