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  1. you would think a striper would just inhail a jig and the hook would catch.
  2. Playing with mice
  3. do you remember what the line is?
  4. Been playing around with these I’m going to miss m and d’s when they close
  5. Bill couch makes some great swimmers and stuff
  6. i'm thinking eel skins medal lip or jointed medal lips. looking for a subsurface swimmer. i didn't get a great top water bite last year, then again I batted 200 in 10 trips
  7. Game dinner today
  8. I got this on eBay this week I may take the hook off and use it to shave lol
  9. Spend 1000s in the BST fourm
  10. There’s allway tiny Tim videos on you tube
  11. hope mike has a great recovery. nice and easy at first making sure everything heals right
  12. man that sucks I've seen those boats comming and going
  13. maybe a sunday after patroits win the superbowl and theres no fishing show. it be great to get together
  14. oh man that really sucks
  15. happy new years everyone hope we get a cast off going this spring