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  2. Quote: Originally Posted by pricise10 Who are the two mofo's who eff up this thread???? I.C Sines is the next fireman Ed! It was a good job by you gettin' this thread up when you did. The Jabroni's came over anyway. What are ya gonna do? LOL
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by iphish Great point, maybe HE is fireman Ed , I'm much more handsome......I met Ed's brother. Nice guy, Steamfitter. Big burly dude. Don't fvck with Ed, I'm teelin' ya'...lol.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by iphish Does that include Fireman Ed???? Who was recently brought into meeting, and declined any involvement with the future of the Jets? I don't know and I don't care about Fireman Ed. But I think his beef is about PSL's and the general direction of the NFL as a whole. I'm sure he still loves the team, and most of all the Players, and fans.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by BmR5979 Just dont forget our bet I.C ,enjoy the season .Im out of this thread i said my peace . Peace out, Bro. Just let me know if ya wanna peace of that $100. bet.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by iphish What does that tell you about the jets fans base? It says more about the other "Fans"...in this thread anyway....I'm sure there's real fans out there on their fans boards
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by BmR5979 why don't you post a pic of a towel boy sure you have that in your computer Just look in the mirror. If you have one.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Stryper Snyper IC no problem. Keep me posted. Hope the truck repair don't hurt too bad. Just let me know. No hurry. Thanks for looking. Thanks. I thought I had the small ST, but i don't. I have the 'bounder' and the 2 1/4 Ranger if you're interested. The bounder is used. The Ranger, lightly used.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by BmR5979 don't be sorry Thanks. It's not my team. Are you the towel boy on your team?
  10. Ohhhh. Okay, no problem bro. You obviously are all class, so carry on. Who better to get back on topic. Sorry bro.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by BmR5979 On a different note you dont think color matters with plugs .I know its off topic That's a good question. Maybe pose the very question in the Main Forum. Maybe do a search. You might get a lot of great feedback too. I'll take a look and maybe chip in depending how it goes
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by BmR5979 Yea man no hard feelings just a bustn Me too
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by BmR5979 what i hit a nerve slick rick,i get the analogy just think its strange .Im sure your a real nice guy I'm just kidding bro, like you. I'm sure you're a great guy.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by BmR5979 gotta tell ya all these pics of little kids is kind a creepy Don't be ascared. Your posts have *****bag written all over them. I didn't want to say that so I figured i'd use an analogy of your little girl Bull****. Just Kidding. I didn't think it would go over your head. Slick
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by charloots football, jets My eyes. Watching the games more than once, watching practice, looking at scouting reports, and watching the combine and all star games. I could care less what these tweetin *****bags like Mehta say. A little less with the Giants. Same thing tho. When all the Giants fans were crying about Tom I was the only one here defending him.