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  1. The U.S. Marine Corps will celebrate its 242nd birthday on Nov. 10 Semper Fi To all my brothers.
  2. Select a Delivery Option Expected Delivery Day Retail Click-N-Ship® Normal Delivery Time Tue, Oct 17 $11.65
  3. Ok hydraman,pm me your info,and I will get the shipping cost,paypal would be good if you have it. Thank You
  4. Do you have paypal?

  5. Selling this Sospender Manual life jacket,with safety knife. $55.00 plus shipping.
  6. Don't run the beach anymore,so selling this kit. $35.00 plus shipping
  7. Message sent.
  8. Have had this for a while,and never used it. $80.00
  9. I'm in, thanks!
  10. Anyone know if Mako used foam in thier in 1999 hulls?
  11. The truth is.You can't stop a nut who is willing to give up thier life, to do their evil act.
  12. I cook the seven fish feast on Christmas Eve.Anyone else do the feast? This is my favorite holiday dinner of all,can't wait.
  13. "WOW" who needs Jerry Springer with stories like this.