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  1. there's not enough global warming to melt the snowflakes that surround me.
  2. I've got guns that are .50,.54,.56.,58 cal......none of it matters, how many bullets its all bullcrap...smoke and mirrors....they'll never fix the problem, its the nitwit olympics.....unless everyone in this country want to lose there rights(hipaa rights) I guess at that point we'll find out how much everyone willing to pitch in to help, do the right thing, trust the goverment with our health info....its never going to happen......personal i'm arming up I got my kid taking vitamins,saying his prayers......MAGA FOREVER lol
  3. if its dark out i throw anything that swims, don't forget medal lip swimmers, bottle darters, gliders, bottle plugs(gibbs swimmers) you don't need alot of light to go to topwater like RR said as soon as it starts to lighten up i sometimes throw a popper one that floats and pop it ,then pop twice, then pop, work it really slow not really bringing it in ,more left to right or right to left depending on current.
  4. show your finished plugs
  5. Did someone use the word logic in the same sentence as gun control/laws
  6. i'm thinking eel skins medal lip or jointed medal lips. looking for a subsurface swimmer. i didn't get a great top water bite last year, then again I batted 200 in 10 trips
  7. my buddy oldman is in
  8. i should be in
  9. seen white perch getting caught today
  10. i use dave too
  11. I’m used to 1911’s but I like this glock
  12. Ok the bar is that in the hotel? Or is it outside the doors . Saterday what time
  13. Seen eagles at the Seekonk river in the last month
  14. hey paul, member at tiverton rod and gun club. sounds good
  15. got me a new canal bike from craigs list (from a bike store) tuned up and i got 2 new tires 80 for bike 40 for tires(2) hoping for no flats lol picked up a paperboy basket on ebay 35 shipped and for the 45min -1hr drive I got sirius xm radio 5 bucks a month for a year. its comming a canal plug bag too
  16. Only shot it 10 yards but it’s very nice and light and not a lot of kick I like the trigger it’s got a 5.3 inch barrel
  17. Lure bad I picked up 110 mass built
  18. Cool thank you
  19. I'll be looking into a kickstand for sure
  20. Is peter’s pond iced over still?
  21. It’s good sized 700c
  22. white ceder 5 inch spook that's a 2/0 looks like a 1/0 may be better left a 3/8 hole for belly weight
  23. I've never used a eel skin on a plug and over the years I've had a few eelskin plugs but never got around to rigging them with a skin, I'm lazy I guess. and I've never see anyone fish one on a plug. alot of the ones i see look like a atom jr ,and most of the atom plugs are surface lures, my question is what plugs do you guys like to rig skins on? are they better on surface lures or subsurface lures like a conrad ....skins inside out(blue inside) ? thanks for any input.....:)