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  1. 26-29” I personally wouldn’t want to eat one bigger
  2. jake 8” in black perch was responsible for Terry’s 45” and my 38” musky note the small 1/4oz Weight added to the front hook helped this lure dive faster when casting and gave it a nice rattle.
  3. GPS says 5hours 45 minutes from my door in Saco without stopping...... and without towing a boat... definitely not a day trip but it’s s nice area reminds me of Vt just swap the potato fields for jerseys.
  4. We’re going to be visiting a puddle over your way soon ish sep for sure we’ll try to give you a heads up Incase your able to meet up for a beer or fish a bit.
  5. Yep buzzard, Sks and Clumsy...... can’t remember his name........
  6. Myself and a few outer members took a ride up north last Saturday and fish the Saint John and Glazer lake for musky. Well the fishing was slow (possibly not slow in true musky terms) We had a really good time in part because of a local guide up that that was vary helpful Del from musky connections. Highly recommend. Below Is a video I made of the trip hopefully you enjoy
  7. Agreed x100 (although I don’t have 4 decades to compare to I think this is vary key to are whole season..... If not for the 45” I got a few weeks back I might have wrote this season off completely, few 30” but mostly smaller
  8. If you think he should be I hope you get in-line your self, since you couldn’t just put a link to it you went out of your way to paste the hole thing here. Fly on the bottom ..... I wouldn’t of guessed on a spinning reel.
  9. CB2675D5-AE42-494E-B11B-D3F633B6E482.MOV
  10. I think @sks has done that a couple time he might have some info.
  11. Hmm maybe this is why there looking to change the laws up and down the coast....
  12. Federal mandate, if the state didn’t do they would of then it would of been 25$ Or more and the money’s would of gone out of state
  13. Haven’t see the river thick with herring since 2015.... hopefully this year is different but I wouldn’t count on it yet.
  14. Still is biodegradable? Stainless not so much?
  15. You missed nothing, it’s been moved to March? I think is what I Hurd on the radio this am.