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  1. Think i have one laying around somewhere in the garage ill check tomorrow
  2. I target and catch them all summer long from the shore. They take up residence at most jettys and rock piles on the south shore. Move around till you find em and tide stage is important they like clean water. Usually get at least a few each trip although this years been tough so far getting through the infestation of blowfish.
  3. Meet in the middle at 90 and you got a deal
  4. Still have this one available if you want it coldclam
  5. Deal Marcano sending pm
  6. Hey Saltygator, that's exactly this rods zone and the reason Im selling it as i have a couple others well used that handle this range already. I don't know if you prefer faster action rods or not as this ones more parabolic and it casts effortlessly. Its basically identical to my cts 1-3 vapor trail which is the one I use for open beach fishing in that lure range.
  7. Hey Phishin, possibly, let me think on it a bit. Thx for the offer
  8. Yes still available but a bit to low after shipping n PayPal fees Gooch. Rod is basically brand new and was $460. Come up to $360 and you got it.
  9. Still available
  10. That's a bit low but since Im not using it if you can go $420 to cover shipping and paypal fees you got it
  11. No problem at all Pat. Yes was serviced by Penn..Reel is 10/10 mechanically. Power knob is direct fit. Correct allen key included to switch em. Sorry want to sell as a bundle deal thanks.
  12. Here you go Pat, also comes with enough spare parts for basically a complete rebuild including gear set and 2 new style main shafts, seals, bearings, etc well over $200 worth along with a power knob and original and box, papers etc. Everything for $460 shipped/insured Thanks
  13. Yes sir, you don't have to be from Connecticut to participate
  14. Thanks to The Fisherman's Toby Lapinski for getting this going. Please take the 1 minute to fill it out and let them know AMSFC let this fishery get driven into the crapper once again.