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  1. Lol yes works like a charm lol
  2. Lol
  3. Have we heard from Cal?
  4. I’m way up in the bay , i’ve Been skunked
  5. Good eats
  6. Sorry for your loss RIP
  7. how you know they were gray. they might be old
  8. he's a Patroits fan looks 40 inches to me
  9. From shore, lure/fly/bait, from ri , picture with ruler in it . We’d like to see the fish released.(like) pretty simple send winner a plug/fly something around 10 bucks worth or more if you want
  10. you'll have to cover your face and hands took me 2 years to stop glowing.....tanning did help
  11. a Fly why not it’s for fun
  12. Anyone in sends the winner a plug don’t have to be fancy it’s for fun