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    Male, retired, ready to fish anytime. Owner of a 24' Bay Scout boat, all rigged fishing machine.
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    Fishing, antiques, old cars, International Trade, Home building.
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    retired, yeah, right
  1. Not a church guy, but I do have morals and spraying homeless folks is no way to deal with the problem. I like the idea of trying to hit them with quarters.
  2. I realize that Cotton Cordell lures have been kept , well lets just say rather cheap in price. However I just found one of my favorite lures of all times for Stripers, which is their 3" jointed silver spot. This lure has put more fish in my boat then any other, including the Rapala's etc, and high dollar others. For some reason the Stripers loved it. I been looking for this lure for well over a year. All of a sudden one pops up on Etsy. Never bought from their service, but so far all seems to be going well. Got it for $9.00. There was one on Ebay that went for $13.50 today. I was second bidder. So in your travels you get a chance to own one, it has been my favorite lure of all time for a long time. I broke my last one off five years ago on a cownose ray. Great season ahead.
  3. edited / deleted please read the bst rules
  4. Totally agree with in store selections. Never said one world about any bad experiences in their stores, just on line. Oh, one thing is prices in their stores is more then prices on line for most things.
  5. John, I feel the same way. Something is going on that just is not right. I still blame it on the weed killers by Monsanto. Notice the Great Lakes , I know its a quite different fishery but their problems seem to have stopped related to pollution. Yes, they did get zebra mussels, and other invasive creatures, but the water quality has gotten much better. Bay is dying, and that is no doubt. Whoever is doing should be taken out back and shot in their heads.
  6. No fresh water. As islands in the bay wash away (erosion), their timber either stays and breaks off, or falls into the water. Those are the stumps I refer. Regarding the lack of fish. What do you think is causing it? Is it all commercial illegal netters doing it or combination of recreational too? I swear, and I know plenty of rec. guys and not one of them takes more then they are allowed and often just go for the sport and take zero, like me. So I got to blame it on the commercials. Let the cards fall and they all seem to fall on their side. We all gave up fishing for over ten years during the moratorium , now we face the raping of these fish once again. I spend a whole lot of money each year on boats, lures, rods, reels, ramp fees , gas, etc, and if this crap continues, I am waving my love of this sport goodbye.
  7. This question is being asked to see if some other types of lures are working better then the ones I am using. Once one or two lures work for you, tendency is to stay with them , even if their productivity drops off. One reason you stay with them is simple. It worked before, it will work again. Well maybe , maybe not. I fish skinny water or better stated shallows for Stripers. I love island edges, plenty of stumps, more beat up looking the better. For years Rat-L-Traps were my very favorite, white, white with chartreuse, white with me painting silver edge was my absolute favorite, total silver. Second favorite is the Rapala X-Rap, or the new Balsa, now they got the Shadow Rap, which I just bought five different colors of the 4 " size. I sometimes use the Culprit , mostly crawl dad color, or that redish bottom color. Here lately I been going more towards soft baits, like the 4" Storm minnows, mostly in white or silver color. Productivity has fallen off for the last two years, but my understanding is many fisherman are in the same boat. Yes, we still have an outstanding day here and there, but they are getting fewer and father between. I often ask why? I have concluded , the best possibility might be the commercial illegal netters. Sorry to bring this up, but I have seen droves of floating dead fish in the last year at the mouths of the Choptank Rivers. I believe there are still to this day illegal netters raping the fishing grounds. These last four jerks who got their comings ups, might help to hinder the breeding of more rapist, but once a rapist, always a rapist, until jail limits your ability to rape , our bay. So hoping it gets better , more Rock to go around, what are your favorite lures used for casting, not trolling. When retrieving I use what I call the draw technique . Which consist of raising the tip of the rod backwards, then letting the lure fall again. That action should be done fairly quickly. It often triggers fish who refuse to bite anything else. Give us the lures and the sizes plus how you fish them.
  8. I think there is a Hobie dealer in Easton who will let you take one for a ride. Do not quote me on the road, but I think if you are heading eastbound, make a right on Dover Rd, and he is down there about a city block length on the right. I forget the name of the business, but he is one really nice fellow. My cousin ended up buying from him. Best price he could find too. Do not go for the list price , shop on the internet , then give him a price to match. Be reasonable, since he must make a living too. He does stand behind the products he sells too. Best of luck. I do love the electric motor, especially when the sun is beating you like a smarty pants step son, 95 degrees, with 5 miles to paddle. I paddle out , some use of the motor when I am moving around, then use it all the way back to the ramp. One the way back I am sipping some ice tea, head on the cooler, while my friends are asking if they can hook up. lol
  9. (*Edited - personal crap removed - you can't have a discussion by telling every other person they are wrong - if you can't let people have their opinion without getting personal and insulting, then you'll never have a discussion. TimS)
  10. I too do all Saltwater and with the restrictions we have on tying up to pylons on the CBB , I devised a way that I do not tie up but do flip around. It helps me stay in position. I bought this yellow floating nylon line holder, that I can throw on one side of the pylons, then drift back and catch it on the other side. When done, just throw it back overboard and run up and around the pylon. So they say no tying up , I don't and the DNR cop agreed last season. It saves a whole lot of battery use. I usually only use my electric motor to position and run back to the ramp at the end of the day. It stays fresh, has plenty of power left. If you use it going from pylon to rock pile, to pylon, it tends to run slower. It still gets me back but just not as fast. The controls are set up by my feet, just like they were with the rudder when that was attached. The motor is now my rudder. Whatever you decide, just make sure of the amount of weight it can hold. That is the very reason I went after the Ocean Kayak. I could not beat the 550# of goodies and they did not lie about the capacity of the Ocean Kayak. Some do lie. I personally believe that the Ocean and Hobie are the two best on the market. My cousin has a Pro Angler, with the foot pump system, which works well. He is 63 and by the end of the day he is beat, when I am still going strong. Nothing worse then direct sun beating your ass, as you are working out. For me I have a nylon cooler mounted on the back of my stand and fish, which is right at my neck and head, so I get nothing but a cool feeling as my blood travels down my body. There is nothing else I ever had like this kayak. I love it, but I do not have room anymore in my garage. Something has to go and my tools are too important to me. I got a vintage boat also , so I still will be fishing. Good luck.
  11. I did not install the motor, however they are readily available, without much work , and if your selected kayak has a flat butt area, it can be installed. I did all the rest of the work except for the motor, its comptroller, and raised footed dashboard. I did however make it sturdy and placed the two battery holders and gps upon it. The install of the motor seems rather easy, considering there is an access panel between the motor and the speed comptroller that allows easy connections of both the motor and the comptroller. The guy made a circular , looks like maple switch to make it easy to set speeds and direction of the motor (i.e.) reverse and forward. The 55# which this has, moves the kayak almost as fast as a good paddler can accomplish. I race my cousin all the time and he wins short burst, I win longevity. If I assist in paddling I blow him away. I also installed the outriggers, and standing platform, all the electric hook ups , for horn, bilge, lights, and gps, plus all the other stuff. Everything on there is stainless or plastic. Nothing can rot or rust.
  12. Never even heard of Tackle Direct until I saw their ads on this site. I figured I would check them out and made an order of X-raps, that no other site even had, one was called Cotton Candy when shipped from Japan, at a cost of $18 but I loved the color. I never ordered it because it was just too high and where I fish in stumps there is a good chance it will go bye bye. So I saw it this year for $8.49 on Tackle Directs site. Jumped all over it. Then I get an email thanking me for the order. I then contacted the CS fellow, when I told him of all the problems we were having with BPS and Cabela's, he suggested to put in a large order and he could get a nice discount. The club met, agreed to do such, we ordered one lump sum order, and guess what, I used Cabela's credit card for the order , ha ha. $3,864, then discounted down to (wouldn't you like to know), but believe me it was a nice discount. Club happy as could be. All items were either in stock or shipped directly from the suppliers warehouse. Great customer service, and besides all of that, the firm pays this site to advertise on here. So basically you are degrading this site supporters. Then you indicate I am throwing them support. Your damn right I am, just because they are great to work with and BPS and Cabela, suck in prices, suck in items in stock, have to wait 10 minutes to speak to someone after five minutes of pushing buttons to get to them, all resulting in , oh well , your right we don't have it and have no idea when it will be in. *** (*edited - alright, this is getting ridiculous. TimS)
  13. Actually belong to a club who's 42 members have signed up to only buy from Tackle Direct. Your right they won't miss our business. TD has allowed us to place a single order for all members for a nice discount. We waved both of them goodbye. Now price wise, they were always between 5-25% higher then all others. I used my Cabela's bucks because I put all my business upon their card and the bucks grew quick. Now I use another card and never again will I buy from Cabela's and only from BPS when I feel like driving and looking around. So my orders alone each winter/spring were always $2,000-3,000 , all being spent elsewhere. So why be so sarcastic and starting trouble with my post. When someone uses the word dude its used as an insult. When one says you got tin foil on your head, it is also inflammatory. So why pick on a fellow who's only thought was to warn other members of a site he belongs. I thought that was the job expected of the site members , (i.e.) to make other fisherman's experiences better. Why did you just start a post that headed "I love Bass Pro Shop and Cabela's" , then you can sit there all day fielding the members statements. Naw, you elect to give me a hard time on my truthful statements. So from a guy who used to spend 2/3 grand per year, and now spends zero, plus 41 other guys who all now buy from Tackle Direct , yes , they will miss our business. Now go pick on the another poster or go hit the bar and leave me alone.
  14. (*edited - yea, this is getting to be a little too much - share your opinion, let others share theirs and move on. You can't beat up people just because they had a different experience than you. Really, we get it, you aren't happy with them - noted. Now let others share their experience, even if it's different than yours - thanks TimS)
  15. A little over the top but it is such a comfortable kayak to fish upon. No leg cramps, no squirming around. Just plain comfortable, and the next best thing is stability. Here is what I have incorporated on it. First of all its a 15' ocean blue Ocean kayak, Prowler, handles 550# and really does well with the weight. It has LED lights on everything , even running lights and anchor lights are led's, plus lights under the leaning tower so I can fish at night and be able to change baits, has a built in live well, plus bilge pump with a hose to pump out the surface and inside just in case something crazy happened, GPS with fish finder and depth finder, Bluetooth stereo system, Stand and Fish set up with both the stabilizers and standing tower, electric 55# 12v. Minn Kota trolling motor, with foot controls for ease of steering, cooler which fits behind your head and neck to keep you cool even during the hottest days of fishing, battery for motor, plus two dashboard batteries to run the GPS, horn, bilge pump, etc.., has a very loud horn, electrical waterproof panel, large storage compartment in the front, and nice milk basket in the rear that also has a locking system for three rods, two rod holders built into the kayak, plus it all runs on an all aluminum trailer that can be towed by a little car. I use a Honda Fit, and it works great. Runs smooth behind the car and no jumping. I did add some features to prevent such, and it provides a fishing trip to most places costing about $4.00. If you want it , its for sale for $5500 and not one dime less. I can prove its real value. If you wish to degrade me for putting too much upon the boat, send the email to yourself, I don't want to hear your negative crap. It is the best kayak you will ever fish upon, and when all others are sitting/hiding behind the CBB pilings , I am the guy fishing the rocks.