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  1. Customer’s baseboard, not mine
  2. Sunset last Sunday, walking off the ice after only catching some pice of mind.
  3. it’s been cold…
  4. Had some tasty crappie the outer night, personally I can’t wait to get some more.
  5. Is this your way of letting us know you were the winner?
  6. Southern Maine, first new moon of June should be in the thick of it.
  7. I did see the sunrise Sunday, and I thought it was a great day to be fishing
  8. Carl thanks for sharing your story. I don't believe i ever met renegade but he sounds like so many I have met from sol. I am glad your wife encourage you to go to that sol gathering years ago or I might never of met you at another. Take care, Tobias
  9. am I the only one that is more interested in what shirt Jim is sporting this year then the fish he's catching.... j/king looks like a nice evening
  10. I am with you on the blue label, probably over kill but I have confidence in it. picked up some pink label a few years back at a discount store and didn't like the way it held knots.
  11. It pays to shop around, there's one that's out my way 3.98.... there was a article in the paper a month back where are they interviewed the gas station owner you said he's making between 10 and $.15 per gallon witch is kinda standard (I think don't really know). But the real question is when I go somewhere else and pay 4.80 are they making 80 cents or more a gallon off me?
  12. My guess is chubby needlefish but if you can make it walk the dog I am wrong...
  13. Also some were on via phone call so I am not sure they could participate in the poll. bottom line, 80 people is nothing should of been 1000+. I was talking with a friend today about the meeting (he didn't attend technical difficulties I guess) but we got on the subject of why don't the local tackle shops promote the meetings ? Although maybe the number of participants isn't as important as I think.. I found the way they explained it helpful with the slides walking though it.
  14. Do much tuna fishing?