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  1. Tundra,the 12 is rated for 450 pounds so technically it will hold you and 200 lbs of gear if you wanted to load it that heavy but I'm new to this too and I haven't loaded mine to anything close to the limit.You say you tried it out so you must feel like it has enough room for you.I weigh 170 and personally if I was a bigger guy I might look at something with a little more capacity only because I would want to stay as dry as possible.I'm not saying you'll get overly wet in the 12,I don't know that for a fact,this is just my thought process.I will say this though,the rod hoders are positioned very close to the water line(the front ones)and when I came in they were full of water.I wouldn't want to be lower in the water than I already am now.
  2. Who gives a damn?THE BEARS GOT JAY CUTLER!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..........Da Bears!
  3. the pliers are for the hook,NOT THE FISH,you grab the fish by the head,the gill or the tail depending on what it is,cmon what did you guys do before the grippers came out?
  4. Carp Bite Anytime!
  6. Call me old fashioned or stuck in my ways if you will but I don't see a need for all these fancy fish-lip grippers.C'mon seriously,I see a hundred pictures of guys holding bass with these things everytime I look at fishing sites on the web.Just another toy to add to the collection?Some of these things cost close to a hundred bucks!NO THANKS!As for toothy critters,what's wrong with pliers?MAN UP!When did fisherman as a class become dainty?Not me,no way.Those are tools for women so they don't mess up their pretty pink nail polish.
  7. I am new to kayaking,only paddled one once over ten years ago.I just purchased a Malibu Stealth 12 and I am planning on taking it out on a large freshwater lake on opening day.This lake has alot of boat traffic and boats with large motors.The Stealth is 12'4" long and has a 33" beam.My question is,do I need to turn my kayak into the wake of every boat that goes flying by me or should I have no problem concentrating on fishing?My guess is that the water is still going to be very chilly come April 18 and I want to be prepared,trying not to take a swim until July sometime.Thanks in advance.
  8. Good so I'm not insane,appreciate the info Scooter.You're right though,I'm not ready for this yet but I wanted to know if it can be done.This type of fishing is a goal of mine once I achieve the skills necessary to pull it off....OH,and I do intend to wear a knife on my pfd at all times.Thanks again.
  9. Crappies early season?Only one spot to look for from my experience,go to the north end of any lake that has em(it warms the fastest),find a nice blow down,that is a nice tree in the water,lots of branches,also on a pretty good drop off into six feet of water or so and fish the smallest minnows you can find under a liitle bobber right in there,tight to the wood the more wood the better!Never seen this method not produce ealy season,even as early as February.Happy fishin.
  10. Well done.
  11. Please try to refrain from posting anymore pictures of your burned parts,you're distracting me from the reason I'm here!....don't want to end up on one of those "other sites"
  12. Thanks to evereyone for all of the good information,just registered on this site today after looking at it for about a week,Great site,kudos to the guys in charge!Can't believe all the good and QUICK information I'm getting.Again thank you to everyone invoved.
  13. Appreciate it east end long island and you too awesomeland
  14. Thanks Hannibal,it would be bad to lose some gear on the maiden voyage,you know?