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  1. How do you convict a bunch of people all given immunity? Destroy congressional subpoenaed evidence? Ehh..give em immunity
  2. Sullivan says he could impose a sentence of incarceration. "I am not hiding my disgust, my disdain for your criminal offense," Sullivan said, straining his voice and taking a brief pause. "Yes, your honor," Flynn said, though he was not asked a question." Judge Emmet Sullivan started the second part of the proceedings by walking back some of his harshest comments. "I made a statement about Mr. Flynn acting as a foreign agent in the White House," he said. Sullivan added that he realized that was incorrect. Prosecutor Brandon Van Grack said the foreign lobbying Flynn did ended before the Trump administration began. Sullivan also walked back his treason questions. "I'm not suggesting" Flynn committed treason, Sullivan now said. "I was just trying to determine the benefit and the generosity of the government," he said. "Don't read too much into the questions I ask." Van Grack said Mueller's team has "no concern" or no reason to think Flynn committed treason.
  3. Thanks LL, Merry Christmas to you too
  4. They're already reduced to ling trips.. Ill take triggerfish over ling anyday. Call em red hake so it sounds better though. Next will be dogfish for fish n chips like fished out Europe
  5. Did anyone read Mueller's full report on Flynn? I see one page of it posted above. Its unbelievable they destroyed a 3 star general's life over such petty BS. Read it and look at the 2 instances he "lied" about. At least the FBI agents that actually first interviewed him were honest about it.
  6. Yes sir, be sure to introduce yourself, nice putting faces to the names around here. Pretty happy its at Ward Melville high school this year. Nice giant space we'll be able to breathe Lol
  7. thanks for the compliment ThrowinPlugs, glad you like em
  8. Funny seeing Pelosi scold the media over 24/7 Trump the other day
  9. Its not the pull strength its the torque on the hooks. Same reason guys canal rig SP minnows and stick shads. Swivels serve that purpose. Especially with the deteriorating quality of vmc hooks over the years. You point to Gibbs and Frech, I'll say Musso, Habs, Pichney and Beachmaster
  10. If you're used to fishing a vr150 on it then go with a vr200 cause a vsx200 will feel like a cinder block compared to what you've been using. I have it on a 1-3 vaportrail and you can cast it forever.
  11. And now Comey in a television interview, laughing that he broke procedure by sending 2 agents to interview Flynn without notifying Whitehouse Council, because he figured he could get away with it being it was a new administration
  12. Hey IC, got a new in box black 25 if you're interested. Not an N tho
  13. Dont forget her whole crew was given immunity..including the guy that destroyed congressionally subpoenaed evidence
  14. Orange man bad
  15. Thats what the media's brainwashing does to people like you