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  1. Yes, to be visible to me as I work it. It's tough to pick them out in rough surf sometimes, esp. at dawn. And some surface plugs I like to fish subsurface at times, sinking Little Neck say, or the small Howdy.
  2. Thanks to all for your replies. Appreciate the input.
  3. OOPS. Make that Labor Day
  4. Will be up in Gloucester Memorial Labor Day weekend. Plan to fish the beach and rocks a few times. Would like to know what bait is around to help in packing my surf bag. Not asking for a spot burn--I know where I'll fish, all walking distance from where we stay. I see by other posts the bunker have been thick on North Shore. Anything else around? Any particular plugs been working lately? (And why is it that I never see folks up there fishing pencils when the bunker sorry, Pogies, are around?) Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
  5. I have way too many plugs for a guy who hasn't fished in two years. Will send you some pics tomorrow. Thanks for all your work on these every year.
  6. I'll give.
  7. I've got one for you. Soccer and fishing all weekend, so may not get to dig it out till Sunday night. If you don't hear from me by Monday, shoot me a PM reminder pls.
  8. Here's a little debate from the last time NY tried to pull this crap: http://www.stripersonline.com/t/632867/please-read-fluke-regulations-in-ny I thought this summed it up pretty well, from Vinneb: Absolutely. And for me, this falls squarely within the category of "Be careful what you wish for." A coastwide quota system is great when you're the state creating the overages - only it's not fair to the other states that aren't overfishing their quota on an annual basis. So if you create this precedent, what's to stop other states from increasing their take to claim their piece of the pie? What if stripers were managed this way & all the southern states were catching an inordinate portion of the quota every year, effectively shutting down the fishery for everyone in the Northeast? What kind of outcry do you think there would be at that point? Be very careful what you wish for.
  9. If I recall correctly, NY is paying the price for repeatedly overfishing their quota. It's not surprising that they would like to have us share in their pain. We should tell them to go pound salt.
  10. The three best baits for the Gulf are shrimp, shrimp and shrimp, preferably live.
  11. Merry Christmas to all.
  12. Gotta be in for 200. I'll give.
  13. I'm in, thx. Merry Christmas!
  14. Congrats Jim! Very glad to hear it.
  15. I'll give.