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  1. sorry guys my head hasn't been here... i am going for my 3rd kidney stone surgery in 5 months next week. not to mention im still not 100% from having hernia surgery in February.... i'm out! sorry! Rene
  2. i'm in
  3. show off! lol!
  4. i know i use to get 10 for a buck! back in the 80's. can you purchase blank circuit boards? i found 100 picks (plastic) on ebay fairly cheap, but just gonna head down the road to the music shop and check out some thick carbon fiber Bass! picks... see where i went with that Live & Paul? thanks guys
  5. has anyone used or thought of using a guitar pick for hand carved lips? thanks Rene
  6. now i remember using Hellmsman sper but what im confused with the gloss orthe semi or satin for sealing i want to use the duller stuff correct. i always use mineral spirits but was told by some to use turp. im trying to help a buddy out and at the same time renew my batch, i just want to get it right for both our sakes without having any primer or paint adhesion issues.
  7. it has been a while since i mixed up a sealer. a buddy of mine wants to make up a batch, he asked but could not remember if the spar is gloss or semi, and how much MS to add to 1 quart spar. i was gonna let him take the rest of my batch seeing i have no need for it atthis time, but its all jellied up. thanks rene
  8. thanks guys
  9. thanks, i got the popper, just need to wire it up...
  10. hey guys, dont want to but i need to drop out on this one.... just had emergency hernia/ abdomen surgery and im gonna be laid up for a while. sorry! Rene
  11. i love it!
  12. i love it!
  13. yes that it.... well vwa! la! my secret santa lure is a Kima! thanks bud! kick ass Nike!
  14. No! The plug survived, but in disappointed with the postal service lately.... all starting with my fishing magazines coming in ruined, to not getting any in like 3 months. After I complained I have not received one in the mail... I will get picture up this weekend, when my girls come over... Rene
  15. sorry guys! i got mine on Saturday. barely the package was destroyed and was just wrapped around lure.... all in all its a nice looking wonder bread, Nike style i believe! builder,have no clue.... i will post a picture as soon as can figure out how... " new phone my daughter has to give me a lesson on pic posting" thanks to the secret builder, if you want to remain a secrete ok, if not show yourself and again have picture up very soon... rene