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  1. Post them here... Originally posted by Johnnybocc. Montauk 1930's
  2. How is everyone doing? I’ve been down in Florida for just about a year now and look forward to meeting up with a few of you guys when I head back up for a visit.
  3. Suffolk County Parks Info... Smith Point County Park Shirley (631) 852-1313 This park offers bay fishing for flounder, snapper and blowfish. Ocean fishing (surfcasting) for bluefish, weakfish and striped bass. Open year round. Off road vehicles need outer beach permit. Cedar Point County Park East Hampton (631) 852-7620 This park offers saltwater fishing, surfcasting for bluefish and striped bass; also, shore fishing for snappers and blowfish. Fishing permitted between sunrise and sunset. Rowboats available for rent from mid May thru Labor Day or as posted by park personnel, on Alewive Pond only. Limited hand and trailer launching areas available, check with park personnel. Theodore Roosevelt County Park Montauk (631) 852-7878 (631) 852-7879 (seasonal) Ocean fishing (surfcasting) is also permitted for bluefish, weakfish and striped bass. Theodore Roosevelt Park has excellent saltwater fishing for bluefish and striped bass on the northern portion of the park. Non-residents may obtain a recreational vehicle use permit for year round fishing opportunities at this park. Check with park or parks administration at (631) 854-4949 for details. Shinnecock East County Park Southampton (631) 852-8899 (seasonal) This park offers ocean fishing for off road recreational vehicle permit holders. Park is located on the east side of the Shinnecock Inlet. Cupsogue Beach County Park Westhampton (631) 852-8111 (seasonal) This park offers ocean fishing (surfcasting) for bluefish, weakfish and striped bass. Off road vehicles need outer beach permit. Indian Island County Park Riverhead (631) 852-3232 This park offers saltwater fishing on Flanders Bay and nearby estuaries. Look for weakfish, striped bass, bluefish, and snappers. Night Fishing Permit To insure that surfcasters may enjoy increased fishing opportunities, the Parks Department sells night fishing permits for access to parks during the hours they are normally closed (10PM - 6AM). Permits are good only at the following locations: Smith Point, Shinnecock East, Charles F. Altenkirch, Orient Point, Cupsogue, Shinnecock Canal and Theodore Roosevelt County Park. Permits (resident and nonresident) can be purchased at Smith Point, Shinnecock East, Sears Bellows, Theodore Roosevelt County Park and West Sayville Administration Office. There is no charge for the permit if you purchase a Suffolk County Park Recreation Vehicle Use permit. Call the administration office (631) 854-4949 for further information and fees. Suffolk County Parks Off-Road Vehicle Info... Several parks offer outer beach (shoreline) access opportunities to off-road vehicles (ORV's). A Suffolk County Parks Recreational Vehicle Use permit is required. Day and night sport fisherman and beach camping enthusiasts may drive the Atlantic Ocean barrier beaches at Smith Point and Shinnecock East. Outer beach camping is permitted at these locations with self-contained campers only. The Gardiners Bay/Northwest Harbor beach at Cedar Point is accessible to ORV's for day access and fishing only. Located on the west side of the Shinnecock Inlet, Charles F. Altenkirch County Park permits limited off-road vehicle access from September 15 - March 15th. No camping permitted at this location. Theodore Roosevelt County Park's three mile stretch of outer beach on Block Island Sound is open to ORV's and self-contained campers as well as for day and night fishing activities. Cupsogue Beach County Park permits recreational vehicles and limited self-contained camping on an access road running parallel to its outer beach. Be advised that areas on the outer beach may be closed due to beach conditions, maintenance or bird nesting. Check the Beach Conditions Update or call the park of your choice to get up-to-date outer beach access information. In addition, outer beach night fishing is offered at Smith Point, Cupsogue, Shinnecock East, Charles F. Altenkirch, Theodore Roosevelt, Orient Point County Park and at the county parklands along the Shinnecock Canal. To ensure increased fishing opportunities, night fishing permits allow access to the parks when they are normally closed (10pm - 6am.) Only bonafide fisherman will be issued permits. If on the beach at night, all must have fishing equipment and EVERY PERSON must be actively engaged in fishing. This is strictly enforced. Night fishing permits are included with the purchase of an Outer Beach Recreational Vehicle Use Permit. Suffolk County Park Recreational Vehicle Use permits and/or night fishing permits may be purchased at the parks listed below and at the West Sayille Administration Office. Check with the park of your choice or the Parks Administration Office at (631) 854-4949 for additional information. *Only one discounted Outer Beach pass can be purchased per discounted green key card. Additional Outer Beach passes must be purchased at the resident rate.* The Suffolk County Parks which offer outer beach access to ORV's are: Cedar Point County Park East Hampton (631) 852-7620 Cupsogue Beach County Park Westhampton (631) 852-8111 Theodore Roosevelt County Park Montauk (631) 852-7878 Shinnecock East County Park Southampton (631) 852-8899 (seasonal), (631) 852-8290 (off season) Smith Point County Park Shirley (631) 852-1313 FINS Sportsman's Vehicle Permit: Recreational Driving Season (September 15 through December 31) A current valid permit is required for every vehicle driven on Fire Island beaches. Each Fire Island National Seashore permit has its own stipulations and requirements. With a Fire Island National Seashore Sportsman's Vehicle Permit, $50/vehicle, offroad recreational vehicles are permitted to drive at certain times on designated portions of Fire Island National Seashore's beach as a means of access for fishing or hunting. Smith Point County Park and Robert Moses State Park have separate recreational use permits. Sportsman's recreational driving is restricted to the beach along the Atlantic Ocean on the south shore of Fire Island, west of the Wilderness Visitor Center and east of Long Cove between the water's edge and 20 feet seaward of the beach grass. Vehicles may not cross dunes, damage vegetation, or enter the designated wilderness area. Permits for recreational driving may be purchased at the Otis Pike Fire Island Wilderness Visitor Center on or after September 1, for use between September 15 and December 31. However, the beach may be closed to driving at any time due to high water or other adverse conditions on the beach. In 2005, no recreational driving permits were issued due to an overwash near Old Inlet. In 2009, the sale of permits was delayed due to beach conditions. For latest information, call the Wilderness Visitor Center at 631-281-3010. Current rates for a Sportsman's Vehicle Permit are $50/year. Check or money order only, made payable to "National Park Service" You must possess a valid state drivers license and your properly-equipped four-wheel drive vehicle must have a current state registration. A New York State recreational marine (saltwater) fishing license is now required for fishing. When you purchase your permit, you are also required to watch a 5-minute driving orientation video, where you'll be advised of the "rules of the road" and other safety and resource protection messages. New York State Parks Permits... 4X4 Beach Vehicle Access Permit: Valid April 1 to December 31 at: Robert Moses (Democrat Point) & Gilgo State Parks Vaid year round at Hither Hills, Napeague and Montauk Point State Parks. Expires December 31, 2012 Dates of Sale: January 2 - April 30 Tuesday after Labor Day - Dec. 31 Can be purchased any day of the week during business hours at: Robert Moses Park Montauk Downs State Park Headquarters at Belmont State Park NYS 4X4 Vehicle Registration $65 Out of State Vehicle Registration $110 Night Sport Fishing Access Permit: NYS Vehicle Registration $30 Out of State Vehicle Registration $55 7 Day Sport Fishing Permit $25 Note that the 4X4 Beach Vehicle Access Permit also allows all the privileges of the Night Sport Fishing Access Permit whch are valid April 1 - Dec. 31 for after sunset parking for the purpose of night fishing ONLY as follows: Captree - Main Field and Overlook Wildwood - Main Field Hither Hills except Friday of Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day Jones Beach - Fields #6, #10, West End #2, West End Boat Basin, and West End Work Docks Area Montauk Point - Lower Parking Lot ONLY Robert Moses - Field #2 all dates, Fields #3 & #4 from Sept. 15 - Dec. 31 ONLY Sunken Meadow - Field #1 & Field #3 Camp Hero Fishing Permit: $40 annual permit for New York State residents; $75 for out-of-state residents. Vehicle Entrance Fee: Cars $8 Caumsett Fishing Permit: Annual Permit $40 Non-Residents $75 24 Hour Permit $15 Diabled Veterans have discounts on some of the permits. NYS Empire passport {access pass}................ FREE Suffolk County outer Beach Pass................ FREE Green Key ...................... $7.00 E Hampton, non resident ................... 150.00 Always Ask when applying for any permits. If there is anything you feel should be added or removed, please let me know and I will edit this thread accordingly. *I have to give Kevin credit for posting this up on another site, but I figured since it was public information easily attained on the appropriate websites, I would just take the easy way out and copy it from him. I'll happily buy him a beer at the next Hooter's gathering
  4. OK.. Not sure if this has been posted before, but I would love to see the different variations in belts. I have seen so many belts out there with straps, loops, bags, clips, holsters, pliers, bogas, etc..... Some are plain and some require a set of wheels!! Does anyone use suspenders? If you have a photo of your setup, please post away. I am curious.. Thanks..
  5. I figured it would be cool to have a separate thread to show what everyone is catching around Long Island. There are a few threads that have random posts regarding this, but I would like to see everything in one thread. I am not only looking for your best and biggest, but anything you caught on Long Island. I am looking forward to adding some nice Trigger photos this summer as well! Photos don't have to be recent, but do have to be from the area. Freshwater is also welcome! Here's my first addition: Caught a couple of weeks ago on the South Shore..
  6. Vezco 6-Rod Cooler rack with 3 coolers. The big cooler is 94 quart. This rack is in perfect condition. No dents or cracks. The big cooler has brand new hardware. Also included are 4 brand new sand spikes (approx. 5' long) and mounts for the sand spikes (if you want to have them welded to the cooler rack to hold the sand spikes). Also comes with locking cable and 2 locks. The bottom part is powder coated and in great condition, just minimal surface rust in a couple of spots. This rack bolts through the holes on the receiver so it does not wobble at all. I am not looking to deliver this so local sales work for me. I am located on Long Island in East Moriches and work in Hauppauge, so either of those locations work for me. $400 for everything.
  7. So much going around, I just thought I would start a collection.
  8. I believe so. There may be a few restaurant lots you can park in, but that probably it. Typical NS.
  9. I’ve been getting the Southold permit for years, never saw any beach driving. I believe I payed $35 or $40 last year, but that’s for seasonal guests. It’s not only for parking lots. Most dead end streets require it as well. There is also another sticker for the historical parks, which is free for residents in the actual town. I get both. Its a hike for me from East Moriches, but sometimes pays off.
  10. The monk parakeets can be seen on Montauk Hwy from Copaigue to Lindenhust as well. Mostly along the north side of the road on poles with transformers. Huge nests!
  11. I’ve been seeing them for years in Queens around the traffic cabinets.
  12. Lipping them is fine. The tails make some nice fish tacos, or fried nuggets dipped in cocktail or tartar sauce.
  13. I also shared that on FB. I hope they catch the scumbag!
  14. I'm still determined to get a copy of his logs!
  15. ^^ This guy knows things!
  16. Its not uncommon. Signs never stopped anyone from doing anything. I could care less. I'm more concerned with the a-holes trashing the beaches. I just focus on the water and let them do what they want.
  17. Read this:
  18. At least we got the "Night Fishing Permit" question cleared up. Now on to more important topics!
  19. This is a classic in here!
  20. I've never heard of a municipality that required a night permit to fish during the day.