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  1. not a bad way to go
  2. fish 3 rods. the outside 2 w/30lb screaming yellow fl mono... no hooks ,no bait, just sinkers... they function like traffic cones. the spacing might need some work.
  3. Puerto Ricans are American citizens. The wall is not about them.
  4. go back to the roots
  5. these?
  6. do a search for ochsenkopf brand forestry tools
  7. chop them fairly fine and set up a chum line with them. be sure to remove any hooks or lead.
  8. not asking demanding.
  9. those that know are sworn to secrecy
  10. "yes master" seems right to me
  11. golden book of zogg
  12. Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy
  13. My new mail carrier is in her 30s. She is every bit as good as the one that just retired. Some of the peapod guys are in their 20s. Got an amazon driver that has dreads and blasts his radio ... couldn't ask for better service, stacks everything neatly on the porch . Age means nothing its all altitude. Their work isn't easy... heavy loads, bad weather, trailed by supervisors and interacting w/ customers who very often treat them as dogs that failed obedience school.
  14. Cow Pies should be in the running for sure
  15. Must be a Jersey city thing. My mail carrier delivers to the porch, letters and small parcels in the box, larger parcels neatly stacked by the door. She picks up my wife's ebay orders and is friends w/ my sons 100+ lb dog. She replaced our mail carrier who retired late winter. He was also a friendly person and hard worker . The mailman before him was the same. The fedex, ups drivers, walmart and amazon delivery also are outstanding.
  16. no one believes it now its a twilight zone episode that doesn't end
  17. Thats cause theres peas and peas