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  1. Boss I just bought one from The Internet think it cost 156.00 in the end and it’s scrached lol
  2. Bill was a great guy
  3. We must suck as trout guys lol I got corvid#19 and can’t leave the house for another week What everyone else’s excuses lol
  4. i Got throwing thimber going with me should be a great show
  5. Wish I had one I do have have a 20 gauge rifled slug barrel with a scope on it
  6. Nice boss
  7. Any opening day photo’s
  8. Is that a lure in my pocket or am I happy to see ya lol
  9. I’m in for both, got to get plugs out this week to last years winners
  10. Not one of mine it’s a good looking pikie, not the eyes I’ve used. I’m lazy I don’t use hook Grommets too
  11. Larry that was a great day
  12. 5/1 sounds great
  13. For a mossburg 500
  14. Looking for a used 20 gauge bird barrel longer the better one that has chokes for trap use mostly on the cheaper side
  15. any shows this year, i went to one last year at white's of westport. that was good, thanks ed