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  1. Sorry for your loss RIP
  2. how you know they were gray. they might be old
  3. he's a Patroits fan looks 40 inches to me
  4. From shore, lure/fly/bait, from ri , picture with ruler in it . We’d like to see the fish released.(like) pretty simple send winner a plug/fly something around 10 bucks worth or more if you want
  5. you'll have to cover your face and hands took me 2 years to stop glowing.....tanning did help
  6. a Fly why not it’s for fun
  7. Anyone in sends the winner a plug don’t have to be fancy it’s for fun
  8. I got this BM spin atom for the biggest bass I’ll get something for the biggest bluefish from linesider69 fish from shore pic with tape in it from now to aug 1st , we’ll do a part 2 for the fall
  9. Seems good then poor lol be nice to have some sun to get the topwater bite going
  10. lol thats great lol
  11. I’m cleaning bathrooms and floors my kid’s having a party this weekend and the. Bachelor pad looking shabby lol I should be fishing or replaceing seats on the boat what the hell lol
  12. This time of year I’m fishing when ever I can( when there’s water ) only a couple spots at low tide . Fishing has been good and early were getting hits/ fish every day look for current comming into upper bay
  13. There all the way up lol