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  1. Having another engine to get you home when the other one fails ----- PRICELESS!!!
  2. I'm the little, old, fat, Irish guy.
  3. I guess I made the right decision this morning. Usually I do an open water swim at Nantasket Beach every Sunday morning. It just didn't feel right putting on a wetsuit and swimming for an hour tempting fate. I saw other people out there and starting to question whether I was smart or a whimp. I guess I will go with the former. This reminded me of an old inspirational saying I used to use. " A Lion wakes up in Africa and knows he must out run the slowest antelope or die of starvation, An antelope wakes up and knows it must out run the slowest antelope or be eaten. It doesn't matter whether you are a Lion or Antelope you better wake up running." Being that I am not the fastest swimmer I definitely made the right choice.
  4. This is interesting because I have been looking for a new phone and did some research on the iPhone. I guess you can not use a Verizon iphone 4 or 4s on Att or TMobil. Where your cariier was AT&T they should be able to unlock it and I would keep calling until I got someone knowledgable. Where did you buy the phone? Can you find out from them what might be going on? This is making me weary of buying a used ATT iphone 4 or 4s. I have Tmoble and I thought I would OK until I saw this thread. Let us know how you make out.
  5. If he doesn't turn thirteen till May he is a Little League age 12 for the up coming season (I believe the date is on or after May 1st), so you are in luck. If this is his first year playing, at that size he would be one of the bigger kids and that may give him a boost of confidence. Although he may be in a grade higher than most the kids there will be others in his grade taking advantage of this. Try to get him to an indoor batting cage before tryouts because it is a big help. There may be some inexpensive group day clinics where they would show him basics on how to properly throw and swing a bat. Good luck and have fun!!!
  6. Does it have wifi and cellular capability or just wifi?
  7. It probably won't but if deal falls through I want to be first in line and will buy it. Thanks Lucky
  8. I'm good for a day or two. Don't want to step on anyone.Thx!
  9. Kids get a huge kick out of cleaning fish and cutting bait. Sometimes it really doesn't take much to make them happy. The important thing is spending time with them. Enjoy, they grow up too fast.
  10. If deal falls through with BA, I will take them for half price cash. Let me know. Thx LB
  11. This makes me feel like a whimp - I have a tough time with my 20s.
  12. I grew up there in the 60s and 70's taking my bike out there. My Uncle Al was a staple at the sugarbowl, his spot was the farthest corner of the stone wall. I used to catch some huge flounder inside the lagoon on the old wooden bridge. You are absolutely right that some big bass were taken there on the dropping tide on sea worms. All my uncles would be out there and they were totally awesome, I don't ever remember not being able to squeeze the head of a sea worm and sticking a hook through its mouth and down its body. My Dad used take some big bass down where he worked at White Fuel which was a little further down the channel going towards the Edison. He would bring them out to my uncles and people would ask how they caught them and they would say on "Hotdogs" We also used to climb the fence at the Edison because the generator used to warm the water and keep some big bass. One time my uncle Al came to see us swimming at the lagoon and he decided to take some casts and he landed this huge eel. The water cleared out pretty fast when people saw him pulling that onto the beach, too funny. Pretty cool fishing there at night, looking out at the ocean with your back to the city, you would forget where you were until you turned around and see the bright lights of the buildings. I almost forgot the smelting on Kellys Landing in the fall and winter. I could remember freezing my ass off and wondering why my dad and my uncles weren't cold, Now I realize they had a little anti-freeze in them if you know what I mean. Those were the days. Nice reading your post, there truly was a cast of characters out there.
  13. I would use it on the South Shore of Boston.
  14. This is the first time in my life I wished I lived in Jersey. Geez that is a good looking stick for a nice price!
  15. This viewpoint on so called "public hearings" rings so true, it just reminded me of the ceremonious MBTA public hearings we recently had to endure in Massachusetts. Those rate hikes were not going to change no matter who or what was said. It makes me sick that we actually pay for their salaries and they just keep on getting away with it. If you don't have enough people to threaten their phony baloney jobs nothing will change. Is showing up for a meeting that they deliberately schedule at difficult times going to do anything, no. Is having some newspaper publish an article going to do anything, no. The only thing I can think of is to join or start a large group of fisherman who are registered to vote and can threaten the re-election of those responsible for their appointments. Yes, I have read Striper Wars and I know there are many of you that have fought these battles for a long time but unless you can say change this or you will lose your job nothing is going to happen. It is too bad that doing the right thing has never come into vogue and history just keeps on repeating itself.