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  1. The fumes keep the flies away
  2. Lol taste good never thought about that
  3. Shot in Maryland
  4. He ran 120 yards thru soybean after getting hit with a XTP 250 grain bullet w/sabot,100 grains pryodex , bullet didn’t pass thru deer
  5. They look skinny after there dressed out
  6. Finally had a buck come in to my stand lol got with my knight MK-85 last 5 years have been doe’s and fawns lol
  7. lets shoot for the 27th or Nov 3rd any interest out there
  8. is that a jelly donut!
  9. sorry there all gone
  10. That’s a different beach than east , east is easy for people walking in from blue shutters ( end of east beach road)some one breaking the law lol that’s a DEM cop about to give them a ticket
  11. That’s taylor swifts house in the back ground from last night
  12. If this saterday don’t get much interest we can have a cookout in Rhody first couple weeks of nov on east beach near fresh pond rocks I got a beach sticker and drive the beach
  13. how about the 13th i know most red blooded merican's watch foot ball on sunday but if my arm get twisted i can tape it sunday 14th
  14. Lol never hurt me lol
  15. 2nd and 4th one’s have seen water allready missed the event this year but hope to get back next year . I had a great time