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  1. Great deal! Good luck w/everything Omar! Been great fishing with you over the years!
  2. Sure I can do that, I'll pm you. Thanks
  3. If you can do $50, I'll take it, I'm in Sayville, NY
  4. The repair is not pretty, but so far it's holding up. I think drilling small holes at both ends of crack to prevent spread, heating hull enough so it's soft enough to meld stainless mesh to cover crack & extend past crack on all sides, then heating & melding in some extra Hobie hull material to completely sandwich mesh between existing hull & new material is key. The new & old plastic must meld together as one, if not it would just be a temporary patch. I used the cheap Harbor Freight plastic welding kit & the mesh that was included. I had extra Hobie hull plastic from the dealer & some small pieces from a previous hull. Not sure if using a different color matters, but I used the same color. Adding the Locktite 3035 gives extra strength to the area. I did have to file a little bit down when finished, so drive could easily lock in. There's a lot of flex in that area, so it can be challenging, no guarantees how long it may hold up, so I always carry a pump, just in case, lol.
  5. I had the same drivewell crack on a '14 AI. Search "Outback Sinking" on Hobie's forums. I followed the method poster docirv used, only difference I used Loctite 3035 instead of the Tamarron Technologies Tam Tech Adhesive he used, repair still holding strong after 2 years of solid use.
  6. I run the same unit, the Amp Outdoors 12V12AH is a LiFePO4 Lithium. Sent you a pm.
  7. I've got the Nocqua, it does ok for 6hrs otw using the Hook5, but if you're using a larger gps/ff unit it won't hold up long. I know a few guys who've switched over to the Dakota or Amp Outdoors LiFePO4 Lithium battery. I've switched to the Amp Outdoors, with their 12V12AH battery, I've gone 3 days w/o recharging the it, averaging 6 hrs/day otw, During that period going from full charge of 13.6 to 12v. After 6 hrs w/the Nocqua, voltage usually drops from 12.4 to 11. Not much difference in weight between the two & the Amp Outdoors w/charger is about $115 delivered.
  8. Thanks for your patience, was away for the weekend. I'm going to pass on it, I really just needed the wheels.
  9. My offer still stands if you change your mind
  10. If cart is still available & you'd do $50, I can p/up this week.
  11. I like the Diawa BG3000 paired w/Tsunami Slimwave SWSPS701-M. Nice light combo you can cast all day, the BG 3000 never quit & the slimwave casts those light epoxys a mile!
  12. If you can do $70 shipped to 11782, I'll take it.
  13. Tsmalls57, I'm withdrawing my offer, this took too long, Good luck with your sale.
  14. Thanks, my offer stands keep me in mind. I'd offer more but I haven't had good luck with used 2-3+ year units.
  15. If you'll accept $50 for it, I can p/up any day this week.
  16. google: NY Sportsfishing Federation, all info re: various seminars, vendors, etc, are listed. We will have a booth set up as you enter. Our seminar will be Sat, 2/18, 4pm in Rm 101.
  17. KFA will have a booth & will be giving a seminar on kayak fishing at the NY Sportsfishing Federation Forum & Flea Market @ the Freeport Recreation Center, 2/18-2/19. Stop by, lots of info & seminars!
  18. For an 2011 AI; Mast OD: 2.125" Aka bar (outrigger arm) OD: 1.625" ID: not accessible Ama (outrigger) Length: ~ 8' 10" Width: ~ 7.25"
  19. Best I can do is $140 shipped
  20. If you can do $130 shipped, I'll take it.
  21. Best bet is to submit your application to get on the waiting list. Existing KFA members have until Feb 15 to renew, then those on waiting list get the opportunity to join in the order they applied. You can still register on the forum, but are limited to the general forums, not members only sections.
  22. Google the KFA-NY, our indoor meetings are free & open to the public. You'll meet a lot of helpful people who will answer all your questions.
  23. When my kids were young I'd put the mirage plug in the front. I'd then fill a bag w/water at launch & put in well as added ballast to counter balance my weight. Easy solution, worked well. I also keep the ff battery in bow hatch, as far forward as possible. I've also heard of guys filling the mirage plug w/lead shot to act as ballast. Water bag is simple, fill at launch, empty when done!