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  1. My $.02, putting magnets in an old abu is fun, but there are a lot of decent options for an inexpensive low profile bass reel. I suspect even after your successful installation of magnets it would be more fun to flick a light bait out with a decent LMB specific reel than the Abu round reel. Once suggestion is the abu silver max reel. It is inexpensive, casts well, and has a strong drag(we are talking about LMB). You can buy a decent combo at the big box store for about $70 or $80. If you wanted to spend a more, the curado's and tatulas are worth every penny. I have the older DC's(whine is addictive), Curado 200e's (bullet proof and reason why I don't use the DC)and the Lews BB1NG (great for cranks) but I always seem to gravitate to the smaller profile low profile baitcaster like the curado 50e, 70 and the sv tatula. The casting and control of a nicely set up baitcast rig is addictive! Tight Lines, Bruce
  2. BB Now that I know about the FG knot it seems reasonable to use a heavy leader. I have some 80# flouro, I am glad to finally get a chance to use it. You are absolutely right about just needing to get out instead of being so picky about my days.
  3. I appreciate the input and will DEFINITELY start using the FG knot. The lures everyone has mentioned are all doable and within budget! The Storm Flatstick is a great start and I see they make a smaller jointed version. The bucktail I have is black with reddish blades so I will get another and mix it up. The savage thru line looks cool and can also be added to the arsenal. Thanks for the information, I can't believe I didn't know about the FG knot! Hopefully I can get out on the water soon because I can only spend so many hours organizing crap and tying ugly flies(which never get used). Tight Lines!
  4. A local lake has a decent population of extremely elusive muskie hybrids. I have a couple of curado 300's and a couple of muskie rods but I am short on lures and knowledge. I have a big double bucktail, a huge spinnerbait, a large glide bait and a savage alien eel (looks to be a bulldawg clone) as well as a small collection of saltwater plugs. Would love some recommendations on "must have" lures. I haven't been bitten by the muskie bug but it would probably take only a single bite or a very serious follow for it to happen. As a follow on, I figure I could line the reels with 65# braid but how long and heavy of a mono leader do you guys recommend? I have read about people using 50# and higher for a leader but won't the big uni-knot inhibit casting? Thank you Bruce
  5. I hope you get a chance to really test the drag! Tight Lines, Bruce
  6. Sounds good, I will shoot you a PM to get details. Thank you Tim and SOL
  7. I have received an inquiry regarding the reel and yes it is still available. Price is still $275 and how about we split shipping since I like to insure and have a signature. I will only ship to the lower 50. Thank you
  8. Pigskin Thanks for your patience, I think the 70 is going to work out. I really want you NIB 50e but I don't NEED another 50e so I have to pass. Tight lines Bruce
  9. Get back to you on Monday if that works for you.
  10. It looks like that kid is going to head butt the blade point, scary as hell. Opposite of the cut away from yourself rule.
  11. Pigskin, I am interested but you are killing me and putting my marriage in some serious jeopardy! I have already ordered a couple of reels. Let me see what I can do. Is there anything you want in trade or partial trade? I have a NIB Big Game CT 6500, Shimano Stradic 8000FI. How about getting someone to buy my torque 100? Bruce
  12. Closing her up. Thank you
  13. I love my daiwa jupiter FW casting rods, picked them up for under $20 and they get used as often as the Loomis and Croix rods.
  14. Ridiculously awesome!
  15. Pregame bump