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    RISSA member, vice-chair RISAA Surf Casters. I like scup.
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    Jesus Christ,My Family,Good works, Learning, Classical Music, Surf Fishing, Weight Lifting
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    Entrepreneur, Business Development, Project Management, Home Skool Advocate :)
  1. Do you still have the Sea Pup?
  2. Thank you Surf Cat, delighted to see you! You know, the forum here is a type of church. An assembly to be sure, fellowship, well yes; worship - certainly. We all worship something don't we. Every now and then we worship the same thing, like fishing. I did not get out for night of fishing last season. Daytime on a few occasions. I have been having visions of rocks, surf and starlight. That and eating goat.
  3. Yes to church! God is the one, where else could I go? I must admit, sometimes it is a challenge to get along with His people, no doubt. We are both consumers and instruments of His grace. You never know how your presence might be an encouragement to others! But Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.
  4. Hi! Missed you guys!
  5. thank you, I worked hard on my paronomasia. glad someone enjoyed it.
  6. Because you get so aroused when God is mentioned.
  7. Darterman, anytime someone brings up an atheist erection, changing subjects is always in good form.
  8. How can you expand the negotiation (add additional value)? How could you alter the relationship with the prospect (become their friend, find someway to help them)
  9. Very good, thank you! How are you doing?
  10. "Framework" Creation Framework
  11. Late to the party again! Hi everybody!
  12. New Yorker's - Would you trust this guy with your daughters email address? If no, why is Carlos Danger still running for the executive office of the most important city in the world? New York, WAKE UP!
  13. The question begs precision. Picture some guy hoofin' it in through the suds in a sweaty Cabelas neoprene wader. Try something like the Orvis Sonic Weld waders. Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all.
  14. A little to taco sauce for wings but on eggs, tacos etc - yes I agree, this stuff is aces.
  15. Yup. The essence of good wing dip. Try adding a tablespoon of brown sugar, crushed garlic and a little soy. Simmer and serve. Tarragon and allspice, even chocolate is fun.