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  1. I'll take it for asking thank you
  2. Great shape..Sure as soon as i get a chance ill get you a pic.
  3. Closed thanks
  4. 25pnd Berkeley big game mono
  5. Penn 525 mag with the slider. Good shape with some minor oxidation on handle. $130 shipped thanks for looking
  6. Good shape, very little rash but some oxidation mainly on the handle as seen in pics...serviced a while back and hasn't been used since. $220 obo shipped thanks for looking
  7. Thread closed thanks
  8. Price drop- $120 shipped for today then off to the auction site
  9. VS150 gold spare spool. In good shape/light use, spooled with pretty much new 30pnd I think suffix 832 $140 shipped PP preferred thanks
  10. I'll offer the $185 i have left in my paypal shipped to L.I. Thanks for your consideration
  11. I'm in thanks!
  12. I had a 3500 Penn slammer hold up well to that same abuse. They have the battle DX now with brass gearing like the slammer if you want to try a cheaper route.
  13. The penn 525 mag i posted in the other surf conventional thread is available if you're interested
  14. I'm in. Thanks and Merry Christmas
  15. Yes sir, found it. Reel clamp included