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  1. Fireball just surpassed Allen's Coffee Brandy as the #1 seller in Maine. The state also just added a 5 cent redeemable tax on the nips for that exact reason, I don't see too many nips now. Heck Hannafords sells 20ct buckets of them right by the registers for $20
  2. One of the first few episodes, the yellow boat was weighing fish and they said something like 2000 lbs and 55 oz??? 16oz in a lb..... I like longliners and cold water cowboys better
  3. This morning I was fishing in a fairly unfamiliar pond in southern Maine. (Fished this pond once last summer) I was throwing a Berkeley havoc 4" smash tube with a 1/4oz steel bullet weight in front, not pegged. Now, I very rarely if at all throw tubes but couldn't help but notice the half dozen largemouth I caught were bigger fish 2+ lbs So my question is: do tubes in general or specifically big tubes catch bigger fish Or was it the action of the bait? Lost a monster, easy 5+ hit the tube and launched straight up like a missle, threw the hook.
  4. Anyone seeing mackerel in close yet? I was at a POPular beach fort this morning. Bird's were working over something breaking offshore around the corner, but I couldn't tell what it was.
  5. I grew up with and apart from one of those guys, good guy. Unfortunate ending for a serious outdoorsman.
  6. I have my Associates in Environmental Engineering Technology. I am a commercial oysterman, I've been at it for 5 years now. It's relatively safe compared to other fisheries and it's a rapidly expanding industry. Did I need school for it? No, but it did help me with some aspects of the job such as the seed end of it. I was on Cape Cod working for a successful, well established farm. Now I am working for a similar farm in Maine. If you can get into a larger operation instead of a weekend warrior operation you will make money. But I will say I do not do it 100% for the money, I love the work and I love being on the water. Money management goes a long way with this sort of career, if you are a big spender get a different job. Side note: My origin plan was to get into an EPO position but being color blind I couldn't.
  7. Stop into O'Neills in Killarney for tackle! Killarney is a fun town Are you driving around or is it a tour? Check out Cobh if you get a chance.
  8. Word on the water is that there are squid around the south side of the Cape. But that was from a squid buyer. Anyone jig any up yet?
  9. Pm sent
  10. Hey Maine! I moved to Brunswick (right by the college) from Cape Cod in mid March. I work on an oyster farm in Damariscotta. I worked with oysters on the Cape for 5 years, just wanted a change of scenery and well my girlfriend is from Woolwich so I guess that's another reason haha. Anyways I was born and raised on freshwater in CT and can't wait to get back into it! There were way too many SW options on the Cape to get into FW. If anyone wants to get together to fish some time, I am dying to get out. Trout, smallies, and pike are priority for me. Andy
  11. Driving home from work around 1pm from Barnstable to Wareham was complete whiteout conditions. Everything disappeared a few times, took over an hour to get home What's up with everyone driving without headlights on during a whiteout?
  12. Not sure about the fall bite, but the spring fish love green crippled herring
  13. Direction of the split ring, I had that happen before.
  14. What the boat? Or the black blob? Guy didnt want to be photographed.
  15. This was this morning in Barnstable Harbor, got on the mooring just as the sky opened up. We had blue bird skies in front of us.