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  1. Peeling you in for both? Bass/ blues or just one there 2 winners a bass winner and a blue’s winner so it’s 2 plugs for both
  2. i was the 2019 bluefish king,you can all kiss my ring when you see me lol
  3. just say your in, C and R contest/tape measure with fish, shore caught,plug or fly, ends turkey day. for a plug worth 10 bucks mailed to winner or given to them in can say your in for bass or blues or has to be caught from R.I.
  4. 14 pound carp seen these guys before they know what there doing
  5. lex plugs caught fish
  6. drink, as in father ted the bbc show lol
  7. Yes I’m in
  8. Lex
  9. Good man
  10. Drunk!
  11. Yep
  12. lol i got shingles they said its contagious lol im fishing in my chef boy r dee
  13. im legal in mass freshwater