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  1. "They wouldn't doubt me if I said it was Muslims..or Mexicans..or Blacks" What a pos
  2. Amazing show, unbelievable all you and the kids do to make it what it is Bob. See you in a couple weeks
  3. And something new
  4. Thanks Andrew, better shots..
  5. Awesome thanks Wire, appreciate it bud. Ill put something up after the weekend to keep it going
  6. Thank God Tims not a libb and so supports individual liberty
  7. Curious..When words on an internet fishing site are so offensive, is it like a stubbing your toe kind of pain? A headache? Or something more along the lines of emotional distress?
  8. This is the least of her issues, shes a cosponsor of the New Green lunacy, compares ICE to nazis and wants to abolish private medical insurance. True California nut job
  9. We literally have our elected (D) officials holding up border security funding in order to cap the number of illegal alien criminals ICE can detain..So something like this is no suprise at all and probably overlooked on purpose
  10. Yeesh..this all seems like a massive undertaking on your part. Like a teacher grading homework forever. You have the patience of a saint Tim One question tho, how is it possible to have a serious discussion on batsht lunacy like the Green new deal, late term abortion, capping the numbers on criminals ICE can detain, OLIGARCHS!, etc...
  11. Just when you think they can't possibly become more fringe lunatics then they all ready are, democrats go and try to cap the number of criminals ICE can detain..
  12. That would be putting targets on people's backs. I like it
  13. The NRA is part of the Russia hoax now? Lol, thats almost as funny as the Green New Deal all your presidential hopefuls support And sorry if those words cause you pain..