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  1. If serious protection is wanted the least expensive way out is a commercial fire and flood rated safe. These often allow bolting to the floor. At one time they were sold by commercial stationers. Sentry was a brand well thought of and probably still offered. Expect to spend upwards of 200 dollars on something a bit over 1 cubic foot capacity.
  2. Cyanogas applied w/ foot duster .A dry powder, calcium cyanide, it reacts with moisture to form cyanide gas. Very popular in the past for moles.
  4. probably a reason you don't see them anymore
  5. link for all you need to know about this tool
  6. The blank is a Lami BT96 3m. Was a great 1 1/4 Atom popper & No. 3 Hopkins rod or 2oz lead w/ worm or clam. Don't know how to link to it but April 30 Rod Building Forum SOL has a pretty complete old to new lami numbers conversion.
  7. Don't know about blind robbins but Brunswick makes canned golden smoked herring that is really smoky, smelly and tasty. The Brunswick sardines w/ mustard and dill are also very good. Both are available online walmart or (pricey) amazon.
  8. pilots of the 60s stripped of their intergalactic commands having seen the saucers and not backed off know there already is a space force... and its not ours.
  9. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. Thanks for the offer but just pay it forward.
  11. Have a base used w/clamp not pretty but would clean up. PM your address and I'll put it in the mail.
  12. Anyone remember Edelmans. They led the way for turning a fishing gun and sporting goods store into a clothing shop and then an empty building.
  13. A shop in Kings Park NY carries them. They have an online store and are noted for providing quality terminal tackle.
  14. search you tube for "ethel tripped a mean gloss" by the orange alabaster mushroom. you will know all you want to.
  15. do the butt wrap first then install the grip.
  16. Craftsman hand tools and garden hoses cost a bit less than 300 bucks and are replaced. The cost of replacement (and the advertising value) is built into the price of the product. If you expect people to favor your product because of its lifetime guarantee then you honor that guarantee or you lose a customer and damage the image you promoted. It has nothing to do with reasonableness of the claim or ridiculousness of the question .
  17. Sluggo best slug/snail killer ever.
  18. Is your only concern oil delivery or do you also need heating system service? What town are you in?
  19. Yes. The logic is flawless. It preserves valuable beach front property and traditional surf fishing areas while creating new fisheries and beach front in such places as Death Valley. The project while vast in scope is basically plumbing and grading so it could be implemented quickly. The jobs created could only help the economy and when the new inland seas stopped rising some lucky landowners would see a sharp rise in property values. I believe this is the best of several viable methods for dealing with rising high water and preferable to blind panic.
  20. If the sea is rising why not just drain it. There are many areas below sea level that could hold vast quantities of water. Install overflow pipes as in a toilet tank so it only drained to a certain level. This seems so obvious why has no one mentioned it?
  21. Shakespeare 2091.
  22. Google ,slider grommets jig, for a reliable source from a fishing supply house.