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  1. I'll take it how you want payment?
  2. Too nice today
  3. I targeted Atlantic halibut but I may have missed the run this year
  4. No tree stand today nice and dry in here lol don’t think my guns happy with me lol got wet comming in lol
  5. Ok sold
  6. Used once or twice couple dings but in good shape
  7. 5.8 oz or so 15 bucks shipped
  8. big fan of rem 1100 I got 3 ,just got one for 450 with skeet barrel
  9. i'm in don't matter
  10. thanks everyone
  11. nov 3 went south for mecan't make it
  12. Thanks everyone, we drove maybe 10 miles to the butcher . From Maryland to Rhode Island meats in coolers
  13. The fumes keep the flies away