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  1. Vezco 6-Rod Cooler rack with 3 coolers. The big cooler is 94 quart. This rack is in perfect condition. No dents or cracks.
    The big cooler has brand new hardware. Also included are 4 brand new sand spikes (approx. 5' long) and mounts for the sand spikes (if you want to have them welded to the cooler rack to hold the sand spikes). Also comes with locking cable and 2 locks.
    The bottom part is powder coated and in great condition, just minimal surface rust in a couple of spots.
    This rack bolts through the holes on the receiver so it does not wobble at all. 
    I am not looking to deliver this so local sales work for me. I am located on Long Island in East Moriches and work in Hauppauge, so either of those locations work for me.

    $400 for everything. 










  2. I’ve been getting the Southold permit for years, never saw any beach driving. I believe I payed $35 or $40 last year, but that’s for seasonal guests. It’s not only for parking lots. Most dead end streets require it as well. There is also another sticker for the historical parks, which is free for residents in the actual town. I get both. 


    Its a hike for me from East Moriches, but sometimes pays off. 

  3. On 6/13/2018 at 7:38 PM, JoeGBreezy said:

    Go to You Tube. Ring up Rich Troxler and watch his videos on reading the beach. Organized, methodical and great info. He used to be a Long Island guy, now living in Virginia. Surprised no one mentioned him.


    18 hours ago, baldadonis2002 said:

    Agreed....but fishing an inlet or a back bay the Trox videos are a bit more complicated than open surf and readin wave breaks, points, bars etc.


    Still the Trox videos are awesome... can't believe they were uploaded for free - that guy could have infomercialized a 3 DVD set and sold that info.  A true brother of the sport.


    Keep em tight

    I'm still determined to get a copy of his logs! :read: