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  1. Both JonC and DrBob make reference to how Orvis would rate their rods with the Flex system and I always found that to be the most useful to me. I think my favorite rod has always been the mid-flex. I never found them to be less powerful related to casting ability or to have less backbone. The mid-flex would require a bit of a slower casting stroke and I liked that, I found it to be more relaxing and more accurate which was a big plus when sight casting. With regards to backbone I believe that many fly fishers don’t know how to fight a big fish to really know what the true backbone is of the rod they are using. The more experience a person has eventually leads them to fighting a fish using the true back-bone of the rod. Andy Mill does the best demonstration on how to fight a big fish utilizing the back-bone of the rod and it has nothing to do with the rating of the rod. I can only read the rating on the rod but the final decision for me is made by test casting the rod. For many years my main Striper rod was my 9 wt Orvis Access, it always seemed to have a bit of a Softer Action, I believe it is a Mid-flex. That rod has been discontinued so I always hope nothing bad ever happens to it. When I wanted to go an 8 wt, I test casted a number of rods and when I tried the TFO Mangrove the action of the rod it quickly reminded me so much of the action in my Access. The Mangrove is now my 8 wt. I never read the rating on the Mangrove but I suspect it is not rated Medium. I think with the the rating system today at best when someone utilities that system today it is a crap shoot if you don’t have the opportunity to actually test cast a rod.
  2. This is like waiting for the baby to be delivered and we don’t know beforehand if it’s going to be a boy or a girl, but then again we don’t know what the due date is .
  3. He was a sturdy young chap, we called him “ Blue Balls “
  4. TGS No rush on the crab, I hope you have some luck on chasing the trout. I will say this much, just because the fishing season is here now for the die hards and some I know have been out and already caught fish and for others, the season is right around the corner. I will say this, just because the season will be be starting I hope you will conitinue to post, you offer lots of good stuff The one thing I enjoyed at the end of the day is everyday I went fishing was to do a report on the days activities. If I fished five days in a row, I would do five reports, I am sure some people felt that was excessive but I also got lots of positive feedback on them as well. I never found it required a lot of effort to do a report at the end of the day, for me I found it to be a great way to relax. I know while things have changed for me and my time on the water will be different and when I do get out the one thing I can guarantee is at the end of the day is there will be a fish report and now I think they will be even more meaningful to me.
  5. nightfigher hopefully things will move along smoothly for you but the insurance companies rule the roost these days. Unfortunately you picked the wrong time of the year for a knee replacement but you have to put things in their place and taking care of number one is the first priority. Fortunately for me I am well beyond worrying about what I look like, especially what my leg looks like. My big concern now is getting just getting back to a point where I can start fishing again. I hope things move quickly for you, take one day at a time and best wishes.
  6. The brain only goes back so far these days so I will say the first pair of good waders would have to be Red Balls.
  7. I had an issue with my pc which I was able to resolve otherwise I would have put this up earlier. This is a picture of the skingraft on my thigh, it is one sore son of a gun, no wading until this puppy heals up for damn sure.
  8. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy First Day of Spring, I know for many they felt like it would not get here fast enough. For me it got here very fast. Yesterday I just got home from the hospital after surgery to remove another tumor from inside my mouth and I will be starting Immunotherapy next week to treat one other tumor that was discovered in an area that cannot handle any More radiation. At the present time I just have to now rest and heal up and deal with the pain of the skin graft they had to do as part of the surgery on my mouth. I suspect now that it is spring the weather will dramatically improve and the fish migration will begin, hopefully I will be fit enough to greet them, I certainly will do my best to do just that.
  9. There are plenty of good videos on Youtube on knots, just find some to practice that you feel comfortable with and you will be ready to go. As far as leaders for Stripers, it is not rocket science. Many guys will just fish a straight piece of 20 lb test for ther leader. Since you have 20 and 30 already I would just use 6 feet of 30 with a perfection loops on both ends and run 3 or 4 feet of the 20 connected by loop to loop. Make a couple of spare 30 lb butt sections to carry and then all you need to carry is some 20 lb to replace the tippet as needed. As far as connecting the fly I personally prefer to use the same perfection loop, it will never fail you, it may take a little practice but once you get it down you will very happy you did. The other knot a lot of people use is the Lefty Kreh Loop Knot, also on you tube. This is the perfect time of year to practice your knots, just sit down in from of the tv with the two spools of mono, a pair of nail clippers and a waste basket and practice the knots, it will be time well spent. Do the same with a bare hook and practice the knots to tie on your flie Good Luck
  10. My suggestion was to get the combo, I think you should re read my reply because there were other suggestions also along with how I fished the rod for months which is why I recommend the combo
  11. Drmevo, you will I’ll get lots of suggestions on rods and reel but I am going to try to stick to your specific question, the first being the LL Bean combo. I bought a LL Bean stream light ultra 9 ft 8 wt last year on a 25 % deal, I was actually in the store when I saw the rod and they were actually running a sale that any in store purchase would get an additional 25% discount, needless to say I jumped on it. I knew nothing about the rod but at the final price I figured I could not lose. This was in the late fall before Christmas. I used that rod the following spring to see if my new backup rod was a good deal or not. I fished that rod the entire spring until I went to Florida for a couple of month. I am guessing that based on what you said that access to LL Bean is not a big deal to get to and that combined with the waters you fish is also another plus to get the combo. I would recommend the combo, I was very happy with my purchase and I think you will be also. I don’t know what reel it comes with but I am sure with good maintenance and it should last you more than long enough if you decided to upgrade the reel. The reel will be more than adequate for the waters you will be fishing. The thing with combos is they mostly come with a floating line but I would highly recommend that you at least go with a intermediate fly line if possible. Good luck on you decision.
  12. Xsailor, sounds like you got of information to sift through about what rod to select and I gave you my choice so I am going to let you make your choice without trying to muddy up the waters on you. Based on what you telling me about what you can see from the condo sounds like a good deal and it is good to keep in mind that when you see a pod of fish in the 18 to 22 inch with one or two big fish is actually a exciting thing to see but at the same time it will be frustrating because the fish are now moving out onto the beach this time of the year and getting into the “spawn mode” and have one thing on thier mind and it is not eating. As the water continues to warm that mind set will continue. What your faced with is two choices, fish a pod without a big fish or with a big fish. The big fish is the female and males with them around means they are not interested in eating. That does not mean they won’t, after all we all have to eat at some point so if it is up to me I will fish the pods with the big fish and hope I get lucky. Snook will stay in the Spawn Mod through gather summer into the Fall until the water temps drop and start eating which is why the fall (oct-nov) fish so well when the fish are now more interested in eating. Snook are free spawners and that why you see them surrounded by so many males, the female will release her eggs into the currant and the males will move in to fertilize the eggs. The currant them carries the eggs away for Mother Nature to do her thing. As far as Bunche beach is conserned, it is at the end of a two lane rod that allows parking along the roadside but as people park you end up with some very long walks to get back to the beach. The beach is a very large sandy flat and if you walk to the right you will hit the mouth of an estuary. This is a beach I don’t fish very often unless I get some hot intel. It is also beach I would wear wading boots. thats all I have for now, it turned out longer than I intended, sorry about that
  13. I don’t know where you fished in FMBi, I don’t fish area very much. If I am over that way I fish Barefoot Beach all the way down to Higgens Pass. The further you walk towards Higgens the less people. The other area I will fish is Lovers Key State Park. Like anyplace onthe salt it always good to check the wind direction to find places to put the wind at you back. from what you’re saying with regards to what you’re catching would be typical for these two areas as welL Snook tend to travel in pods and will usually pod up in the same size range. Big Snook will pod up sometimes but more often than not will be found as singles. I just did not know if you knew of thes areas so I thought I would throw them out there.
  14. I miss him too
  15. Thanks for all the kind words. The surgery went well, now we have to heel up and see what lies ahead, I will be in the hospital until next Monday, the skin graft they took was much bigger than I expected and I expect that will take a month to heal on its own. agai thanks for all the well wishes