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  1. TGS I like to go back and read through the posts and replies to see what people have added in the way of comments and it jut struck me how when I really got into Striper Fishing I had a work schedule that allowed me to leave my house. After it got dark and pull all nighters and then fish the entire day up until 11 or 12 pm again because I did not have to be in work until noon the next day. I was fortunate to be able to do this for 9 years before I retired. Retirement did bring about changes in my fishing as I got older and I went from starting my days on the graveyard shift to becoming “ a Day Tripper” I will say this, the one thing my 9 year of fishing nights paid huge dividends to my day time fishing.
  2. Tom, you have to love it when a plan comes together, what I admire most about this is your dedicated discipline. Most people would have just stayed and continued to catch Stripers but to complete the objective it required pulling up stakes and moving, not an easy decision, well done my friend
  3. Nice to read all the stories on the weakfish but when you ask for specific information I hope you don’t really expect an answer . Spot Burning is not advisable and could ruin a spot on one weekend
  4. That would be an impressive schoolie,
  5. 20 to 28 inches
  6. I have long since settled on a three piece leader that has never failed me. 4 feet of 30 lb mono nail knotted to 2 ft of 25 lb mono with a perfection loop to connect to 4 feet of 20 pound mono of tippet. this set up never failed and the 4 ft tippet allowed for fine tuning to Flouro if Needed for Albies.
  7. The army’s got longer, that happens when you use the eyeball method of stretching many sections butt material
  8. Casting at night should be more about feel than anything, if you think about it casting during the day so also about feel When I fished a lot at night, distance was priority, I felt confident enough that with a nice easy relaxed cast was giving me ample distance, that combined with knowing my target fish that the would be in close to shore using the cover of darkness as protection. All I can say is I did extremely well using that thought process. Trust your instincts and slow everything down and you will be fine .
  9. That is one beautiful cow. You did well on the release, many people like to tape their fish and some don’t care. looking at the pictures there are smome good way of getting a close estimate on the length of the fish that would be close. Just measure the distance between the butt and first striping guide or between the two striping guides. I did the measure using both and I came up with a length of 58 1/2 and 60 inches for what it’s worth. Again well done .
  10. I always like to see kudos for good customer service even if it's for a product I don't use.
  11. I never did fish 10 weight rods that often, my go to rod for over 20 years years was my 9 wt and over that 20 years I used the same line so when I picked up my 10 weight I just felt it was a simple choice to stay with the same line built for a 10 weight, never had any regrets with that decision. Good to seek suggestions but I always go with my own instincts first.
  12. People when first starting making clousers usually make the same mistakes. the first question I have is are you loosing your eyes just as quickly if they are lead or stainless, if the answer is yes then I would say you are not using enough wraps of thread and are using the buck tail to hold the eyes in places. Because the bucktail is so soft it just breaks and the eyes disappear. This is a big problem with commercial ties. when I do my eyes I make a bed of thread with two small pillows with a indent to cradle the eyes and then figure eight the eyes and then wrap under the eyes post style to cinch in the figure eight wraps. Once this is done then I tie in my bucktail behind the eyes and then wrap the bucktail in front of the eyes. At this point I do about 4 post wraps under the eyes. I make all my clousers with synthetics which allows me to use more tensions. hope this helps
  13. Spig, didn't I recently read that you were in the process of downsizing your rod collection. The best laid plans of mice and men as they say,with that being said "I think I would jump on that deal".
  14. Thanks all for the kind words, my wife and I have had cats for 50 years and I am sure my wife is already looking at the rescue sites. Dunkin was a rescue cat, he actually came with a sister who we lost last year.
  15. Mother Nature is the ultimate Boss when it comes to trips, When I was younger I would really get upset because I only had a limited of time each year for trips but I would never speak ill of her with the hopes of better conditions for my next trip. Never did poke the bear. I hope your next trip gets rewarded with fair winds. I admire your tenacity