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  1. Close this down. Moving to craigslist. Thanks for the opportunity SOL
  2. Meet me in the middle bud 1200$ remember kayak cart, roof roller balls included, those are 100ea alone
  3. Moving sale, really dont want to pay for storage, make an offer
  4. Sorry it took so long, to get the pictures up. Works been real busy, ok so the seat has “carabiner” repair. Doesnt really effect the seat, you’ll see my horrible paint job attempt, and the marine cement/epoxy section in the back, to fill in the small dent it had. Again, ive never had any leaking issues. Has new handles front and back, V2 drive is mint. Etc, i would only add a new set of seals for the hatches. 20$ Make me an offer. I need this gone. moving in April
  5. Sullivan county. I travel into LI often and can deliver if needed.
  6. Stuck working a double tomorrow. Wednesday morning i’ll post them up
  7. There is a transducer in the front hull, however its in there with plumbing putty. Not a plastic mount
  8. Alright guys/gals. Its time to part with my baby. I believe she’s a 2013/2014 *v2 mirage drive (rebuilt 2years ago) turbo fins im selling the full set up. Sailing rudder, turbo fins, carbon fiber paddle. Kayak will come with a set of ezwheelz, and yakima roller balls for the roofrack. Im moving and dont have the storage room so i need this to go as a package deal. Its got a few rod holders +leashes that i’ll throw in as well i have the wiring for a FF/GPS and battery/charger set up, but i dont think the FF (lowrance unit) works anymore. Last fall i attempted to undercoat the bottom. It was a failure. The stuff just peeled off lol. So you can still see some black spray on the bottom half. The kayak has zero leaks. The 1 small issue (which has been fixed and tested many times) is at the rear under the rudder, the kayak was pushed up against something during the summer and it left a quater size/deep inprint on the rear hull/fin. It had/has zero integrity issues, was all cosmetic, it has since been filled in with marine grade plastic cement. I have some old pics here, and will provide updated pictures tomorrow on the entire bottom. Im looking to get 1400$ for everything!! (Like i said package deal) i need this gone asap! Im in NY, and can assist with delivery in the tristate area if we work something out
  9. Have a 2015 revo. Need a cart asap. NY/LI area prefered for a local pickup. Would like one that goes threw the rear scuppers. Not one that needs to be strapped on
  10. I really appreciate the interest... but i dumped 200$ on it last year to have it rebuilt... its already a major loss on my end. Im going to stick at 450$ thanks!
  11. The heatshrink can be cut off with a simple pair of scissors, theres no damage to the handle what so ever. I dont have he means or needs for the line. Its gonna go with the reel
  12. 450$ shipped. The knob has 2 layers of heatshrink on it. Gives the normally small handle some size and volume.
  13. Heading to work, i’ll be home around 1145pm, i’ll give it a go again
  14. Bump 475$ shipped