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  1. Well I missed this one but just checked out another show on Versus,"kayak angling challenge" or something to that effect. Pretty lame if you ask me,between one guy hooked up with a marlin and 3 others waiting around to get speared the show was real heavy on selling the sponsors. Unfortunately just like most fishing shows these days,a bunch of w.h.o.r.e.s. talking up the sponsors and not much substance.
  2. I'm in, Thanks!
  3. I'm in,Thank You!
  4. I'm in Thank You!
  5. I'm in! Thanks!
  6. I've been mugged/attempted mugged 3 times that I remember although never while fishing. First time was with a gun. I gave up everything immediately. Second time was in a less than sober moment while urinating in an alley. I got hit in the head with a brick,woke up with a bloody head,pee on my pants and pockets turned inside out. Third time was with a gun,broad daylight,cars going by and some people around. I pretty much smacked his hand out of my face,said "yeah right" and walked away. All happened in Chicago where I am originally from.
  7. my buddy's innovative way to take a nap while making sure his yak doesn't float away during an incoming tide! [img=' alt='700'>
  8. Well I was pretty excited about fishing today because I heard from 2 reliable sources that the Albies were going nuts off of Watch Hill yesterday. So I launched before dawn from the Barn and headed for what I thought was Napatree. I was halfway across the bay before I realized that my heading was for the high section of Sandy point,about the middle of the island. (gotta get a GPS!) So I changed my course and finally got to the vicinity of the pilings in a roundabout way. The tide had changed over an hour ago so it took me quite awhile to get there in my little trolling motor-powered yak. When I did get there the situation was just what I feared. When they say seas of one foot or less,it is almost never that at Napatree. More like steady 3 to 4 footers with 6 to 8 foot rollers breaking on the rocks and pilings. So I dilly-dallied around a little,drifting southwest of the point,trying to stay out of the big waves,hoping it will lay down,watching the birds,waiting for them to tell me something,biding my time as I talk myself into a bigger set of balls. Finally I said screw it and went for it. I made my heading for the red can,gotta take that turn around the point wide to stay out of the breakers. So I'm making head-way,getting the hang of gunning the motor up to the crest of the waves and throttling down the backsides. Not too bad. Sure I'm taking quite a few big ones over the bow that completely fill the cockpit with water but it's draining quickly so I'm fine. I'm trudging along and I look up and what do I see? Birds. LOTS OF BIRDS! They're going in the water and covering an area the size of a football field a little over a quarter mile southeast of the can. That's it,that's what I've been waiting for! So I gun the motor,no more throttling back on the downslope! I'm getting there,making good headway,about to over-take the can when something goes wrong. The tide was really ripping now and all of a sudden I'm getting sucked into the eddy behind the can. REAL FAST. All I see is this really big piece of steel getting way too close for comfort. I try to power out of it but nothing is happening. In a panic I pick up my paddle and get the hell out of there. In all honesty I was scared there for a minute. When I started paddling I even had my doubts that I was going to be able to get out of that and had a vision of the situation ending really badly. It wasn't until I was well clear of the hazard that my mind turned to trying to figure out what went wrong. There is ALOT of wood in the water,tree-sized wood. In my haste to get to the action I whacked something and broke the shear-pin in the prop. I had another pin with me but I would have to hit the beach to change it out. Basically by that point I had had enough and resolved to prepare myself for the roughly 3 mile paddle in. When I got to the launch and got ready to put the yak on the car I discovered that there was at least 5 gallons of water in the hull too. Also not good. Gotta figure out a way to seal that front hatch better.So that's the morning I had. No Albies for me. If anyone knows of a closer place to Watch Hill to launch a yak other than the Barn I'd love to hear about it. Maybe in R.I.? This is only the second time I've actually targeted Albies. Haven't caught one yet but after today they have become my "White Whale"!
  9. Looks like I might be fishing that area from a boat on Sunday so I will be able to get a better look/feel for the situation out there. What kinda sucks is just about everything I know,I've had to learn on my own by getting out there. I talk to guys (non-kayakers),ask them where I ought to be fishing and they rattle off spots like it ain't nothing for me to get out there. Then I look at a map and it looks doable but I get out there and it's another story. For instance,one guy I talk to seems to feel that fishing Bartlett's is feasible from a yak. The northern most tip maybe but the other end no way. There's just way too much open water to cover from the launch. For those of you that grew up fishing the ocean I'm jealous. The knowledge and experience you get from being taught at a young age by your fathers or uncles or whoever is invaluable. Wish I had it.
  10. Yeah,it was one of those "uh-oh" moments for sure. I know that it really only takes one of those to not return from a trip and consider myself pretty lucky. I guess I'm still a little naive as to what the ocean is capable of. Never even saw that coming. I thought as long as I stay in the yak I'm good but that can pitching and heaving in the waves not 10 feet from me made a pretty big impression. I grew up in Chicago and lived there all of my life until 3 1/2 years ago. Never even fished the salt until I moved here. So I definitely still got a lot of learning to do. Just have to try to not do the learning the hard way...............And thanks for the launch suggestions. Next time I'm out there I'm gonna have to drive past the Barn and do some looking around.
  11. I survived! I'm in! Thank You!
  12. At that rate you should have stayed out until you caught 144 fish. That way you would have had a nice stringer of 3 keepers to take home!
  13. I'm in! Thank You!
  14. Yer thinkin bout the jet ski now ain't ya?
  15. You want the Ugly Stick Tiger-Lite model. I think that is what mgib is referring too. It's a heavy saltwater rod,not the walmart variety Ugly Stick. I have 2 and 1 with a Shimano 3500 baitrunner on it. They're indestructible and a lot of people swear by them including myself.
  16. I own a Stealth. It's my 3rd season with it and I love the roominess and all of the available storage/bait tank,etc. I can also fish while standing on it in calm water. But it is a bit of work to paddle in anything less than ideal conditions.
  17. All right fellas here it is. I finally pulled the trigger on the Bass Yaks motor set up for my Malibu Stealth 12. I opted for the 40lb thrust motor and the motor lift kit (allows you to lift the motor from the cockpit) on the good advice of the owner/inventor. I originally purchased my kayak fully rigged from Steve in 2009. He gave me a great deal then and he gave me a great deal on the motor setup. My experiences in dealing with him have been nothing but positive and I highly recommend his shop and utilizing his services. He's not only a shop owner and a kayak salesman but he's also a die-hard fisherman. He knows his stuff and he also developed a great little motor set-up for kayaks. You can see more of his work and get more info at bass I took mine out for the first time yesterday and in what is now my third season with my yak I do not hesitate for one second to say that it was the most productive,care free day of fishing I've had on it. Having the motor allows me to fish the whole time and not only that but on fishy water. There is no putting down your rod to correct your position, there is no long paddle to "the spot",even better there is no long paddle back in. I fished Millstone on Sunday and fished right in the wash. That would have been impossible to do without the motor. Early morning there were bluefish breaking on bait. When they showed their selves I motored over there,made a cast and hooked up. When they showed up again somewhere else I motored over there and made a cast,hooked up again. I did that six times! In the past I'd see birds or fish or both and paddle over there only to be too late. The party was already over and it's been very frustrating. Whoever thought you could "run and gun" from a kayak? Now I'm just waiting for some albies to make an appearance! At one point I got a little too excited and motored right into them and sent em down. Yep, I couldn't believe I made a knucklehead move like that and I had to laugh at myself. I also got a 36" striper on the day a fluke and a couple of sea robins. The point is that the motor allows me to spend more time fishing and no time paddling. I bought the kayak as a fishing platform not because I like paddling and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. It allows me to fish in heavy tides,stronger wind than I could by paddling and not expend any energy doing it. And one of the best things is that when I've had enough and need to get back I'm back in no time flat. One of the major concerns with the trolling motors is run-time. Steve has been at this a long time and through trial and error has developed a great product and can counsel you on motor size,battery size etc. so you get maximum use/enjoyment out of your time on the water. And you know,there are a lot of people building their own setups that are based on the Bass Yaks setup and I even considered doing it myself. I don't deny that it can be done but for me personally it's worth a little extra money for the expertise of someone whose been building the better mouse trap for years rather than time spent figuring it out for myself. For the purists who will never motorize, I'll just say that you don't know what you're missing! And for anyone who is skeptical of my review I am not affiliated in any way,shape or form with Bass Yaks. I'm just a very happy customer.
  18. Looks great!
  19. A few answers. My steering cables come out of the exact area where my rudder cables would be if I had a rudder. I think that's generally what he does unless it is a kayak that doesn't have the option of a rudder kit. As far as installation goes. I don't know what he would charge for that normally. All I can say is that he gave me a very good deal on it. I don't know if it's because I purchased a kayak from him in the past or because he's a nice guy or both, Thanks again Steve if you see this! The flush mount extenders,get this,are pieces of cheap plastic shelving. They fit almost perfect and are lighter than PVC. I've broke one in 3 seasons. Not from a fish but from picking up the kayak from it. All it took to make them fit snug is a couple of wraps of electrical tape. A friend of mine copied them and bought the shelving kit at Wally World for less than ten bucks. They're very convenient. I lay my paddle across them,no need for a paddle holder or clip. And when fishing the river and I'm under over-hanging trees I take all of my rods down out of the holders,lay them between the extenders and can sneak in anywhere the vertical clearance is limited.
  20. The throttle control and kill switch are on the left side of the seat (on the right in the photo) and the motor lift handle is on the other side. You can see the knob for the throttle if you're looking for it but otherwise hard to see (7th photo from top). I have to admit that I cheated though. I had Steve do the install for me. I dropped the yak off on a Tuesday and he had it ready for me on Thursday. Post some pictures when you're finished as I'd like to see your rig too.
  21. You do have to scoot up quite a ways to get the rod out but the reason I put those in was because the flush mounts that came from the factory practically have your reels hanging in the water. NO GOOD!
  22. I don't know what the cruising speed is exactly as I don't have a GPS (yet). That is the next upgrade. I'm toying with the idea of a Hummingbird fishfinder/gps with the down scan. It really feels fast though. When I called it day the other day,by scaling it out on a map I figure I covered about a mile and a quarter in less than ten minutes in the top speed. I can't tell you how good that felt. There was a strong outgoing tide and a steady 15mph or better head wind. And let me tell you that the Stealth is a real boat,in anything less than ideal conditions it is a beast to paddle. I've been caught with my pants down more than once and it was no picnic. I bought a group 24 AGM sealed battery that weighs 54lbs. The extra weight does make the ride a little wetter but I am still (with all my gear) well under the weight capacity of the Stealth. I don't know what the maximum run-time is exactly yet but I fished for 6 hours and still had 50% of the battery left. I was conservative with it for the first half of the trip (no trolling) but when the tide slacked off I kicked it in and out of low speed to keep moving while jigging for fluke with one rod and drifting an eel with the other (very convenient). The second half of the trip I used the motor pretty much constantly while in heavy current. I'm pretty confident that I have enough juice for any fishing I'll be doing. And yeah I may still paddle occasionally when I feel like it. Kross if you ever feel like looking into it,it is worth talking to Steve. He has a metal shop in the back of the kayak store and he designs and fabricates mounting plates for just about every yak out there . JettyJunky I see you are from CT. You do have to register in this state and you also have to have the boating card. Registration cost me $7.50 and the card I already had. It was a 6 hour class but I forget how much it cost. They have the classes at Cabela's on weekends all the time...............Okay so here's the pictures that everyone's been asking for. Enjoy! [img=][img=][img=][img=]
  23. Yeah,I was itchin to fish so bad I didn't bother to take any pics of the set up yet. I'll try to do that when I get home from work this afternoon. And Kross, if you're the guy whose got that super sleek South African yak you ain't gonna need no motor!
  24. the stealth is 33" wide, earlier today