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  1. I was very fortunate that I started fly fishing for Stripers the year after they lifted the moratorium. I had heard about the Stripers and my first time fishing for them was on a late night whim. The place I fished for them the first time was an estuary that I fished regularly for Sea Run Browns. I was fortunate enough to hook up on about 7 or 8 schoolers that were at least as big or bigger than the Sea Runs I caught and that is what got me started. I was was very lucky to fish my new found love through the peak periods all the way into what is now a very evident decline. There is a lot of talk about 2018 and what a bad year it was and lots of questions now about how will 2019 fish. I did not get to fish the fall this year due to my illness but I suspect it would have been the same for me as everyone else. I think what I have found over the last 10 or 15 years is that with the steady decline in numbers of fish as well in their size and the very evident decline in big fish that my expectations also declined proportionately and so with that when each new season rolled around I somehow did not feel disappointed at the end of the season. What scares me now is I sort of have preconceived expectations for 2019 and if I don’t meet those expectations then things will be really bad with little hope that the fishery will ever rebound in my lifetime.
  2. I was unable to get to the Marlboro show as expected this year, had to take my cat to the vet, that resulted in putting the show off until next year. Since I was grounded I figured the best thing to do was to play around and make up a few flies using some new material that would be more for targeting Specs this spring. This material is made by the same company that made the Congo Hair and they call it Northern Lights, I used four colors that they call Black/Black and Purple/Purple for one fly and the second used Back/Gold and Copper/Gold. Both were tied on size 4 Mustad 3407's with xtra Large Bead Chain eyes. The material is sort of like flash but not as bright and it seems very crinkle like and very limp also. I only made up 3 of each to see how they will work, My suspicion is they will produce. The first the Black and Purple does not show the Black does not show in the photo as I had hoped like it does with my Copper Gold fly.
  3. The body on the Traditional Schminnow is Crystal Chenille I have lots of White every year, it is my mainstay color for Sanibel My Spinning Outfit is is a 7 ft Allstar Moderate Mediate action rod I bought years ago and the new reel is a Pflueger Presidential rigged with 10 lb power pro.
  4. This reply applies to the first two quotes, if things go as planned and I can't see why they won't at this point, I should be there by April 1st if not a bit before that for two months, see the next reply pertaining to the Kwan fly When I received my care package of materials I sent a thank you note and the reply from my friend came with a link to Youtube about the Kwan fly. I refer to it by that name but in most respects it is in the end very similar to a Tarpon Toad in style but because it requires different materials and how it is fished I guess it does warrant it's own name.
  5. This year I started getting ready for my Spring trip to Sanibel with my making up a batch of 1/2 Jigs to use with my spinning rod for the windy days when a fly rod would not be feasible. Once I get those out of the way I then moved on to making up the flies I would need, I have my standard collection of flies that seem to me to be all I need but like any other fly fisher I also know that it will not stop there when it comes to tying up flies, we all seem to have a need to try a few new flies as well. I think making new flies we never tried before keeps the blood flowing. I received a bunch of new material from a friend and made of 18 Kwan flies as recommended as well. Once those were done I completed my collection of proven flies to fill up the boxes. I also picked up a new box I saw at the Bearsden and I really like this box a lot. The latch on this box to open and close it is by far the best I have seem and the easiest to use. I hate boxes that seem to fight you every time to want to open/close it. They are made by Gamakatsu and while they are not watertight it is a perfect box for walking the beach when wet wading or wading deep is never an issue. The new box stuffed and ready to go This box contains my new Kwan Flies, a few all white Betsy's, a couple Mullet flies, two Chartreuse Bear Chain Clousers, a dozen size 2 Crystal Schminnows and a dozen Hot Orange Lucy's. This is my home made box stuffed with a dozen each of Chernobyl Schminnows with Lead Eyes and Bead Chain Eyes. Tied on Size 1 Mustad 3407's
  6. If I'm not mistaken Andy Mills favorite size hook for the big Tarpon is either a size 1 or 1/0 (not sure which one). Don't know what brand. That says a lot about what size hook you really need to land a big fish. I can't even remember the last time I even used a 2/0.
  7. xtra Large or Large are all that I use now. On a fly that is all one color it really is irrelevant as far as the size eyes used.
  8. I am a big fan of bead chain eyes on a fly especially for my Florida flies because I like a Clouser styler fly that doesn’t sink as fast as a fly with lead eyes. One of the things I learned was when I made a fly with what I thought would be a fly with proper proportioned eyes would not always get the fly to turn over properly because the hook bend and point would still weigh more the the bead chain eyes resulting in the fly riding upside down. What I found was the larger bead chain actually looked okay and the fish did not seem to mind. The bigger eyes really gave them something key on !
  9. When it comes to stiff material I found the Faux Bucktail to be that and then some, it maintains a very straight profile and is very opac which I like. My big knock on this material is it does not compress well when wrapping the thread on it. Depending on what you are making, you can end up with some very bulky heads.
  10. I like to tie in Production format, I never make less than three at one time but more often than not 6 or 12 at one time. I usually start with the tail and flash all at one time for the number of flies I want before the next step, I find this gives me better uniformity and in the end tying time is cut way down. With regards to cementing the fly, I still use head cement at the completion of each step that needs cementing and then each fly goes into a drying wheel. I find this process makes a more durable fly and the cement penetrates better and by the time I get to fly 12, the cement on fly 1 is dry to start the next step. Using head cement is cheaper so when I start my next step the thread bonds much better than it would on a UV coating which is very hard. UV cement is not cheap and I only use it on the head when I finish the fly. I also stopped using flat waxed nylon thread and switched to Ultra Thread 210 dineer to get a better bond with the cement and UV cement. I found the waxed cement would prevent the cements from penetrating well.
  11. I think the best hook on the market when it comes to your best bang for the buck is the Mustad Signature Hook. It is a 2x strong, standard length hook that also has the Micro Barb, these hooks stay sharp forever. I believe the model number is C70S D. I don't know if you plan on going to the Marlboro show this weekend but if you do you should find many people selling them. I know they also make the Signature in the 34007 style but are very hard to find. When it comes to hooks people form a very strong allegiance to a particular hook and like that confidence factor it gives them. I am actually going to try a different hook this year because of a recommendation from a friend but I am not going to invest my time in making up a whole bunch of flies on it just yet. The reason I am trying them is the price is very good (and it may be a case of cheap costs dearly). The hook is the Eagle Claw model L253. I will try them in a size 1/0 because the shank is shorter than I like on the size 1. They also have a great point right out of the box and they have a wider hook gap which I really like. My concern on them is are they strong or will they bend open on a real good size fish.
  12. I use 1/0 on my bigger flies but the majority of my flies are now on size 1 and those work extremely well and I have never had an issue with big fish on a size 1.
  13. Allenberry Resort in Boiling Springs, Pa I believe offers guided fly fishing, a great local guide is Tom Balz, there is also TCO shop in Boiling Springs, the Resort is right on the Yellow Breeches and you can walk to the creek.
  14. I have not done lessons in 40 years or something like that, I think it was when I pitched fly tying to the adult education folks at the Local School Comity. I will be at the Bearsden show this year and doing up some Betsy’s and maybe a few other flies I use on Snook
  15. I think they are more of a Shrimp imitation than anything which is what the bands are supposed to represent, but that is just a guess on my part. As far as how they work, I will get back to you. I will say this about Florida, when the fish are on the feed it seems they will eat almost anything that moves. I am sure you will see a few pictures of some willing participants. I found my step by step on YouTube, to much work to type it out. My recipe was using the materials in the picture, all Congo Hair. I felt very very obligated to use it since it was sent by my friend. I personally feel to make a Kwan fly that other materials would make a better fly that would be easier to use. I think Long Craft Fur for the tail and Yarn for the body would be easier to use, especially when trimming the body.