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  1. Prayers sent for your Mrs, you and your family Kevin. God bless you all.
  2. The gold standard . I spent years and untold $ trying to find a topcoat as tough as yours
  3. Notice that calling the virus "the Chinese/Wuhan Coronavirus like the entirety of the media was doing for weeks, suddenly became "racist" right at the time when our major news organizations ( NYT, WaPo, WSJ) all had their reporters thrown out of China
  4. Much more eloquent than i said it This is commonsense stuff here.. Europe was massively infected directly from China. The USA wasn't. Therefore you cant possibly argue the China ban didnt work. Unless you have a mental disorder/ aka are a TDS inficted liberal. Not to mention it gave us an incredibly important thing..TIME.. Our scientists got to study and prepare after seeing the effects in Italy, Spain, etc before the major outbreak took effect here. If we had the numbers of direct infection from China that they had, which would have been earlier, things would be a hell of a lot worse than they are.
  5. And that was the point I made earlier. If anything, moonbats OP shows how the china travel ban DID indeed work. Its amazing these fools can be twisted by CNN STILL after all this time.
  6. Its amazing watching the media twist these people's minds. They cant think past their first emotional response. "The virus didnt get here from China so the china travel ban didn't work"
  7. Hopefully Trump calls him out athis next task force briefing and gets Barr after the companies for hoarding.
  8. Sooo the china travel restrictions didn't work because infected came from Europe. Think about that for a minute.
  9. Here you go. Notice all the familiar faces of the phonies on the TV that magically deemed it racist overnight. It's sad people fall for this crap.
  10. The entirety of the media was calling it the "Chinese Wuhan virus" well before it magically became "racist" overnight.
  11. Pretty simple. They've been made to look like fools over and over and over again. From Hillary having a 95% chance of winning, to the dossier and Russia nonsense, to the FBI spying on Trump, the Mueller investigation, SDNY, the impeachment hoax, etc, etc, etc.. All while Trump just wins and wins while knocking out campaign promise after campaign promise. The media has set them up so many times now and they just keep believing and getting their hopes up just to fall flat on their faces. Gotta imagine that does some damage to ones mental state.
  12. Just a PSA, make sure you clean your mail. Im on long island and my sister works at the post office by me. Multiple people there have/had it and it "lives" on cardboard for days.
  13. I know that. Its sad they can't see it. You even have one complete moron in here thinking that countries like Australia and the United Arab Emirates testing more than us on a per capita basis is a "fact check" of "the USA has tested the most people". Mental disorder.
  14. Your chart is pointless. Just propaganda to make the USA look bad. There's 51 million people in S Korea and 350 million people here and we've tested more people than they have despite the malfunctioning original test the CDC created. We'd have to produce, distribute, administer and process tests at 6x their rate just to be even. Stop pushing negative propaganda. It helps no one.
  15. Check the dates on these. Biden had some comments similar to Schumer at that time. I believe "over reacting" and "xenophobic" were the terms he used. Trump started screening at airports on January 17th and blocked travel on IIRC Feb 2nd. Problem was no one knew how incredibly contagious this virus is. Unfortunately scientists at the time trusted the World Health Organization which was at the detriment of the world, trusting China.