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  1. white ceder 5 inch spook that's a 2/0 looks like a 1/0 may be better left a 3/8 hole for belly weight
  2. show your finished plugs
  3. hope mike has a great recovery. nice and easy at first making sure everything heals right
  4. christmas is a good reason to buy a lol
  5. man that sucks I've seen those boats comming and going
  6. maybe a sunday after patroits win the superbowl and theres no fishing show. it be great to get together
  7. oh man that really sucks
  8. let's pray for bluefish this year
  9. happy new years everyone hope we get a cast off going this spring
  10. I use the bombers on the beach the sp in the canal ( just because the distance keeps it in the strike zone longer)
  11. Great plugs I don’t load them , the sp minnow’s the popular plug now because they cast farther but I like the bomber’s swim better. I didn’t like the long cast bomber I’m sure they all work ...... the loaded bomber how does it cast vs the sb minnow? Does it swim better than the sp ?
  12. Bacon by Winch
  13. Lol they’ve been hideing from me lol
  14. happy new year ............lead its whats for dinner lol
  15. very nice .........spinner baits the prices are nuts now , better to build them now
  16. Better pic
  17. merry christmas everyone hope to get together for breakfast this jan with you guys
  18. Ok I found the payment it should be paid
  19. hope everyone has a safe year building......:)
  20. Bass Ackwards, nice Sig and that's a great friend
  21. 600 dollars, 642 after tax
  22. linesider69 make gliders he's on facebook he does 3 inch gliders, he'll paint what you want
  23. Got me a Winchester 70 in 30-06 with a 6-24x scope used from the 80s USA made
  24. i sent payment for the troll stuff but i got a e-mail the bank stopped it ? is this true paypal says i payed did you guys get it? was it stopped? paypal has my cc card as a back up .....i want to make sure you guys get the money.....ed
  25. hat smelled like High karate aftershave,beef and cheese