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  1. There is a good option in Bear DE close to Lums Pond. Have used Gary for many repairs over the years & he is a good guy. Gary's Custom Rods-Building/Repair 1735 Red Lion Road Bear,DE 19702 302-834-4808
  2. Took a drive down to Wye Island a few days ago. Got small croakers on fishbites. Beautiful 2800 acre island on the Wye River managed for agricultural waterfowl and native wildlife.Interesting history & was saved from development in the 1970's. Nice place to go fishing,bike riding or take a hike with miles dirt roads,trails leading to old growth trees and a new nice kayak launch. Dog friendly,isolated and free.
  3. Your chances to catch a fish will increase if you hold your pole and not cast it out and stick it in a sand spike. Especially when the bite is light.
  4. My dad would would use regular old salt between the pavers.Will kill the weeds just not long term.
  5. Used to catch flounder in the Lewes canal drifting in a rowboat. A kayak would be perfect to use if you timed the tide right. Early in the mornings, before the boat traffic picked up, generally worked best though. I would drag a minnow/squid on a 'spec rig'. Your in a great spot being in Bethany to access a bunch of areas especially with a kayak. Seems like fishing is supposedly always better somewhere else, generally South of no matter were your at. Good Luck.
  6. Might find some useful info here. You are in a good area for fishing. No reason to go searching for them somewhere else. Indian River Inlet produces a lot of fish and the Delaware State Seashore Park in Bethany is a good spot for surf fishing. *
  7. Small block Chevy still being used in 1/2 ton Silverado. Like a rock.
  8. Probably have 3 pairs of them.Fancier models twist left or right, ratchet and can have a auto-return feature. Worked on aircraft for many decades and would use them daily.Still use them all the time around the garage.
  9. Gene modified one of his racks 20 years ago for me. I had a front mount receiver hitch already installed on my truck. He welded up a series of tubes to step up the height of the rack and allows the rack to mount in a standard receiver. This prevents the rack plowing into sand or the ground on steep angles.Have used the rack to haul firewood,generators and equiptment plus the usual fishing gear for decades now. A front mount receiver hitch also comes in handy for many others uses.
  10. Pretty sure the Virginia drive on side is currently nonexistent.We were down a few weeks ago and it was closed for nesting birds.
  11. Pull it off and send it to Five Star Marine in FLA If you can afford it. All they do is rebuild trim units.They have a great website . They are also available by phone to to answer ?”s So they might be able to help. I sent a unit off a 1997 Yamaha recently and was very happy with there work and customer service.
  12. Might seem obvious but one mistake is leaving your rod in a holder and waiting for a pole bender. Holding onto the rod will help you feel bites than you would otherwise miss. Easier said than done though. Fresh bait is also key. Have your kids catch sand fleas and use them in addition to whatever else you have. Just saw Hammys advice after I posted. His advice is right on.
  13. Currently living on The Eastern Shore of MD. Rural but not too remote. Lots of water and not much traffic. Nice place. Got me wondering about others on here.
  14. Helps to try and isolate the problem further. Does pumping primer bulb have any effect ? If you can get another remote tank fill it with fresh fuel you can rule out,primer bulb,air leaks and bad gas.
  15. It's running lean. One of the jets in the carburator is restricted.You can try running Sea-Foam & some fresh gas,change any fuel filters and hope for the best. More than likely going to be rebuilding a carb though.