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  1. I don't want to spam the board. I'll reach out when it's time
  2. I'm on FB . I'll post there when I get some built
  3. not going to be doing enough to supply shops, just a limited number
  4. I will be producing more this spring
  5. made plenty of others
  6. Those are mine. They were made for the Patriots Alumni fishing tournament that I was a sponsor of. here are a few more all signed by the Patriots
  7. This version of the Patriots plug I made about a dozen others there was 4X 5X and signed
  8. We are going to make good on all cards. If you want product we can do that or refund . We are going to set up some dates that guys can come and spend their gift cards. We will post the days here when we figure all this out. Make sure you send me a message on FB (cape Cod Tackle) .Things are being posted on a lot of sites and I can't possibly searsh out each one
  9. Maybe on the next event I'll do a raffle. I have 1 Black & 1 Mackerel left besides my own personal plugs
  10. I blame Tagger
  11. Each of the reels were designed for 100 yds of a specific size lead core with no backer. 310 = 27lb 320 = 36lb 330 = 45lb 340 = 60lb
  12. They ran thru the shop property . Could not figure why they were not in school. a few min later saw sheriffs K9 looking in the area by the train tracks. I asked on FB local page what was going on . Person said 4 youths involved in an altercation at Cumby's. I told the K9 sheriff that they are looking in the wrong area & they went thru my property. I showed him where and I then checked the bushes and found the alleged murder weapon. What a waste of 5 lives.
  13. 2011first 2 pictures , On my game cameras here in MA. Last 2 are this past week same area.
  14. From the album 2014 Hunting Thread

  15. From the album 2014 Hunting Thread