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  1. The Triumph has been fine with me. I haven't noticed that it is stiff. I think it is very good rod.
  2. I have the 7' MH Triumph paired with a 4000 Vanford for use here in SWFL. Feels good and light, especially with the Vanford. Have caught several species of fish with it. Bought both at a local Ace Hardware.
  3. I am in south Florida and fish for the same species. I really like my Star Stellar Lite rods. My 7' medium, 8-17lb. line cost $99. I use them also in Cape Cod. I have never had any problems with them.
  4. Thanks Bob. I will send in my comments which are similar to yours. Ben
  5. I am trying to decipher the email I received by MA on the upcoming web meetings about the future of Stripers. I see all of the charts, etc. Can someone let us know in PLAIN language what they are trying to do? Thanks
  6. We mark our fly line with a black mark every 10 feet. One mark- 10, 2 marks 20, etc. Stretch your line before you go out. Also, learn how to strip strike. I have lost several tarpon by trout striking. Be honest with the guide if you don't see the fish that he is pointing out to you. Understand that you are going to spook fish that the guide has worked hard to get you within casting range. Try to project where the wind will cause your line to land. My famous guide quote," They don't eat out of their aXX!" when casting to a daisy chain of tarpon. Good luck!
  7. Last year in early November I stopped to fish for trout in the Davidson River in Brevard, NC. Did well with help from Davidson River Outfitters.
  8. I started with a 17.5 Grady center console. Moved up to a 21 Seacraft. The SC is great in our Cape Cod waters. The only problem I have is that as I am older now I have to have someone with me to launch the SC. I probably will be selling the SC and moving down to a 17-18 foot center console that I can handle by myself. As you have younger kids, then I would recommend the 21 center console. Just my 2cents.
  9. Please give the report. I am down in Naples now and am wanting to learn about fishing in the Everglades and 10,000 Islands.
  10. Hi Stuu and Tom, I am down in Naples from the Cape for the winter. I am not sure what you guys are talking about. what are the spillways? Any info for fishing down here is appreciated, Ben
  11. Have to give a shout out to Saltfisherman. I thoroughly enjoyed fishing with you today. Your hospitality and willingness to share tactics and info was much appreciated. You got me hooked on kayak fishing down here. A nice peaceful and productive way to fish. Ben
  12. Good luck Dick. My prayers along with many others for your return to the water. Ben
  13. BFD, I along with many, have enjoyed your posts throughout the years. Probably everyone on this site now ties a Betsy! I kind of felt something was up with you, not seeing any fishing posts for a while. I hope your situation has the best outcome possible and you can eventually get back on the water. Good luck and God Bless. Ben T
  14. Finally was able to catch a few Jacks in the Imperial River. Started using a small jig and paddle tail, but lost them due to shallow water and debris in the river. Switched to a popper and had fun with some Jacks.
  15. I too am down in North Naples and have tried fishing around Marco and Lover's Key. Nothing to show for it. I am trying to fish without a boat or kayak. The wind has been brutal quite a bit since I got down here around Christmas. I would like to meet up with fellow SOLers. I usually fly fish ,but will use a spinning rod when the wind is too much. Everyone here says you need live bait, which I haven't tried yet. I am playing senior softball on Monday and Wednesday, so any other day of the week is fine for me to meet up. Ben