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  1. Did someone use the word logic in the same sentence as gun control/laws
  2. my buddy oldman is in
  3. i should be in
  4. seen white perch getting caught today
  5. i use dave too
  6. Seen eagles at the Seekonk river in the last month
  7. Ok the bar is that in the hotel? Or is it outside the doors . Saterday what time
  8. hey paul, member at tiverton rod and gun club. sounds good
  9. Only shot it 10 yards but it’s very nice and light and not a lot of kick I like the trigger it’s got a 5.3 inch barrel
  10. I’m used to 1911’s but I like this glock
  11. Lure bad I picked up 110 mass built
  12. Cool thank you
  13. I'll be looking into a kickstand for sure
  14. Is peter’s pond iced over still?
  15. It’s good sized 700c