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  1. Great deal! Good luck w/everything Omar! Been great fishing with you over the years!
  2. Sure I can do that, I'll pm you. Thanks
  3. If you can do $50, I'll take it, I'm in Sayville, NY
  4. The repair is not pretty, but so far it's holding up. I think drilling small holes at both ends of crack to prevent spread, heating hull enough so it's soft enough to meld stainless mesh to cover crack & extend past crack on all sides, then heating & melding in some extra Hobie hull material to completely sandwich mesh between existing hull & new material is key. The new & old plastic must meld together as one, if not it would just be a temporary patch. I used the cheap Harbor Freight plastic welding kit & the mesh that was included. I had extra Hobie hull plastic from the dealer & some small pieces from a previous hull. Not sure if using a different color matters, but I used the same color. Adding the Locktite 3035 gives extra strength to the area. I did have to file a little bit down when finished, so drive could easily lock in. There's a lot of flex in that area, so it can be challenging, no guarantees how long it may hold up, so I always carry a pump, just in case, lol.
  5. I had the same drivewell crack on a '14 AI. Search "Outback Sinking" on Hobie's forums. I followed the method poster docirv used, only difference I used Loctite 3035 instead of the Tamarron Technologies Tam Tech Adhesive he used, repair still holding strong after 2 years of solid use.
  6. I run the same unit, the Amp Outdoors 12V12AH is a LiFePO4 Lithium. Sent you a pm.
  7. I've got the Nocqua, it does ok for 6hrs otw using the Hook5, but if you're using a larger gps/ff unit it won't hold up long. I know a few guys who've switched over to the Dakota or Amp Outdoors LiFePO4 Lithium battery. I've switched to the Amp Outdoors, with their 12V12AH battery, I've gone 3 days w/o recharging the it, averaging 6 hrs/day otw, During that period going from full charge of 13.6 to 12v. After 6 hrs w/the Nocqua, voltage usually drops from 12.4 to 11. Not much difference in weight between the two & the Amp Outdoors w/charger is about $115 delivered.
  8. Thanks for your patience, was away for the weekend. I'm going to pass on it, I really just needed the wheels.
  9. Sent message

  10. My offer still stands if you change your mind
  11. If cart is still available & you'd do $50, I can p/up this week.
  12. I like the Diawa BG3000 paired w/Tsunami Slimwave SWSPS701-M. Nice light combo you can cast all day, the BG 3000 never quit & the slimwave casts those light epoxys a mile!
  13. If you can do $70 shipped to 11782, I'll take it.