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  1. Well then, it must be worth it, if that is all.
  2. If Tim is smart, he would be invested in Adblock.
  3. So, they spit in the white folks food and charge more for it. But it is a flavor that blacks crave?
  4. Ole Hill demonstrated her mental acuity by taking off her shoes to walk barefoot in India. Have any of you people ever seen what Indians do in their streets? The streets are the bathrooms that connect buildings together.
  5. Wasn't an AR15 used in the Texas church shooting to stop the shooter? Why are folks trying to take guns away from the law abiding who know how to use their guns the right way?
  6. Tillerson did not lose his job. He knows exactly where it is, that means it is not lost.
  7. the reason the "alt right" is fizzing out is their volunteer leader FnM has failed to grasp how to lead a disparate group he has taken on many rolls as we know him, this is easy. It is no wonder, finding out he had a twin brother so late in life can throw one off their game. Maybe the evil twin will work in tandem with Belmo to rule as one.
  8. I was an Ironworker in the mid '70's, on my toolbelt were 2 spud wrenches, a bull-pin, a 7lb sledgehammer, and a bolt-bag. The hammer was used to drive the bull-pin to align holes to put bolts in and tightened the bolts with the spud wrenches.
  9. Nobody has even mentioned using weight forward, sink tip fly line. With all that weight helping the 1/4 oz lure cast farther.
  10. I twist the rear eye so the hook swings left right, sideways up and down.
  11. Oh come-on, I showed you some great looking boots and snappy uniforms and you come back with work-wear. Hell your cops have to tie laces to keep their boots on. So now you have to wear this style boot. You'll be so hot everyone will envy you.
  12. When a BETA male skid marks his drawers his wife/girlfriend does this.
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