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  1. Have to give a shout out to Saltfisherman. I thoroughly enjoyed fishing with you today. Your hospitality and willingness to share tactics and info was much appreciated. You got me hooked on kayak fishing down here. A nice peaceful and productive way to fish. Ben
  2. Good luck Dick. My prayers along with many others for your return to the water. Ben
  3. BFD, I along with many, have enjoyed your posts throughout the years. Probably everyone on this site now ties a Betsy! I kind of felt something was up with you, not seeing any fishing posts for a while. I hope your situation has the best outcome possible and you can eventually get back on the water. Good luck and God Bless. Ben T
  4. Finally was able to catch a few Jacks in the Imperial River. Started using a small jig and paddle tail, but lost them due to shallow water and debris in the river. Switched to a popper and had fun with some Jacks.
  5. I too am down in North Naples and have tried fishing around Marco and Lover's Key. Nothing to show for it. I am trying to fish without a boat or kayak. The wind has been brutal quite a bit since I got down here around Christmas. I would like to meet up with fellow SOLers. I usually fly fish ,but will use a spinning rod when the wind is too much. Everyone here says you need live bait, which I haven't tried yet. I am playing senior softball on Monday and Wednesday, so any other day of the week is fine for me to meet up. Ben
  6. I am down in Naples for the first time until May. I could use a little help fishing in the area as to where to go from the sand as my boat is up at CC. Should I be using a floating line or will my 8wt intermediate work? Wading shoes? Which flies do you find working best. I probably try Barefoot Beach, Naples Beach (although crowded) and down towards Marco. Any help or anyone willing to fish together would be great. Thanks, Ben
  7. Looks like a great day on the beach. Just curious; are you wearing any kind of footwear on the beach? I will be giving it a try this winter and will report. Thanks for your reports.
  8. I am going to retire at the end of this school year. I will have worked in education for 43 years, the last 17 as a school superintendent. I have enjoyed every year of it, but it is time for me to step aside. I have enjoyed reading all of your comment as they resonate with me looking at my last year of work. I am looking forward to fishing during the week days when the boat ramps are not too crowded. I am also thinking of getting a hunting dog as mine died about 10 years ago and I only get to hunt small game a few times a year with a friend who used to have setters. I moved to the Cape from NJ seven years and took a job up here when Gov. Christie starting to mess with our pensions and health insurance. I look forward to meeting some of you SOLers to fish or even hunt together. Due to work, I really only have weekends, but I do have a 21'SeaCraft that doesn't get enough use but will after June 30th. I am looking forward to retirement but at the same time a little scared of it as well.
  9. Thanks of the help. I will let you know how it goes.
  10. I made the mistake of not covering my boat on CC one night and the droppings were awful. I can sweep the dry ones, but the dew has caused some droppings to bleed a faint red tint. I am having a difficult time getting rid of the stains from the fiberglass deck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. There is an excellent article about fishing in Acadia in this month's Eastern Flyfishing magazine. Several ponds have brook trout and smallies.
  12. I got started in FF the salt through their fly fishing school in the early 90s with Randy Jones as my instructor. I think the Bensons owned it then. Anyway, they got me started and now I have a boat and home on the Cape (plus untold (to my wife) number of rods). I have enjoyed the new owners and will miss them and the shop.
  13. Fished Chatham inside and caught a 12 inch squid on a swimming plug. A clammer told me he came across a school of bass outside.
  14. I work in Duxbury, the next town by Green Harbor. There is a motel, I think called Plymouth Bay right off exit 9 on route 3. The exit to Green harbor I believe is exit 10 so you would be about 15 minutes away. Also, there is a Hampton Inn off of route 44 about one mile west of route 3 off of exit 7 or 7A depending on where you are coming from.
  15. I didn't care for On the Run. Try the Moon Pulled Up An Acre of Bass. It is about a NY Times writer and gourmet cook renting a house around Montauk and fishing everyday in the month of October.