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  1. The U.S. Marine Corps will celebrate its 242nd birthday on Nov. 10 Semper Fi To all my brothers.
  2. Selling this Sospender Manual life jacket,with safety knife. $55.00 plus shipping.
  3. Select a Delivery Option Expected Delivery Day Retail Click-N-Ship® Normal Delivery Time Tue, Oct 17 $11.65
  4. Don't run the beach anymore,so selling this kit. $35.00 plus shipping
  5. Ok hydraman,pm me your info,and I will get the shipping cost,paypal would be good if you have it. Thank You
  6. Do you have paypal?

  7. Message sent.
  8. Have had this for a while,and never used it. $80.00
  9. I'm in, thanks!
  10. Anyone know if Mako used foam in thier in 1999 hulls?
  11. I cook the seven fish feast on Christmas Eve.Anyone else do the feast? This is my favorite holiday dinner of all,can't wait.
  12. The truth is.You can't stop a nut who is willing to give up thier life, to do their evil act.
  13. "WOW" who needs Jerry Springer with stories like this.
  14. Tim, Good to hear you guys are OK.After all like you said it's just stuff,God bless you and yours. Joe
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by jmlandru Now its a tropical storm. And I bought all this milk and bread?!?!? Look at the bright side.You can make a lot of french toast.
  16. left-to-right: .410, 28ga, 20ga, 12ga
  17. KILZ Max Interior Primer Sealer Stainblocker
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by Firinne Thur Sep 13 8:20 PM Chicago at Green Bay Sun Sep 16 1:00 PM Tampa Bay at NYG Arizona at NE Minn at Indy New Orleans at Carolina KC at Buffalo Baltimore at Philly Oakland at Miami Cleveland at Cinn Houston at Jacksonville 4:05 PM Dallas at Seattle Wash at St Louis NYJ at Pitt Tenn at Dan Diego 8:20 PM Detroit at San Francisco Mon Sep 17 8:35 PM Denver at Atlanta In 1. CQ-p- TEXANS 2. Jimmy1956-p TEXANS 3. LBI SurfRat-p EAGLES 4. Cabbage head-p BEARS 5. EaglesDare-p LIONS 6. Firrine-p TEXANS 7. MikeMunn-p TEXANSI 8. Possum-p TEXANS 9. north-shore fisha- HOUSTON 10. joeturse-p EAGLES, PATRIOTS 11. BrokenHook-p BEARS, PATRIOTS 12. stryperStalker-p EAGLES 13. Glub-p Eagles 14. Glub1-p Bears 15. shibai44-p Baltimore 16. gobigblue-p DETROIT 17. striperking70-pTEXAN 18. Robraz TEXANS 19. chunk- TEXANS Outs FNM Giants Lauranyyfan New Orleans Lauranyyfan2 Green Bay BigDogStriper New Orleans WetSideShawn
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by biggstriper I am an avowed NY Mets fan but since the Wilpons have bungled up the franchise (i.e. FUBAR) I am forced to get behind another team for the playoffs. I tend to go for the underdog and it looks like the Phillies are it this year. It's not far-fetched cause the Phillies are loaded with the best pitching in baseball and have missed thier star hitters almost all season but now they're back and getting into thier groove. I say the Phillies may be in line for another World Series ring. I love watching the "experts" write them off on tv and a lot of the fans as well. Remember- you heard it here first. I have spoken! Sounds good to me.Lot of people have written them off,as far as the playoffs are concernned,I say GO PHILS.
  20. First time I picked the Eagles on a pool,and I almost paid for it.
  21. 1. CQ-p- TEXANS 2. Jimmy1956-p TEXANS 3. LBI SurfRat-p 4. Cabbage head-p 5. FNM-p GIANTS 6. EaglesDare-p LIONS 7. Firrine-p TEXANS 8. MikeMunn-p TEXANSI 9. BigDogStriper NEW ORLEANS 10. Possum-p TEXANS 11. north-shore fisha- HOUSTON 12. Lauranyyfan- NEW ORLEANS 13. Lauranyyfan2-GREEN BAY 14. joeturse-p EAGLES 15. BrokenHook-p BEARS 16. stryperStalker-p 17. Glub-p Eagles 18. Glub1-p Bears 19. WetSideShawn 20. shibai44-p 21. gobigblue-p DETROIT 22. striperking70-pTEXAN 23. Robraz TEXANS 24. chunk- TEXANS
  22. I'm in.
  23. Had knee surgery a few weeks ago,and had the same problem.All the pain killers they give you seem to cause the problem.Metamucil helped me,but the first bowel movement is hard anyway. Good luck to you,I know what you are going thru.