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  1. SHARK LOBSTER $55 is a fair price but a little more than I was looking to spend for a fixer upper... thank you though
  2. Thanks i know the new parts are all the same... I am looking for older stuff beat up cheaper to use for restore/conversion projects.
  3. None out there? Beat up is ok...
  4. looking for a 706z or greenie cup with roller doesn't matter... can be beat up paint loss is fine.... roller attached.... cheap ones here i want the one that works but wouldn't be your prom date... nothing someone took a drill to... if the price is right something in better shape wouldn't be ruled out... also looking for spare main gears for 704/706 (three) I may also consider a trade depending on what is offered and looked for (part for part or something else) Lets see Thanks
  5. I tried if anyone has anything be cool to let me know...
  6. Someone has to have one of these they blew up?
  7. I am looking to buy a slammer 460 USA parts reel. I need it to have a good working bail and handel. Gears do not have to work it can be locked up. Spool and drag cap would be nice too. Or just a rotor with a tight bail assembly and handle. I have one that was given to me with no handle and the bail is broken (snapped off the rotor cup) Let me know what you have I may also be able to set up a trade depending on the reel and what one wants.
  8. They won't load from my phone to here... You have a smart phone pm me a cell I'll shoot you over pics than we can make it official in the thread to keep it legit
  9. I'm using my phone let me know if you get the pics if you want it spoil is new on it... If not I'm gonna post it up for sale here
  10. Stradic 2500 little cosmetic worn but functions fine $45 shipped mo $48 pp
  11. Great video
  12. I can have one fully restored to you buy next week will be like new minus a 707 decal since I don't have one everything else ready to fish be a z with a black spool just need to do it up for you... Sound good? And we are good at $200
  13. Give me a few days see what I can do. I may have something for you...