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  1. Yep,12" of ice last week in central CT. Any other yakkers ice-fish?
  2. Last week,central CT.
  3. When I'm on LIS I wear one without fail,when I'm on the Ct River I wear one without fail but I do not want to be obligated to put one on for the rare occasion that I am LMB fishing on a 100 acre lake,when there is zero boat traffic and it is above 90 degrees and there is no wind and no waves to speak of.
  4. Bought a Malibu yak in March,the dealer gave me a title.
  5. I have the "handyrack" and let me assure you that is an excellent product.I have been using it all season(since March) with zero problems.My first thought was the same when it was recommended to me over the foam blocks,"inflateable?".But it is very well made and durable,the air chambers are clad in nylon so there is almost no chance of a puncture short of sticking a knife in it.An excellent choice if on a budget and can't afford to lay out the money for thule or yakima.Plus it can be installed/removed in 2 minutes.I did make one modification to mine though,I cut off the staps that are on it and got 4 ratchet straps from home cheapo,now I put my yak on the car and go,no looking up to see if it's still there,no worries.Highly recommended,no need for bow and stern tie-offs either,you strap that thing down and and it doesn't twist or turn or nothing!
  6. I don't know the length of th Perception that you guys are talking about,so which ever length Tarpon that matches that one.Thanks.
  7. Thanks Ship,it looks alot like a Tarpon,would you say it's faster?
  8. Hey guys,question, are you talking about a SOT Perception or a sit-in? Thanks.
  9. In my limited experience so far,the red and the green work well.
  10. SWEET PICTURES! I have to get out and try that!
  11. and another thing,while there are countless knowledgeable,helpful guys on here,(special thanks to everyone who answered my many questions and gave me advice getting started in kayaking),there are also alot of self-righteous,silver-spoon A**HOLES who'd be better off if they'd start up their BMW in the garage and take a nap! Do us all a favor and put yourself out of your misery! I may not be a smart man but I do know what love is.And this ain't it!
  12. if you think I'm crying over ten bucks you missed the point,I'd gladly spend 3 times that on a license every year if it was spent on cleaning up beaches/pollution crackdown,habitat restoration,stocking programs,etc.But it's not going to,it's going to be spent on our beloved Govenor Jodie's 3 billion dollar budget deficit.I can't stand greedy politicians.And since this turned in to politics,why don't she raise taxes on the rich?Always on the poor guy,cigarettes and alcohol are going up again....that's a direct hit to people who don't have money...we smoke...we drink...Why?.BECAUSE WE'RE BROKE AND STRESSED OUT DAMMIT!!!
  13. Your ten bucks nor mine did anything to help the enviroment or our sport,it went to the general fund...for welfare mothers and what not.
  14. cash for kayaks?,is that a Hobie promotion?
  15. I've got a bunch of leashes that I don't use,don't got a gay flag either.
  16. a dollar?
  17. on top of a Ford Taurus!
  18. if you decide not to pedal,the Stealth is worth checking out,I got mine with everything and I mean everything,Surf to Summit Expedition($250.00 seat),good fiberglass paddle ,fish finder installed,battery, battery charger, rod leashes,car carrier,paddle leash for $1500.00 and I still needed pfd,waders,wading shoes,pelican boxes,anchor trolley,waterproof duffel bag and I still kept it under $2000.00.I'll shoot you a pm if you want to know who the dealer I bought it from was.
  19. I'm thinking about a nighttime excursion to target big cats on the river and I have a question.Does anyone know if I launched in Hartford (I have a kayak)and planned to get picked up at Wethersfield Cove say around 2am,would my ride be able to get in the parking lot/ramp in the middle of the night or do they have a gate that they lock after a certain time?I've fished the river at night before but I've always gotten picked up in Keeney Cove,this time I'm thinking that I don't want to paddle that far,plus the entrance to Keeney is really tough to spot at night,almost passed it up once.Thanks in advance.
  20. yep,I think I'm heading out tonight,here's a good one I got earlier in the season while fishing eels for striper,got more cats on eels than bass
  21. yeah,good question,I need some help with this as well.twice now I've gone out a couple miles offshore when the weather report said 11mph winds max,and ran into sustained twenties and higher,if I don't figure this out I may end up in France before long!
  22. peeing with waders on while on the water is a pain in the a**,but it's not impossible,I got it down pat inside of a week while on the ct river in early april