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  1. Any chance you can PM me the details of where and cost?..........Been contemplating/looking at doing the same thing but rather not have the boat in the water 24-7. Thanks!
  2. This season will be my fourth with a set of Innos. No complaints or problems, like the previous poster, they're custom fit for my car and just about half the price of the two popular options. Highly recommend.
  3. Homemade pool noodle handlines. Got the idea from a youtube video but he used hooks. Purchased a 12" x 12" x 1/8" piece of lead and cut it into strips that weigh roughly 2 1/4 oz. Wrap around the chicken and it holds bottom. The pieces of green tape are set at about 28' and I have a piece of tape on my net at the same depth so I can net crabs blind in murky water. The rubber bands are to set depth. Just find a crabby area and carpet bomb it with pool noodles, go back and get your crab. Depending on how good the crabbing is, about a dozen buoys is all you'll be able to manage. Take too long to go back through them and they'll just pick you clean. Good luck!.......................I do put crab in the well pictured (risky business!) and in a cooler behind me. Looking at something to tow this season so I can increase my take. Right now I think I max out at about 40 or 50 crab. Plenty of crab for 4 or 5 people but I'd like to throw a good sized party this season in the yard with kayak caught crab.
  4. All over it, Thank you!
  5. I am also going to give spring blackfish a try. Last fall was the first time I targeted them and I had a blast. A couple of questions. 1. Is water temp going to be a big deal? I was really doing well in the fall when the water was 55 degrees, definitely not going to see those temps this April. 2. Will the fish be in the same pattern as they were in November, (i.e., on the same shallow rocks and reefs)? Deeper below 50 degrees? Thanks.
  6. Have had the GTS Expedition for 4 years, butt gets sore after 6 hours. Been meaning to try a seat pad but never got around to it.
  7. Been kayaking 4 full seasons now. Lost two rods/reels in the drink, (also a camera and drowned a camera in a hatch that was supposed to be water tight). I know I'm going to get flack for this but I fish Okuma Baitfeeders almost exclusively. Very inexpensive, work fine for me. Drags good enough for 20lb+ Stripers, 10lb Blues and 8lb Tog. ABF30's, 40's and 50's. They cast a mile with decent braid on them. Yes the Avenger models. I don't tear them down, a basic lube every now and then and a wash after every use. Life expectancy 2-3 years getting dunked often and occasional sand while fishing from the beach. Purchased two more a couple of months ago from an online tackle store in Michigan, just over 70 bucks shipped. Plus they all come with an extra spool so since I've been fishing these awhile and have replaced a couple I have plenty of spare spools with line on them for exactly what I'm doing. Retail at the bigger stores is closer to $50 or more a piece. They're disposable so I don't have to sweat a dunking or a mishap and I'm always fishing a pretty new and always smooth reel. Also have a 3500B Shimano that has been pretty good to me.
  8. CT resident here, living vicariously through you guys. Got down there for the first time last summer and had a blast. Stayed in OC. I'm done for the season and awaiting the spring run in the CT River. Quick question for RJ. Most "experts" maintain that stripers do not spawn in the CT River yet myself and others have seen/caught bass 4"-10" in the summer while targeting white perch. I believe that they do spawn here but maybe it's not in significant numbers? Is there any other reason bass of that size would be in our river? Do you have any info on studies done on the CT River population? Thank you in advance, really appreciate all of the knowledge you so freely share.
  9. Sunday, post Sandy.
  10. From the album Let's see your catches

  11. From the album Let's see your catches

  12. Bluefish are cool!...........................not to mention delicious!
  13. You've been busy!...........................Looks good!
  14. Hey fellas. I have use of a condo in Brick (near Point Pleasant) from Aug 17-22. I have never fished Jersey and since this is going to be the only vacation I can afford to take this year I'm really hoping to be able to make the most of it. A couple of things I'm looking for is a fishing friendly beach that won't be crowded (does it exist?) and maybe a safe (dry and flat on top) jetty that I can bring the wife out on. I fish all species but am unfamiliar with some that yous have down there (weakies,black drum,shark!,etc.,would really like to hook into a big drum if possible.they look strong!) I will also be renting a small boat for a day for crabbing and maybe fishing the backside. Any tips to point me in the right direction as far as species available,tactics and general location would be very much appreciated. PM's would be awesome......................Thanks in advance.-Everett
  15. Okay,beaches early and late,Manasquan Inlet,IBSP and definitely gonna try for a shark a couple of nights. I'm pretty much set. Just have a couple of more questions are gorilla blues around and can they be had from the beaches? And do you guys get the albies and bones from the beaches there? Also a starting point for shark fishing would be great. Inlet/breachway or beach? Sorry for all the questions,only been on the east coast for a few years now,never been to Jersey. All the info from everyone is much appreciated,Thank You!
  16. bad news then on the beaches and jetties,huh?...........supposed to be spending time with the old lady but want to fish too..................................hoping for a location where she can sit out in the sun while I fish.........................appreciate the heads up though,thank you.
  17. Okay,so I was messin' around throwing metals at some small blues that were surfacing on a break while I was flukin. I've been wanting to try to eat one for a couple of years now as the reports I hear from people I know and don't know are conflicting. So I kept a 2lber,bled and filleted it immediately after catching it and put it on ice. Took it home,cut it in small chunks,soaked in milk for about an hour,breaded it,fried it and you know what? I FREAKIN LOVE IT! IT'S DELICIOUS! I also baked a fluke the same night and you know it's still sitting in the fridge headed for the trash. I ate some but it was mush and has no flavor. Looks like from here on out either my fishin' buddies or neighbors are getting the fluke or they're going back in the drink. LONG LIVE THE BLUEFISH!
  18. Just saw the bass fishing episode filmed in Texas................BORING!...............Just another infomercial masquerading as a fishing show. The only value I see in these new kayak fishing shows is that it may introduce the sport to the novice who might like to try it. But frankly I don't care if my preferred method of fishing is popular and actually may prefer that it is not..............Seriously,does anyone whose been fishing from a yak for more than a couple of years find this stuff educational? Other than the novelty of seeing yak fishing on TV it's completely worthless in my opinion.
  19. Strapped/hoisted where the scuppers are at for the winter in a cold garage won't hurt it. No warping on mine. Summertime could be a different story.
  20. How much ya want for the Coleman?