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  1. Prayers. God bless.
  2. Yes it really works well and efficiently.
  3. Nooooo and never for me. Used to go to the point with gr Cherokee, Cherokee and s10 and Ram all 4x4. Sorry too dangerous.
  4. agree with T Jones I did this way many times with good result.
  5. I made one from an vintage Loomis blank 4w 9 ft for small fish under one pound is great over that I am affraid to kill the fish due to the stress of a long fight. Now I am afraid to use it and hook a larger fish. I am suggesting a low price blank Batson/ pacbay/ vintage? Good luck it sounds like a fun project.
  6. I extend quite a few butts/ preferably with cork butt. I use donor blank ( same diameter cork if possible to avoid reshaping). Work great. Same method as Crunch to fit.
  7. Belmo My 002 cents, I do blacken and sear steak I do not regret of bump up my vent good to 1000cfm. Vent outside to through wall .
  8. my 002 cent, I would put a rod tip and make a short rod. It's just too risky and complicated to fuse near the tip specially you never done this type of repair.
  9. Hey Brent I learn something from experience the twine is quite slick and the knot sometimes slip, I wet them with a drop of crazy glue ( the 3 twines holding the ring trap).
  10. Here they are. I wash them after every trip, they dry fast.
  11. Yes. Absolutely.
  12. Sorry to answer late I was away ( Wachapreague Va) with spotty cellular reception and no internet. Yes I am a first believer in float on the harness string. Mine was made from a cylinder cork 1" x 2" spray painted white for xtra visibility.
  13. Depending where you fish, what is available. If you fish in Chincoteague Nat. refuge you will need surf rod with sand pipes it is a mostly bait fishing thing. Around St Michael, whatever you mention is fine. If I were you I would bring a long light or ultra light to catch bait- a lot of fun in the many creeks, docks... An outfit for flounder/ mid size /snapper blues/ seatrout...I like 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 '. If you fish at the Bill Burton you need to bring some M -MH with some backbone to steer the the fish from the pillars or to swing over the rail. Fly fishing rod is always fun in the creek, small water around St Michael. Lot of nook and crannies water to explore. Do not forget to sample crab cake/ soft shell crab/ some local beer.
  14. Thank for posting this Brent. I was about to go to your route until I remember a net that I bought longtime ago that I like very much. Stainless steel netting that the crab have problem to hold onto when you flip the net over to dump them in the cooler. It ways better than the cotton ( crap) and it is a improvement over twine in my opinion. I have been crabbing with ring trap for over 30 years...West and East coast. I bought a dozen of them on line they works great for me... You can find them under the name * Double Ring Wire Mesh Crab Net. under 5 dollars per piece. Yours look great ... well done!
  15. Bill Burton state park fishing pier/ Chincoteague National wildlife refuge ( within a day trip) wild ponies... Avoid week end. St Michael has a lot good restaurants and attraction. Nice town. Have fun.