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  1. Quote:

    Originally Posted by Firinne View Post

    Thur Sep 13 8:20 PM


    Chicago at Green Bay


    Sun Sep 16 1:00 PM


    Tampa Bay at NYG

    Arizona at NE

    Minn at Indy

    New Orleans at Carolina

    KC at Buffalo

    Baltimore at Philly

    Oakland at Miami

    Cleveland at Cinn

    Houston at Jacksonville

    4:05 PM

    Dallas at Seattle

    Wash at St Louis

    NYJ at Pitt

    Tenn at Dan Diego

    8:20 PM

    Detroit at San Francisco


    Mon Sep 17 8:35 PM

    Denver at Atlanta




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    FNM Giants

    Lauranyyfan New Orleans

    Lauranyyfan2 Green Bay

    BigDogStriper New Orleans


  2. Quote:

    Originally Posted by biggstriper View Post

    I am an avowed NY Mets fan but since the Wilpons have bungled up the franchise (i.e. FUBAR) I am forced to get behind another team for the playoffs.

    I tend to go for the underdog and it looks like the Phillies are it this year.

    It's not far-fetched cause the Phillies are loaded with the best pitching in baseball and have missed thier star hitters almost all season but now they're back and getting into thier groove.

    I say the Phillies may be in line for another World Series ring.

    I love watching the "experts" write them off on tv and a lot of the fans as well.

    Remember- you heard it here first.

    I have spoken!

    Sounds good to me.Lot of people have written them off,as far as the playoffs are concernned,I say GO PHILS.


    1. CQ-p- TEXANS

    2. Jimmy1956-p TEXANS

    3. LBI SurfRat-p

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    19. WetSideShawn

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    22. striperking70-pTEXAN

    23. Robraz TEXANS

    24. chunk- TEXANS