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  1. I replied a few days ago
  2. The others day Mike Mathias ( dbhauler ) sent me a text with couple of pictures of my favorite beach, the first from 2016 and the second from 2018. Both were from GOOGLE EARTH and they showed dramatic changes in just two short years. It was very obvious the toll that the winter NE storms took not only on this beach but on many of the East facing beaches. We bothe agreed that because of this situation it was the main reason the fishing has not and is not what it was for many years. I think what bothers me most is this particular beach was almost mine all the time I fished it for many years. All I can do now is hope that things will settle down and that the structure will start to reform. I know the chances are slim but you can hope. I then decided to look at the structural changes that took place on all the beaches from Plymouth to Brewster with the hopes of finding some places that were still okay and had some structure but what it showed was all the beaches that I thought I could access had very little to nothing in the way of Structure in many cases. I believe that the way things are now is that there wil be days when these beaches will have lights out days but it will be you will have to be there at the right time. Those days will happen because the bait will be there but won’t hold up long because there will be nothing to hold the bait in place for very long. We believe it will be a year of moving around a lot with the hopes of finding some places that may actually have some structure that will hold up or will get better as some structure will reform over the summer. I was wondering if others have found the situation is similar in places they fish as well. No need to get specific.
  3. There is one picture that caught my eye in particular, ( not that they all aren't good) it was the 8th from the top and it looks like the hook up and the line being ripped through the water.
  4. I know people use them but you have to keep in mind that the tippet is the first thing to get trashed during the day with wind knots, abrasions and kinks and have to be replaced sometimes two or more times in one day and the tipet is still the same length when you started. It;s not just about the tippet getting short. I guess I'm sill old fashioned and take pride in making good knots. It's the little things like knots that I enjoy doing, not giving it up.
  5. I believe in Korea.
  6. I am a big fan of braided core lines, lot less tangles and they cast extremely well.
  7. I did not want to limit it to fishing pictures and i f people want to post more than two, That's fine with me because I will look at them all.
  8. Last year I did a post asking people to pick one photo from 2017 that was special to them for any number of reasons to them. I am again asking if folks would do that again, It is easy for me to find the picture I want to post because I save all my photos in a folder of pictures I post on SOL on a yearly basis, They are simply titled SOL2018 so when I open that folder I can scroll through all the pictures of the year to find the one I want to use. I am asking for one, two at the most, these are the two that I will use for this year. The first is my one and only Black Drum I caught of the beach that I sight fished. Not many Drum caught on the beach on Sanibel so for me this fish was special. The secondis for obvious reasons, my last Striper of the yeat after I was finally able to get out for one last try with the help of some very good and special friends.
  9. Keep in mind when you start to hit the upper crust of the age bracket and after years of fishing under your belt that there are things that for all intensive purposes make you realize, some things aren't worth worrying about and really they don't make a difference. What you soon start to realize is that your eyesight and dexterity are not up to snuff and then it now becomes a matter of what is the most convenient way to get through the day and at the same time what you thought was critical at one point in your fishing carrier really wasn't that critical at all. I think that goes back to the saying "with age comes wisdom"
  10. I think what most people do over time is they find a fly that they feel works very well for the condition they are fishing. That in most cases is how they will start there outing. They thing is most will rig before they get to the water, the hard part for them is the willingness to cstop and change up after seeing the water conditions. I have actually tied myself to see how long it takes to change the line and retie with a new fly and in reality it doesn't take long time and a 5 minute investment in that time out ouf a 8 hour day or longer can be a great invest of that time. I like gurglers over poppers but that doesn't mean that I don't use both, I like poppers on Glassy water and i normally doen't use very large ones just for the ease of casting. I also like to give the fish a ceratain amount of credit becuse they are equiped with the sensory organs that allow them to detect bait both distreseed as well as healthy, they have the eyesight and lateral lines for just that purpose, don'y sell the fish short. With Gurgers I always liked a very slight rippled surface with the wind coming from my back, I always felt this kept just enough tension on the line to get a good pop wit a good tug or to use it it with a slow hand over hand retrieve to create a nice little wake.
  11. I am sure there is a guy out there that went home who wanted a new outfit and actually went home and told the wife, honey your not going to believe this, "I did it again".
  12. Great report, sounds like you made the best of the situation you had to deal with, certailnly will remember the good times as they always say.
  13. They cetainly do, as far as I am conecerned and the don't have to be a Big Beautiful Cow either , that is an awesome fish. Well done !
  14. It is amazing that there is such a large fraternity of this unfortunate incident, one of the simplest cures for this is two place the rod on the hood in front of the steering wheel with the rod leaning on the roof.