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  1. I am interested if you take PayPal and are ready to ship to India.
  2. I dont like hip hop normally but the details such as he is surprised from the fact that even if he is using circle Gamakatsu hooks still the fish is able to spit his hook out ,big fish burning his drag etc that I really like.
  3. It is not me in the video .It is just a video I found on YouTube and thought it was worth sharing.
  4. Nice Striper fishing video I found on the internet with great song . Specifically the details such as 50lbr chicken scratch bomber ,etc Note:It is not me in the video.
  5. Need reviews on the new Tiralejo surf rod 9ft 6 for bombers sp minnows and super strike poppers. for 3/4 to 2 1/2 oz
  6. Need to know if there are any 2pc rod blanks in 7-7.5 ft range with 70/30 split. Need it for throwing 1/4-1/2 oz lures in jungle for snakeheads .(factory rod if available would be great too. due to the terrain and the transport there cant carry sections over 6ft . Thanks in Advance. Durvesh
  7. It is Diawa Catalina
  8. It is a Diawa combo Saltist Deamon blood V2 rod paired with Diawa Catalina reel .They pop for Tuna from the shore
  9. You are right these guys are really hardcore their group is called Morning Tide and they fish every morning everyday of the week and then go to work so yes they are really hardcore . I have full Respect
  10. Yes it is a group from eastern Australia.
  11. Admins/Moderators please delete this thread due to typo error in the title
  12. Awsome shore based fishing. Enjoy tight Lines .
  13. can some one please tell me if the 9ft and 10ft model are 50-50 split ? Thanks in Advance