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  1. HH, You bet - that plug did do the trick on at least one for me. Lot's of short strikes though. What a blast! Can I send it back to you? If not, I'll be sure and have it with me when next we meet. Chris
  2. I'm in! I'm in! I'm in! You didn't say "gone" yet, right? Seriously, that's a great offer and I, like MM, can't pass it up. I'm particularly interested 'cause I have a sweet little behind-an-island grass bed that I know damn well holds reds and trout certain times of the year but can't figure out how to fish 'em to save my life. We'll get you yakkin' in no time and you'll never look back. Chris
  3. Would've been nice to wet a line with you again Barrell, even if I would generally shun the herring. I've always gotten my biggest ones trolling artificials (all sorts) through the thin water. You have fun at the convention center (snicker). Chris
  4. Yep, time to go for a ride. Anybody coming that can lay their hands on some sandworms? If so, I'm willing to pay delivery charges. See y'all bright and early Sunday. Chris
  5. Barrell, I've been itchin' to paddle and fish those waters ever since I read an article about the outer keys in Sea Kayaker a couple of years ago. Can't wait to hear how it goes for you. BTW - still wear that T you gave me a couple years back. Never fails to get a comment. Chris
  6. Spring River is a good shop and they do have one, repeat one, guy in there that kayakfishes. They carry a couple more brands than seasucker mentioned as well. Spring river has a very large demo/rental fleet so I'm pretty sure you can test paddle anything they sell short of the high dollar carbon/kevlar touring boats. Staark Moon in Havre de Grace also has a pretty good selection of boats but nobody in there fishes. I generally recommend it more to folks that have some paddling experience. If you pick out the boat you want elsewhere it's worth checking in with Staark Moon to see if he can beat the deal. If you are willing to make the drive to NJ, check out the guys that post here. For solid advice and all the top boats for the mid-Atlantic region they're you best bet. Chris
  7. Terry, Long time, eh? West marine is a great bet - like MM said, look with the sailing gear. If you want to try online head over to www.apsltd.com I had stainless rings on for a while (probably still have them somewhere around... will look later) but switched to the small polycarbonate triangles 'cause they make less noise and they weigh less. In a real OH CRAP! scenario they will be your "fuse" as well. Chris
  8. Uh oh, guess I'd better chime in here 'cause I'm, like, the only Baltimoron on this board, eh? So... Welcome ocsurffishn! You're absolutely welcome to fish me, or (I think), any of the folks here just about any time. Most of the guys are also very willing to let you take their particular ride for a paddle while you're lookin' to buy. That includes me, naturally, but I'm afraid that you might have a bit of a hard time buying a Necky these days (geez, will she be a collectors item soon?). Stay tuned... Chris [This message has been edited by Porter (edited 03-26-2003).]
  9. Great to hear from everybody. JimW: Will do. I'll have the digital along so maybe I can get a close-up of the scupper design. I plan on trying to roll one of 'em if, that is, if there's something to hook my knees on. Make believe I'm 6'4"? Uh, I'll try. Doug: Great summer, little paddling. I have a new puppy at home that's taken a lot of my time but I have had a few nice trip. Even found some puppy drum down Deltaville way. Speed eh? That's what I'm after. I'll report back. JonS: No need for search party. Y'all have my address, just shoot me a quick note if you start wondering again. Well, if that's all then I guess I'm off. Chris [This message has been edited by Porter (edited 11-21-2002).]
  10. Out of the mist, like a specter not seen since the dark ages, rises he who... Ah, never mind. Hi! Hope everybody has been well. Sorry for my sudden disappearance from the site but other aspects of life came calling for a while. I'm afraid that I've just popped back in for a brief visit here for a very specific reason. You see... I was feeling sorry for ol' S1 out there on the left coast, paddling that low-class Wave Witch thingy that he's cursed with and, you know, I thought I'd help him (and the rest of y'all) out and launch a little research trip. So, off to South Africa I go, in a completely selfless effort to find the best fishing kayak for our brethren. In the spirit of providing the best possible information to those stuck here in North America I was hoping for a list of questions that this group would like answered about these fine looking boats. Just for the record, I intend to take each of their kayaks out for test paddles (with fishing rod if possible) in the beautiful, if shark-infested, South Atlantic waters. I also have been investigating the costs associated with international container shipping, freight forwarding companies, etc. and will be checking further from Capetown. If I put together a large shipment, and assuming the boats prove to be as nice as they appear to be, could anybody (other than MM) say that they are seriously interested? Did I miss anything? Respond soon, I've got a flight to catch on Saturday. Stay tuned for pictures of large, unusual fish. Chris
  11. I'm still in. Check your e-mail Christian. Chris
  12. Hey JimDE, sorry for the delayed response. MM had it right for this weekend, I'm heading down to VA Beach with a few SOL guys. The following weekend (Memorial Day) I'm booked with a wedding and out of town guests. The next weekend (June 1) is open for now, but there's a new puppy in my future and I may not be able to be gone for too long. Keep us posted and we'll work somethig out. Chris
  13. Don't sweat it DAS, I's just ribbin' ya. Chris
  14. Well, this never happens... my weekend just opened up more. Instead of leaving for Buffalo Sunday morning (I'm heartbroken, truly) I now have the whole freakin' weekend free. What exactly does this mean? Beats me, but I'll sure be doing some more fishing. MM and I will be on LBI tonight and tomorrow but we're contemplating a different location in the region for Sunday. Problem is, we will be without web access. Any of you guys (pmjasper, JonS, saltyh2ofly, Barrell, etc...) feel like sending me a PM with a phone number where I can check in and possibly meet up with ya for Sunday? I'm still hot to get into some choppers. Chris
  15. Saltatrix, Welcome to the Dolphin club, we're a small (but vocal) minority. Hope you like the boat half as much as I do. What color did you choose? Chris