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  1. Happy Easter everyone
  2. does it hurt when your fingers get stuck between the strings
  3. Good builder
  4. Go stewie go
  5. im like 2 hrs from you do you go to the prov area much? its like 4 hrs round trip and a tank of gas for me.......can we meet 1/2 way? for 125.00
  6. i can dig up 100 bucks and pick it up how far are you from prov ri
  7. Stewie lol missed you trouting sat
  8. I’ll take the reel for 100 bucks I can send it PayPal pm me info
  9. We hit carbuncle Sunday you could see the Golden’s but they wouldn’t hit we seen maybe 6 fish caught maybe 10 flat calm really slow day
  10. Fish are friends not food
  11. Great photo’s Capt
  12. Victor