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  1. Ryan White at Hatteras Jacks in Rodanthe NC.
  2. Have some gold kastmasters with you. Some stingsilvers too. You can catch a variety on them. Red drum,bluefish, Spanish mackerel. The Spanish bite is usually at daybreak.
  3. PM sent
  4. Funniest thing about that joke!!!!! You nailed It! Hahahahaha
  5. Tony, Thank You! info sent.
  6. I have a offshore charter. Mostly Penn internationals 30-80W. But got another boat for inshore.That I need to equip. Will be fishing for huge red drum,speckeled trout,flounder,and stripers. Need a bunch of reels any chance of a sponsors discount. I fish eastern NC. The Neuse river,Pamlico river and sound.Also from Morehead City and Swansboro area. Thanks Capt.Paul
  7. That kid put a smile on her face that won't come off. She just gave him a biology lesson. That's what they hired her do.
  8. If it fits it ships. Large flat rate box. If it don't break open.
  9. Personal opinion but I would avoid both of your choices. I am looking now too. I got a 22 and 32 offshore boats. Want to sell trade 22 for skiff. Getting back on topic look at Parker, or Maycraft. I'm leaning towards the Maycraft.But both great boats compared to mako,or CS.Old Makos were outstanding.That changed with Bass pro. CS also was ok back in the day.High production killed them. This is opinion of a guy that dose glass and gel coat work.I looked at a new CS yesterday. Picked up on 3 flaws in a minute. Walked away at that point.
  10. I know but very hard to find. I have only seen smaller freshwater hooks. Can you direct me where to buy saltwater barbless hooks?
  11. Wow nice catch! Got to be fun jigging them.
  12. Just saw this got my vote Chief! Good Luck!!!
  13. I have no need for barbs. Wish hook manufacturers made barbless hooks. Fish sometimes throw hooks with barbs anyway. To me the barb has a wedge effect. Barbless will penetrate more.
  14. They take a 10 min. Show and make it a hour. If there was ever treasure there long gone.
  15. So sad.Sorry for your loss.