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  1. I have a couple of 200e's if you are interested.
  2. Would you consider $175?
  3. Any interest in a trade +/- some money to offset the difference? I have a NIB Abu big game, Shimano Calcutta 700, Curado 200e. thanks Bruce
  4. I have a Calcutta 700 BSV in really great condition for $125 and add $10 for shipping.
  5. Looking for a spinning or conventional rod? Thanks Bruce
  6. If you will take $100 via PayPal for the Curado, I'll take it. thanks Bruce
  7. Consider trading the curado for a Calcutta 700 BSV?
  8. Locking her up. Thank you stripersonline and Tim!
  9. Hello Chris, If you want the Calcutta I can do $125 plus $10 to ship to NC. Tell me if you want to make this happen. Thanks Bruce
  10. Abu sold to Mikeinri, payment pending.
  11. Chris, Had not thought about selling, let me see if anything comes up and get back to you. Thank you Bruce
  12. Mike, Found the double paddle handle and will send it. Thank you Bruce
  13. Mikeinri-I may also have the standard double paddle handle, if interested we can do $70 and it is yours. I would of course provide tracking. Chris-Specifications are what I am looking for but I already have the LLBean rod and I am looking for something different. Thank you Bruce
  14. Mikeinri, I want to make a deal but I am gonna need $75 shipped.
  15. LBI SurfRat, Custom plugs are absolutely cool, unfortunately I haven't had much time to fish the surf. Thank you, Bruce