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  1. Negative, maybe a Rhode Island lures Kevin
  2. Jnski maybe
  3. My apologies then, must have been Auquacide, always confused you 2 together. 2 peas in a pod
  4. Weren't you the "MI6 AGENTS!!!" guy? Lmao
  5. The same people screeched about MI6 agents, Melania a prostitute, OLIGARCHS!, Deuche bank, Russian yachts, treason and collusion for 2 years. How some of you guys can still take them seriously and engage their hysterics I can't understand.
  6. If common sense trumped emotions they wouldn't be libbys
  7. 10pnds of sht in a 5pnd bag
  8. Yeesh...what an embarrassment
  9. Where's the 92,000 from last month on the charts
  10. I think the border situation is having more impact than the Mueller report. A little over half the country already knew it was a sham investigation before its release. While on the border, even the propaganda wing of the Dems admits there's a major problem after months of brainwashing the dolts it was a political stunt. The only person doing something about it is Trump, while congress does nothing and those in the D primary call for tearing the wall down and open borders. As bad as he is in ways that that emotionally trigger the left, like mean words and stupid tweets..its getting pretty damn clear he's the only option to get things done that need to be done.
  11. I think it is the intended effect. The more racist the country is, the more Dems can divide and conquer. Without it, the D party is nothing. The "evil white man" shtick is meant to do just that.
  12. Dems need to put a stop to wages rising for the first time in ages so they put the propaganda wing to work with this crap.
  13. Or get Pompeo to pick up where Hillary left off with helping Russia build its own "silicon valley" that the fbi warned was a front for its intelligence agency. Funny if she helped Russia hack herself
  14. Well at least the dolts got off the "political stunt" nonsense now that the propaganda wing is actually reporting there's a problem. Although saying "walls dont work" is probably worse on the stupidity scale.
  15. the whole D field were pathetically pandering this week to king dem Sharpton. I think everyone of them called for reparations. There's no containing the lunacy of the libbs.