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  1. As someone said earlier, sometimes it doesn’t matter which ones you use, but other times, they want that Senko.
  2. Repel has been awesome for me. It is the only thing I use nowadays.
  3. I have one which is like new with box, I have only used it a couple of times. How about $95 shipped?
  4. Avet SX magic cast?
  5. What is your budget? I some New/Like new combos I would part with.
  6. I fish the Potomac and local waters around northern Virginia. I am not sure if it is just where I fish, but it seems like the snakehead population has tapered off. Several years ago I used to catch larger fish with more frequency. Last year I only caught about a dozen with the largest being under 5 pounds. The fight varies so much from fish to fish, but the best part of snakehead fishing is definitely the violence of the strike. Ferocious, pull the rod out of your hands, strikes. If you are lucky they will make multiple leaps and runs, if you aren't they will come to the boat like a log and blow up right at the boat when you are trying to get the boga in their mouth. I usually catch mine on the edge of grass mats with either a spinnerbait or hollow body frog. It is a PITA getting your lure back, their mouths clamp down and won't open. Makes it really hard to get a boga in their mouth. Just talking about it makes me itch to fish. Tight Lines Bruce
  7. Gentlemen, I the rods look great and the price is fair but I am going to buy a new rod(s). Thank you, Tight lines
  8. Ddddodc, I am very interested, let me see what MTL50 is offering. I will get back to you ASAP. thanks Bruce
  9. MTL50 and ddddodc, Ok sounds good, please include a price. I have been getting the itch to buy new and almost pulled the trigger last night. I am not limited to Medium and will consider MH, it just depends on the manufacturer. A MH St. Croix seems a lot more heavy than a Daiwa medium heavy. I will just have to exhibit some self control, LOL.
  10. Trying to decide between the a St Croix Mojo versus Daiwa Tatula. I currently have some St. Croix and they are nice and light but I find them to be a little stiff. I own some value Daiwa's but they are a little heavy. I will be using it with a Curado 70, for tossing some squarebills and chatterbaits. I would love some opinions from someone who has both. Thanks Bruce
  11. Looking to add a rod to match up with a Curado 70. Ratings are different amongst manufacturers but I am looking for a medium power rod with a fast action which will load with a typical 3/8 spinnerbait or square bill. Ideally the rod will be between 6'8" and 7'4" in length. I will consider gloomis, daiwa, st croix or comparable. I am not interested in any glass rods and my budget is $150 max. Please include shipping to zip 22015 in your price.
  12. Perhaps I am doing it wrong but I use whatever mono I have around as backing and leave enough space for about 75 yards of 20 # braid and use a multitude of different leaders depending on what I am throwing. I have tried lighter braid but I run my reels a little loose and hate losing lures because of a backlash. Good luck!
  13. Fish Bucket, It would take $50, shipping included. Bruce