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  1. Looking for a spinning or conventional rod? Thanks Bruce
  2. If you will take $100 via PayPal for the Curado, I'll take it. thanks Bruce
  3. Consider trading the curado for a Calcutta 700 BSV?
  4. Locking her up. Thank you stripersonline and Tim!
  5. Hello Chris, If you want the Calcutta I can do $125 plus $10 to ship to NC. Tell me if you want to make this happen. Thanks Bruce
  6. Abu sold to Mikeinri, payment pending.
  7. Chris, Had not thought about selling, let me see if anything comes up and get back to you. Thank you Bruce
  8. Mike, Found the double paddle handle and will send it. Thank you Bruce
  9. Mikeinri-I may also have the standard double paddle handle, if interested we can do $70 and it is yours. I would of course provide tracking. Chris-Specifications are what I am looking for but I already have the LLBean rod and I am looking for something different. Thank you Bruce
  10. Mikeinri, I want to make a deal but I am gonna need $75 shipped.
  11. LBI SurfRat, Custom plugs are absolutely cool, unfortunately I haven't had much time to fish the surf. Thank you, Bruce
  12. Looking to recycle some reels in really excellent condition. I just don't use these guys and I hope someone else will. I would be interested in trading for: Travel spinning rated for 8-12# test Color fish finder like a Garmin 4+ Spinning reel, like a Shimano 1000 or 5000, or Daiwa Shimano or Daiwa small low profile baitcast reel 6 weight fly rod Something else cool Thanks Bruce
  13. Planning to hit the water this weekend. I currently have 65 # braid running line using an FG knot tied to a 60# flour leader and a sampo heavy duty ball bearing snap swivel. Seems like this is the best of both worlds. The only issue is the heavy duolock throws off the action of lighter lures. The biggest issue is that I broke my right thumb 3 weeks ago so casting is problematic. Actually buttoning buttons is also problematic. Perhaps it will be time for some trolling. Thanks for all of the info! Bruce
  14. My $.02, putting magnets in an old abu is fun, but there are a lot of decent options for an inexpensive low profile bass reel. I suspect even after your successful installation of magnets it would be more fun to flick a light bait out with a decent LMB specific reel than the Abu round reel. Once suggestion is the abu silver max reel. It is inexpensive, casts well, and has a strong drag(we are talking about LMB). You can buy a decent combo at the big box store for about $70 or $80. If you wanted to spend a more, the curado's and tatulas are worth every penny. I have the older DC's(whine is addictive), Curado 200e's (bullet proof and reason why I don't use the DC)and the Lews BB1NG (great for cranks) but I always seem to gravitate to the smaller profile low profile baitcaster like the curado 50e, 70 and the sv tatula. The casting and control of a nicely set up baitcast rig is addictive! Tight Lines, Bruce