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  1. My favorite fishing as a kid in PA was the spring shad run on the Delaware River in the days before the stripers returned to the Chesapeake. Every year think I need to learn to fish em in CT. Looks like your dad got a nice roe there. I appreciate the additional motivation. Guess I should get moving before another season passes.
  2. I can't say about the DeWalt, but I bought a black and Decker 7 or 8 years ago and I love it for what I use it for. I wouldn't want it for an acre, but it does 1/3 of an acre on one charge. Besides the lack of oil changes, fuel filters, bad gas, the best part is it is quiet cutting and immediately shuts off when you let off the handle. No maintenance other than blade since I got it. Now I just need an electric quad and tractors...
  3. Thanks for the offer. It would have to be an SU to handle the weight he wants to throw.
  4. Few minutes north of New Haven. Work in Fairfield.
  5. 5 guides? When are you coming through CT?
  6. Aubergine, will give you a call. Might be able to bring the family to this.
  7. Thanks. Great info. Annual pass for VA was only $70. I think I got the idea for a temporary pass from the price list showing $70-150. We went South today and the kids bodyboarded and surfed a bit. Then the wind went west and the flies showed. Whoa... Hopefully North East tomorrow will keep them away and we will spend some time fishing
  8. Hunter, We just arrived in Chincoteague tonight for the week. My first time here in 30 years. Plan to get an osv permit tomorrow for the week. Curious if you have any info on what the crowd is like, does it fill up fast? South ve North, etc. Looking to get the kids into any thing that bites, but wouldn't mind some whiting for the pan. Thanks
  9. I have had a bad year in CT after a very good year (for CT, that is) last year. 2 morels in about 6 prime condition trips in the last two weeks or so. No blacks at all this year. Hoping to get some big yellows this weekend. Not sure if it was a bad year or if someone beat me to them. I also am very suspicious of deer and other animals based on the disturbance from hooves and rooting around prevalent in my prime spots. Never thought it was an issue until some else provided evidence of it in CT.
  10. Kids and I want to surf. How's the surfing? They will be plenty happy catching mullet and croakers. Is swimming permitted in the north OSV as long as someone is fishing?
  11. Family is staying in Chincoteague in August. I haven't been out that way since a school trip to Wallops Island in the 80s. I would appreciate info on what is typically biting 3rd week of August. Also, is it worth getting a OSV permit? I understand heading south in VA is prohibited that time of year. Would I have to head inland and north to access the MD area? Is it far and worth the effort? Thanks
  12. If you are coming from Jersey to go to Mystic, Wallingford is the one that is pretty much on the way. No more exciting than Shelton, but quick run to New Haven to take the kids to Ernie's or Modern for pizza.
  13. Bobber: bite your tongue. The last thing we need is two feet of slime on the bottom from zebra mussels. Oysters would be good. Zebra mussels-never.
  14. I was given a second hand pergola from a family member. I never got to installing it and wife is getting impatient. Anyone interested or know any one who would dig four post holes and assemble it? There are a couple of pieces that could be replaced, but it isn't a difficult job for someone who does this kind of thing. House is in Bethany.