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  1. I believe so. There may be a few restaurant lots you can park in, but that probably it. Typical NS.
  2. I’ve been getting the Southold permit for years, never saw any beach driving. I believe I payed $35 or $40 last year, but that’s for seasonal guests. It’s not only for parking lots. Most dead end streets require it as well. There is also another sticker for the historical parks, which is free for residents in the actual town. I get both. Its a hike for me from East Moriches, but sometimes pays off.
  3. The monk parakeets can be seen on Montauk Hwy from Copaigue to Lindenhust as well. Mostly along the north side of the road on poles with transformers. Huge nests!
  4. I’ve been seeing them for years in Queens around the traffic cabinets.
  5. Lipping them is fine. The tails make some nice fish tacos, or fried nuggets dipped in cocktail or tartar sauce.
  6. I also shared that on FB. I hope they catch the scumbag!
  7. I'm still determined to get a copy of his logs!
  8. ^^ This guy knows things!
  9. Its not uncommon. Signs never stopped anyone from doing anything. I could care less. I'm more concerned with the a-holes trashing the beaches. I just focus on the water and let them do what they want.
  10. Read this:
  11. At least we got the "Night Fishing Permit" question cleared up. Now on to more important topics!
  12. This is a classic in here!
  13. I've never heard of a municipality that required a night permit to fish during the day.