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  1. I use a big frisbee as a cutting board. The lip keeps the juices from dripping on the boat, it fits in a cooler, and after you're done fishing you have some fun with it.
  2. I have a fish ladder at my work in Niantic. I'll check tues or wed morning.
  3. So accurate's anti reverse clutch bearings are pressed in. (At least in my Tern 400) Has anyone removed one? I was wondering if i could do it with my bullet reloading press. I'm sure I could find a shell the right size.
  4. I pick up every peice of garbage I see on the water.
  5. Not sure if there's enough they could improve to warrant a new generation without eating into Torque sales. But... I'd like to see it made in America, they could improve the drag seal, and offer a bailess model. Maybe that would be cause for a new model.
  6. I watched it. I was the one who pointed out the similarities between Scoobydoo and AvE on youtube.
  7. My 2 chunking rods are a 11' Tica Dolphin and a Airwave elite XH. I prefer the tica because unlike the Airwave, it actually fits in a pvc sand spike.
  8. Out of principle I won't buy any reel with a hex type handle. I briefly entertained buying a Piscifun viper as mostly a LMB reel that could also catch spring run schoolies but the hex type handle just gives me bad memories of being a kid and having to fish whatever junk my dad brought home from a tagsale.
  9. Yes. Definitely. But prices are crazy. I put a nice 7500ss on ebay and got $165 for it. I was expecting $100
  10. My cousin is the top marine wildlife biologist for DDEP. He has a lot to do with seasons and lengths and limits. I just messaged him. I'll let you know what he says.
  11. I have a 10ft from Narrow River Custom rods. As said above it might be a tad too heavy for what you wanna throw. But you should buy one anyway.
  12. 1st setup i ever bought was a Shimano Socorro on a 9ft tsunami AllStar. Both still work perfectly 14yrs later but rod and reel have been separated since for other needs. Tsunami is now a loner rod for newbie friends and the socorro is on a chunking rod.
  13. If you plan on maintaining the reel yourself get a slammer. If not I'd get a saragosa
  14. I have a 400. I find it to be just as smooth as my Torium. My SXJ has a much more geary feel. Use it primarily for fluke seabass and tog. But it would be my reel of choice for stripers if I ever choose to target them from my boat again. Not a fan of the plastic eccentric switch though.