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  7. Andy B, the initial setup pictured was a little on the crude side. I got the idea and just rolled with it with the materials I had on hand. It involved the shelving parts (tubes),a couple of blocks of wood and some screws. The cooler I use now is much simpler. I purchased two single rod holders (Cabelas brand) for $7 a piece,pre-drilled the cooler and used the bolts that came with them. Turned out to be a very solid mount. But the Cabelas holders aren't as long as the tubes pictured so I mounted them upside down (with the slots that hold the reel seats in place down) so my reels stay higher and within better reach and I also mounted them further apart,closer to the corners of the cooler. The cooler pictured also has a little bungee cord screwed to the lid acting as a latch incase I took a spill so as to save the contents,sometimes I put tackle in there too. Both coolers are/were bungeed to the tank well also. Having the rods directly behind you is a definite advantage as I did bust a rod that was in one of the rear flush mounts while casting a plug when I whacked it on the back swing.......................Hertzy you found me!...............DAMN!
  8. I've never been a fan of the crate either. I have my 2 vertical rod holders mounted on a cooler behind me. I mean it's tough keeping the beer cold in the milk crate,right? Besides that I've also extended my flush mounts into rocket launchers. I like the fact that my reels (especially in the front) are higher and drier. On the Stealth 12 (my battleship) the front flush mounts from the factory practically have your reels hanging in the water. I have since upgraded to a slightly smaller, white "marine' cooler by igloo and the rocket launchers used to be parts for cheap plastic shelving that I had in the garage. They fit my flush mounts perfectly. Nice and snug with no modification!.........................Oh,and the stainless steel custom job on the Revo is SWEET! [img=]
  9. I have the 09' model and this is my 3rd season with it (Stealth 12). I fish the sound,the Connecticut River and occasionally lakes. I've been in the sound in the pouring rain, up to3-5 footers,strong headwinds for the paddle in which is sometimes over two miles with waves breaking over the bow for over an hour and likewise in the river in the pouring rain and never had more than a couple of cups of water in the hull. BUT I did put my camera in one of the hatches when I first got it and assumed it was waterproof................NOT! Needless to say I wasn't happy about that and of course it would be nice if the thing was completely waterproof but it has never taken on enough water to make me even slightly nervous. I was not aware of this issue but if Malibu is going to start sending out upgraded seals then I will surely take some of those. The seal on the bow hatch of my original model looks like nothing more than that stuff you use to seal up the cracks around a window mounted air conditioner. The only other complaint I have about the Stealth is that I wish it paddled like my buddies Tarpon 16!......................For the most part I am happy with my purchase.
  10. Thanks,not a bad fish,pretty average for this time of year in the Chicago River. 35 and 3/4 inches. Me and another guy boated four this size and four smaller. Water temps were 58 degrees plus last weekend when I got her. This weekend not looking as promising. Still looking for my 40"...............Think I need to try Jersey for the 40".
  11. Nope,no fish in Ct. Got this one in the Chicago River.
  12. I walked in to a local "mom and pop" sporting goods store that also sells bait and tackle.Been going there for a few years now but never thought to look at the reel counter as a lot of their equipment is priced a little high.Low and behold,sitting in the case is a 4500B and a 6500B. I asked him if he had a 3500B stashed somewhere but he said no. I also fish from a yak most of the time and the 4500 just looks like way too much reel. I own a 3500 and love it.I would gladly pick up another one seeing as they don't make em no more and it's a tried and true classic.
  13. Right on dude! the world and on SOL!
  14. Yeah the guy at the reel counter at Cabelas told me that alot of people are unhappy with the new baitrunner, I think it is the "d". Also I'm not sayin that Okuma's are the greatest reel,I'm just sayin that I haven't had any problems with mine..........I like the fact that Okumas come with an extra spool. I'm also very hard on my reels. I fish on rocks,from beaches,from a kayak. If I dunk it,get sand all over it or put a nick in a $50 reel it's less of a big deal than with a $140 reel. At the price,if I get a couple of years out of them they are worth it and I've already done that.
  15. I've had 2 baitfeeders for 2 years and they work fine. Thinking about buying a couple more. I have the original model Shimano baitrunner,great reel. I've heard that alot of people are unhappy with the new model.
  16. RS thanks.To answer your question,this is my second season of striper fishing in CT. I moved here from Chicago just over 2 years ago. I love the fishing here and now I'm addicted to chasing stripers! To say something like "there are too many fishermen in CT" doesn't make much sense to me. You might as well say that there are too many Russians in Moscow. People are going to fish,be it in CT,CA or Timbucktoo. Are the people complaining about too many fishermen NOT teaching their kids to fish in order to keep the resident population of fishermen down? I think not. I've been to many of the outdoor travel shows in January back home for the purpose of booking a fishing vacation to Northern Ontario in the spring and you know I can't recall seeing a single booth for a CT fishing lodge advertising the "world class fishing" that's to be had here.So it's not like the whole country is flocking to CT waters just to piss off a few locals. From what I've learned so far,stripers can be had up and down the eastern seaboard at various times of the year and fishing is just as good if not better in RI,NY and NJ. So what's the big secret? And yeah,I'm guilty of baiting the complainers by posting a few pics of fish "not caught in CT". A more valid statement (which has been talked about many times in this forum) is that access is limited in this state,be it shoreline,stream,lake or whatever. I can agree with that,lots of prime real estate is just that,prime,PRIVATE real estate. What can be done about that? Probably nothing except to accept things the way they are and if you know that the lot you intend to park your car in is likely going to be crowded then you probably ought to get out of bed a couple of hours earlier. I prefer to fish during the week when I can and more often than not have plenty of room to do what I do. I've fished in the crowds on the weekends too and still caught fish. The majority of the weekend warriors don't know what they're doing anyway. I fish,I do it legally,when I get a good one I like to snap a picture or two. If that makes me a knucklehead or worse then so be it and for those who fault me for it,have at it.While your're busy typing away,I'll be snapping a picture of another nice one just to piss you off.
  17. Thank You! It's very nice to see that there are still people who who post on this site that think clearly and don't just use it to piss and moan!
  18. I never said there were to many fishermen in CT.In my opinion that is a ridiculous statement. And I never once mentioned where I'm fishing so I guess I just spot-burned the whole state of Ct with a picture of a fish,huh?
  19. Still no fish in CT boys!
  20. Nope,no fish in CT!
  21. Can't wait to release the yak from hibernation but in the mean-time,this will do!
  22. Went out yesterday too,got a 45 lber,auger that is. A freind of mine and his son went through the ice a couple of weeks ago,everybody made it,the auger didn't. Salvage mission successful ! (please no comments about lack of PFD,forgot it at home.)
  23. Slappy you're still nuts but catching fish so I can't knock ya....Looks like my kayak is gonna see action before I thought. A freind of mine and his son went through the ice at a local pond last weekend (everyone made it out okay) and we have a salvage operation planned for his auger that's on the bottom.
  24. Slappy you're nuts! The Everglades look so much more inviting!!!
  25. I almost bought that rod a few weeks ago.Yes it was on clearance and that's what almost sold me and the fact that it was a "kayak" rod.Then I picked up an Ugly Stick Tiger-Lite and ended up putting the Quantum back.Don't like the fat grips on the Quantum.Oh, and I went with the Okuma ABF40 baitfeeder reel.Nice combo.