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  1. Hey fellas, Just finished wiring up these flaptails...they are ready for battle. Man, the air smelt like spring today and the sun was the fever BAD Best, MS [img=] [img=]
  2. Hey Eric Yeah...really the the viper also....big profile and sits very low in water..can eve be worked a little subsurface...great lure. There are also a couple of custom guys in the area that bang out an awesome WTD spook. I spend most of my time these days using my own custom design Best MS
  3. Weagles are awesome, used as a great Muskie throwback lure up here. They are fat about 1.4" at its fattest point. Great WTD lure but there are a couple I use more
  4. Thanks a lot fellas for the felt great to get back in the shop and finish up a couple..I miss it I use Envirotex lite and my plugs usually have multiple coats by the time they are ready for the water. I shrink wrap the tail treble because it really improves the hookups....Muskies sometimes follow for a long time and if not hot they will just nip at the plug....this help a great deal for the lazy ones. Ha...the orange mayhem pattern has been my most popular request lately...and cutting the stencil was a real pain. Hope all is well fellas....happy building MS
  5. Wow has it been hard to get in the shop and get anything depressing. At any rate I was able to finish up a few J-bugs and Flaptails. I've made some changes to both which have been well received. I fattened up the J-bugs just a little and shifted from the dressed tail hook to the extended treble. This has dramatically increased the hook up percentage with the Muskies. The Flaptail here still needs hardware, but I changed the head angle so it would dig a little bit and really shortened up the flaptail bade lead and it has made it a louder and more erratic "flapper" (didn't have hardware attached on this guy). I have a batch drying now that will be ready to roll. I hope everybody is surviving winter (I haven't even been able to get into my heated shop with the cold). Best, MS l
  6. Beautiful as always Steve ......great to see you posting. Best, MS
  7. Beautiful as always! Love your work MS