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  1. As some of you are likely aware, the Army Corp. of Engineer's is currently constructing a new Sea Wall at the Municipal Pavilion, approximately 30 yards East of the Existing Seawall. This work has been planned for a number of years and residents/frequent visitors are generally aware of the disruption. Nevertheless, the town apparently has other construction plans that have largely been authorized in secret. As best as most interested parties can tell, the borough has authorized the construction of an "observation deck". Since the deck is being financed by the town (not the Army Corp.), there is growing interest as to the what, why, and how are far as the fiscal costs. Fiscal costs aside, for non-residents, this project may be worth paying attention to since: Only a few people have seen the plans (the mayor does not have interest in being transparent.) There are potential impacts on access and parking for non-residents. The mayor is reliably dense enough to try to push through a new project that will impede access / disrupt parking / cost a fortune / violate some sort of Federal and/or State law. Additional background can be found here. Residents and non-residents are encouraged to attend the Borough Meeting on November 20th at 6:PM. Finally, a local email encouraging attendance is circulating (highlights below.)
  2. Sat. & Sunday “Anyway, one of my friends, about two years older than I, absolutely REFUSED to go in the woods there. We'd romp around the pines everywhere and anywhere else, but he just wouldn't go in that part of the forest. This is even when we were older teens. See, he claimed that years prior he has seen ... something in those woods. A big, hairy man, face covered in hair, standing slouched in the woods staring at him.” – Near Lakehurst, New Jersey – 1980s.
  3. That scream you may have heard yesterday from Sandy Hook to Cape May was my 12 year old daughter after she opened a brown cardboard box she thought contained donuts, but was filled with a dozen sandworms instead. Good times. She seems to have recovered and prolonged therapy won't be necessary.
  4. The Monmouth Beach Penguin
  5. Two tiny Stripers in two days out front in Nomoco on worms. After the first one, I switched to the biggest circle hook I had, a 7/0 size, but the second one still managed to hook himself.
  6. Back in the day (80s/90s), if it was 3:00 AM, and you needed beer, or bait, or both, you would drive to the Highlands. These days, I have no need for either at that time. Nevertheless, the town still has the vibe that a material percentage of the population still depends on rum-running as their primary source of income. Since the Bootlegger closed, I don't think the Highlands is still as popular a port-of-call for privateers and pirates as it once was. However, I would be still be reluctant to find myself in the Claddagh at closing for fear of being Shanghai'd or relieved of my money by a man with an eye patch and sharp cutlass. The south side of Highway 36 in the Highlands has more appeal. It is mostly safely above the high-water mark and the views are impressive. It is of course more expensive, but you will be able to see when a three masted barque, filled with the treasures of the Orient, runs aground on the False Hook during a Nor'easter and be the first person to "rescue" the cargo. In all seriousness, the section of the Highlands south of 36 is your safest bet. I also think the section north of 36 might be up-and-coming. Hurricane Sandy wiped out a lot of the older houses and larger more structurally sound houses, built on 15 foot foundations, have replaced them. I can imagine the newer construction is being bought by a wealthier demographic as second homes for summer use, since the Highlands is close to the beach, has a number of marinas, and is overall in a great location. The school system is not considered all that great so it is not a destination for younger families looking for a permanent residence in the 'burbs. Other various towns, from Monmouth Beach to Manasquan, fill that role. (FYI - some of the towns with supposedly wonderful school systems got those reputations because of the tireless efforts of local Realtors, and other means. Never trust a NJ school system by it's ACT scores.) I think I just sold myself on looking for a house in the Highlands.
  7. Monmouth Beach Penguin 1981.
  8. I will buy at $110 without. Prefer to use Pay Pal. PM me to arrange payment and shipping address.
  9. I just posted pictures in the "Erosion" thread showing the Big Monmouth jetty.
  10. Big Monmouth Erosion. These pictures were taken at the Big Monmouth Jetty yesterday. I would say the storm exposed about 50 to 75 yards of the Jetty. The blue pole is about 25 yards north of the Jetty. I never saw it before the storm. It is about 4 or 5 feet tall now.
  11. Price dropped from $45 to $40 shipped or $35 pick-up Monmouth Beach, NJ.