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  1. Still is biodegradable? Stainless not so much?
  2. You missed nothing, it’s been moved to March? I think is what I Hurd on the radio this am.
  3. I won’t miss it as I haven’t fished there in 7 years or more, more of a walk in crowd the last couple years that I would see there, I used to see Riptide Robert there pretty offen woulder what he’s up to these days... over all all though the fishing has stunk there and the whole river in the spring the ast few years do to the lack of harring the last few years....
  4. I haven’t been able to find past years data... if you or someone else finds it I would love to see it. The numbers on the harring in the Saco are discussing
  5. I had this week off from work and had planned to catch as many strippers I mean stripers as possible but with the rougher seas myself, the buzzard and a member formerly know as clumsy lover (can’t think of what it is now because you don’t post!) headed to the green mountain state to catch some pike on Lake Champlain. We were exstremly luck to have Starship not just point us on the right path but jump in the boat with us for the am. With alote of coaching on all things but mostly the speed I ran the trolling motor at (to slow ). We were catching fish by the time we rounded the point, with 4 of us in Buzzards boat there wasn’t alote of down time between hook ups I honestly lost count of the fish caught that day but it was alote of fun. Heres a few pics of a a few of the fish we caught. @Starship thanks man you need to come to Maine next june/July and catch some stripers. 4E20B76A-A655-4FEC-9BEB-8A9A206AA126.MOV
  6. You out on the point casting your arm off by now I would of thought . If there’s a chance you can make it you have my number.
  7. Bump anyone else able to make it tomorrow?
  8. I think I have sent the location to everyone, if you didn’t get a pm from me please send me one or post here. See you Saturday
  9. Any size to the fish?
  10. That’s ok I was one in your neck of the woods last weekend with the buzzard. Catching pike on Lake Champlain. Might be back soon it was a blast! Well let you know next time Incase you have a afternoon or morning you could join us.
  11. I hope it works. For the record I had to google both those names, not sure if this is a good thing or not??? Probably fairs better for my fishing than cooking.... Sorry someday it we’ll work...
  12. One week passed mid September, hopefully your plans got pushed back a weekend
  13. @blacklabnh I had to google shearwaters and found: shearwater eat fish, squid, krill, and offalfrom fishing vessels taken from the surface and by diving. Birds frequently plunge or dive for food to depths averaging 16 m, and have been recorded swimming to depths of over 60m you usually find them on? And only offshore? thanks
  14. I don’t fish or live in nh, the best advice I can give is to meet some of us and ask all the questions you can think of.
  15. Sounds like a handful of us can do the 22nd. Lets plan on it! some details lets plan on 10:30 am people start showing up in Saco. This gives anyone time to fish that am. (Just say your in and I well pm you the address as it gets closer) I well have the grill ready to go, if your able and welling bring a dish to share or something for the grill. I have folding tables and folding chair (probably enough chairs) power and cords should you need to plug in something. New this year year if you want in on it, bring a new plug you have had luck on this year it could’ve anything, personally I am hoping to see something I don’t have something I don’t use. everyone that brings a plug well pick a number out of a hat, we well each pick a pug in the order draw. Who else can make it? This is a good event for new people looking to learn.